Southern California Edisonvery ill trained customer service reps


I have been trying to rectify, with monthly friendly patient let them do what they can to correct the problem phone calls on a mistake THEY made for three months ... and today was the final straw.

I do not normally write scathing reviews, but today's that's what I'm writing.

In April my LEVEL PAY sum went up. I called to have it returned to its previous $65 level. I felt that that was a very reasonable request, given that my previous year of Level Pay program brought to me having an overpayment balance where I didn't have to pay further for 2+ months. That agent's reply to my request: basically, not a problem.

THAT's when the problem began.

Instead of adjusting the Level Pay sum (an action request that I've had done in years previous without a problem), I was REMOVED from that payment plan. So, the next month, May, I get a bill and the ENTIRE sum is due ..and of course I'm on auto-pay so I'm looking at that full sum getting pulled from my checking account. I call them/SCE in May to go over the situation and what can THEY do to fix this so I'm not having to pay that full sum as a result of THEIR error.

So they say they can do a one-time stop, and then x, y, and it'll get corrected. The stop-pay happened, I sent in the $65 payment. Now, for JUNE the bill comes and AGAIN the whole sum is written up as being due, and of course auto withdrawal. I call yet again, and get what I think (foolish I am) is someone who is hearing me and is doing his best to find a solution that will protect me from having that whole sum withdrawn.

I get his name, his ID #, he outlines what will happen. All seems good. Today, mid June ... checking account is emptied beyond empty. I am so freaking pissed off! I call them ... and basically all I freakin get is the agent and the supervisor repeating in circles what today's policy is. Gee, the policy that was outlined to me last week by this other agent sounded awfully correct and accurate, matter handled to me. And what was said to me the month prior had the some ring of honest accurate truth to it. Nope, we're going to have you think that, and the screw further with you. Today's agent and supervisor in no way acknowledged my words that THEY have a problem in the training and competency of their customer service account reps, that over three months that I have had to call and not have this fixed to where today, I have my bank account emptied.

I am just so livid. And anywhere that I can voice my opinion on the obvious incompetency of management in equipping the customer service agents to accurately handle problems I will go there. This is also a company that is just obviously way too big, that a problem THEY made that THEY cannot fix in 3 months. It'll just proceed on status quo and screw the customer. Oh, and they're not all that sorry about it.

If I could possibly go to another company, I absolutely would. Basically, don't believe anything they say about how a billing issue will be handled. Be ready for the worst outcome. That is the motto an SCE customer has to do business with by.

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