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Fa Sep 30, 2019

I want to make a complaint regarding the Banana Shake i have just ordered and purchased from Spar, MACHS. First the quantity is so less it doesn't even fill in the glass and the consistency is just like water. A street hawker makes one glass shake with 5 Bananas and it is made with 3.
I asked the Manager and he started giving me lame excuses that if they fill milkshake to full, once it came on someones clothes and they asked for Dry cleaning Charges. That's why they fill almost half glass now. Was he serious? What kind of lame excuses he was giving when there is straw to drink it.
I didn't talk to him further as i felt it will be useless to let him explain what is he talking about.
I would like you to please look into this matter.
Kind Regards,
Faraz Siddiqui

Spar International
Spar International

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