Southeast Toyota Financenot customer friendly

K Sep 03, 2018

I have had two new Corollas thru these people.I have always paid on time. Now unemployed for a few months, but always paid on time..Emailed and called more than once to let them know July payment would be late and I would pay as I could. Paid all my $450 payment but $150 and I let them know what day that would be paid, which it was...Then caught up again. I got numerous calls, letters, and a letter stating either pay the $150 plus your NEW bill that wasn't even due yet, in 10 days or they would start repossession..Are you kidding me?? I was only $150 behind and paid it, and another $100 on my new Hill, and still getting harassing calls today!!!

I will NEVER buy from them again! No one to talk to about this either..their customer service people are worthless to help's a holiday today and my payment hasn't processed, yet they are still constantly calling!! This is happening and a fear tactic!! I've paid my new bill!! Going to call corporate and their parents company tomorrow!!

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