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So just yesterday night me and my friend needed cigs, so we went to walk to Speedway right across the street, now some background info real quick: the lady working the register is the same lady we used to live with, untill we moved out on bad terms. I walked into the store, me and my friend, we grab tape, cat food and dog food and drinks, get to the counter and she goes ‘your a theif you need to leave my store' with other customers in the store! I told her I didn't steal anything and she refused to ring me up, she proceeded to then call the police, told them I stole from the store and then after that escorted me out. All I wanted was to buy my stuff and leave. WHY AM I NOT ALLOWED TO GO TO A GAS STATION NEAR ME BECAUSE THIS LADY AT THE REGISTER IS PHYSCO!?! she knew she couldn't just ask me to leave so she said I stole stuff. This is not okay. I have called and talked to other employees and no one will give me the cooperate managers number. Speedway on brownsboro rd next to Kroger and McDonald's


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      Aug 28, 2018

    "until we moved out on bad terms" You know, she called you a thief and you used to live with her and things went way south... you know, honestly, you had this coming. She shouldn't act that way, she should fired for it and probably put in jail, but... really, you knew she was there and there was bad blood. Why set yourself up for drama? Just because she's wearing that shirt doesn't mean she's not same person.

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