Southwest Airlinesrude flight attendant scooby needs to be fired. hates his job and it shows


Boarded a flight from San Diego to Chicago . Amazed at this day in age how being of a different race color youre pretty much ignored unless your white. The flight attendant scooby purposely skipped our row for drinks and snacks. He stated that my parents were asked about if they wanted anything. He said they said no. He lied. My parents are diabetic so we appreciate the snacks on board. I also had a toddler on board who was looking forward to the snacks. When we asked he ignored us. Basically had to ask for the lead flight attendant. Tiana was nice and made our flight better with awesome customers service skills. Scooby the male flight attendant hates his Job and it shows. Lack of respect for people who are paying his salary to fly southwest. If only management knew how he portrays the company.. he should really look for another job that caters to ignoring people and not listening. My parents are diabetic so to have their sugar drop would be an emergency that I was trying to avoid being that I’m a nurse and flight attendant. However when you have scooby as a flight attendant that doesn’t listen to the customers than maybe he can figure out what to do next time when he decides to represent flight attendants that work for southwest and portrays them as rude. But thanks to Tiana the flight attendant for taking care of us. You represent the company well. I hope management sees that. Note to southwest please hire flight attendant that love their job because there are plenty of unemployed people out there that would love them have scoobys job. This is the first time we’ve had a rude lying flight attendant that needs training in customer service and being professional. He should work at DICKs last resort in San Diego . Where scooby can be an butt to customers and represent himself well.

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