Southwest Airlinesboarding process at atl

J Jul 28, 2019

Good night first of all I with my family usually travel by SWA (although we are not frequent travelers.) Today we traveled from Houston to Punta Cana changing planes in Atlanta (flight 1238). We were 3 travelers my wife my granddaughter 11 y.o. and I and checked and got the boarding passes with an OK on the Documents at Houston Hobby ( first leg flight 3529) We purchased Early Bird and from ATL to PUJ got numbers 21, 22 and 23. The SWA staff running the boarding at ATL Gate 3 made an anouncement and on my best understanding if we had an OK on documents no passports were requiered; also no passenger who boarded before us was requiered to show passport but when my granddaughter handle to him her boarsing pass he looked at her for a while, said nothing to her not to us and using a lecturing voice remainded over the speakers again about the need of passports even did not talk to her so she was in the middle of the way confused. My wife looked for our passports while the SWA staff kept moving the line and letting board passengers who were behind us. I handled the passports and he asked me to match passport-boarding pass while kept moving the line to let more people board the plane, of course without asking anybody for any document just scanning the boarding passes and moving on.
My granddaughter was embarrased did not understand why us and nobody else.
I look like Hispanic and I am from Cuba like my wife but my granddaughter is born and raised in Houston and is a native english speaker. I would like to say that we still after that got good seats and the flight was excellent with the help of a very nice and decent crew.
Above stated is our perception you may look at the recordings from your side we have no problem with that. Currently we are in Punta Cana until August 9 (going home flights 413 and 254) prefer not to be contacted by phone until then if needed.
Jose A. Garcia

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