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World Omni Financial Corp., PO Box 9249, Mobile, AL 36691
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VT Inc. as Trustee World Omni LT, PO Box 91326, Mobile, AL 36691

Southeast Toyota Finance Complaints & Reviews

Southeast Toyota Finance / lease 2016 toyota sienna

Jul 01, 2019

After 3 years of a car lease, I returned my 2016 Toyota Sienna to the dealership in very good conditions and within the range of miles we had agreed upon in the contract. Now I received an invoice for $1000: $350 of disposition fee and the rest is what they call "excessive wear" of the...

Southeast Toyota Finance / loan inconsistencies with customer service reps

Jun 21, 2019

I have unfortunatly fallen behind on my car payment. We are actively working to address it and are making payments every month. The issue is that we are two payments behind and are having trouble making our monthly payment along side the two that we missed. I called in to speak with...

Southeast Toyota Finance / poor customer service experience has resulted in two missed pay

Jun 09, 2019

I set an automatic and was never explained to me when I opted to enroll in it that it takes several billing cycles to become active was never explained to me when I opted to enroll in it. This oversight and poor customer service experience has resulted in two missed payments and a negative...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / rude customer service reps and repossession

Jun 05, 2019

I am completely upset with Southeast Toyota Finance and their customer service reps. I have worked in a call center and know when I am being fed a script and when reps put in their own two cents and give smart ass remarks. In which this is what happened to me. I have been late on payment...

Southeast Toyota Finance / car lease servicing

May 30, 2019

I requested a 2 month lease extension in April 2019. I paid $400 in April per my regular payment expecting that my payments for May & June were differed. However this was not the case, apparently the payment I made was some sort of deferment fee. This was not disclosed to me and I wa...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / poor service and value of their customers

Apr 30, 2019

A few weeks ago, I posted about my issue with this company about my stolen 2012 Dodge Charger which was reported stolen back in November 2018 and my insurance company have been trying to pay them off for months but they lost the title. After speaking with Travis Hill who was handling my...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / leasing services

Apr 25, 2019

I am moving to another country and I have started the process to add a new co-lease very early with 8 weeks in advance. Everything that Toyota has requested to me and to the new co-lease we sent right after using FAX as they dont receve anything by e-mail as well as USPS and First Mail...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / one 30 day late

Apr 05, 2019

I made a mistake and one 30 day late payment in almost 4 years is going to haunt me. I reached out for a one time adjustment and was told no. I'm so upset I could puke. Help me please! I'm extremely nervous as we are in transition with jobs and I'm concerned how this will affect our live...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / stolen 2012 dodge charger

Apr 05, 2019

My vehicle was stolen in November of 2018. I submitted all the documents necessary to my insurance company whom then submitted all of their documents to Southeast Toyota Finance Company. Sounds simple right?!? Nope, I'm still dealing with them today. This finance company is so horrible and...

Southeast Toyota Finance / beware of this extremist company that will ruin your life to get their money

Mar 25, 2019

Back in 2017 I helped my nephew to get a toyota prius to start driving for uber to make money and get his life on track by making the downpayment and being the consignor. Unfortunately, in december 2018 my nephew was arrested and he hasn't been able to make payments because he's in jail...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / late payment reported

Mar 13, 2019

I am financing a car with southeast toyota finance. They usually send me a statement paper in which I find a phone number to make my payment. I have not received my statement paper in 01/2019 to make the payment. I called on a number I found online to make the payment, no answer. When I...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / repossessed vehicle

Jan 19, 2019

My boyfriend's car was repossessed the other day as well. He works for DHS and everyone in the country knows that there is a government shutdown right now. The lady we spoke to was rude and implied that he did not work for the government and that he was not working at all. He told her he...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / customer service

Jan 15, 2019

I been trying to call Toyota for two days with no success. I have questions about my final payments on my account. I set up the final payment to be dispensed before the due date. The payment was never dispensed on the scheduled date. I checked my account it stated late and penalties would...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / repossessed car however had medical issues going.

