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To whom it may concern, this is my second letter warning letter. I will be taking legal actions against this store in Norlina, NC 27563. I've made a complaint a couple of months ago about an employee that works in this store and she continue to torment me when I enter this store and continue to card me when I walk in this store. I've been going to this store for 2 years and she is continuing to card me. To me this is discrimination and I will be contacting me a lawyer to deal with this situation because I see that management continue to have her there working and she is continuing to do the exact same thing. I went in there to purchase a pack of cigarettes and she is still asking to see my ID. This lady see me on the regular basis two or three times a day. I'm tired of dealing with ignorant people. I will be contacting legal services soon.


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      Aug 28, 2018

    They're actually obligated to check your ID regardless if they know you or how long you've coming in. It's a thing, they can get fired for it, and they can go to jail. It's not discrimination, it's the employee doesn't want to lose their job or go to jail. Don't like it, change the laws. Don't waste your money on a lawyer.

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