Southwest Gas Corporationreckless driver

G Jul 24, 2019

Me and my wife were driving down Buffalo towards flamingo tonight Wednesday July 24th at 9:47 pm when I passed through the light at spring mountain it was yellow and I see behind me a Southwest gas truck run the red light so then I get to the left turn on flamingo Blvd. He pulls up next to me in the inside turn lane, the light turned green he squeeled his tires so about 100 ft. Past the light he starts coming into my lane I am blowing my horn and he just keeps coming over I literally had to floor my gas pedal to get ahead of him before he completely came over. I then got over to the fast lane and stopped in a turn lane waiting for him to pass so I could get his licence plate number so he slowed way down eventually he passed me so I got behind him and took down his licence plate number. The plate number is 226-G33 I don't know if he is drunk or just a wreckless driver but he should not be driving on the road period! He nearly killed me and my wife and I expect something done about this!!! I will be following up with customer service and speaking with supervisors and management

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