Jan 11, 2019

My car was repossessed and I called southeast toyota to see what could be done but all they wanted was a payoff my mother offered to vome up with the past due since this was the first time it had ever been picked up. I had been out of work in 2018 off and on due to medical reasons however...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / lease termination report

Dec 03, 2018

In mid November I turned in my leased 2015 Toyota Prius to the dealership. I had one month left on the lease, but with the dealership agreeing to make the final payment, I decided to purchase a new Prius. I have been a loyal Toyota customer for more than 25 years. I've purchased a Corolla...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / lease payment

Nov 19, 2018

I am currently attempting to pay off an end of lease charge, however, i have no way of accessing my account to check the price or pay online because my account was deleted. Because of this i do not know how much i have to pay, i cant pay online which is the most convenient method for me, i...

Southeast Toyota Finance / not customer friendly

Sep 03, 2018

I have had two new Corollas thru these people.I have always paid on time. Now unemployed for a few months, but always paid on time..Emailed and called more than once to let them know July payment would be late and I would pay as I could. Paid all my $450 payment but $150 and I let them...

Southeast Toyota Finance / end of lease nightmare

Aug 21, 2018

Worst experience of my life. When lease was ending was told pre inspection was optional not required so I expected a turn in inspection. Outright lie was sent a bill for everything on pre inspection even after correcting everything, including charge for extra month saying I turned in late...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / above company customer care/director and management al hendrickson toyota

Jul 13, 2018

I am quite elderly, 86 and a long time Toyota automobile consumer--going back to the late 1970s. when I purchased a used Corolla for my teen aged son. As soon as the Toyota added the automatic feature to the Celica, I bought it. Presently, I lease a Rav4 XLE. When I signed the leasing...

Southeast Toyota Finance / lease payment on prius c

Jun 05, 2018

My lease is not up until next year. My payments have never been late as I always pay through my bank's bill pay. This month I paid on the first but through the SE Toyota Finance web portal. I was charge $20 more than my normal payment. After waiting 40 minutes for customer service to...

Southeast Toyota Finance / not acknowledging payment received

May 02, 2018

I requested a 2 month extension which was granted and payment debited from my account that day. 2 months later when I logged in to my account to make my new payment, my account showed as being 2 months past due. I called that day to discuss. was told SETF had no record of my payment, wa...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / customer service/refund

Mar 23, 2018

On January 15, 2018, we were issued a lease termination notice indicating that were due a refund in the amount of $470.92. The letter clearly states that if we have not received the refund after thirty business days, please contact them. This says to us that within that 30 days, the refund...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / disappointment with the leasing and maintenance process of toyota avalon

Feb 04, 2018

I am writing to express my extreme disappointment with the leasing and maintenance process of my 2014 Avalon. I recently turned in the car. The entire process was miserable from the beginning of the lease through the end-of-lease turn-in. I have leased six cars of various makes, but Toyota...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / lease payoff

Jan 18, 2018

My lease contract states my end of lease purchase price is 34, 419.00 and a $350.00 Disposition Fee. However my Lease payoff document I just received shows Sales price of $35, 269 + sales tax of 2086.14 for a total of 37355.14 Here is the problem sales tax in the state of FL Lee County i...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / hurricane irma extension gone wrong

Dec 11, 2017

Back on 9/6/17 I called setf for my non-English speaking parents to set up an extension for their 2013 Toyota Camry. They were offering this extension to their customers who were affected by Hurricane Irma. I called them an a young lady helped me out on the 6th. She charged my parents the...

Southeast Toyota Finance / leasing of 2017 toyota prius on sept. 18, 2017 thru lipton toyota of so. fl.

Nov 28, 2017

At ltime of producing paperwork for 2017 Prius (#JTDKARFU6H3047483) I was told that my 2005 MB C230 (#WDBRF40J35A691661) with approximately 114, 000 miles would be credited a trade-in value of $3, 000 in consideration for the lease contract, At the time I was told that the Total down would...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / horrible customer service, worst wait time I have ever experienced

Nov 28, 2017

I have been calling SEFT for the past two days because I wanted to schedule a lease inspection. I was planning to get a new Toyota this weekend but I was told by the dealership that there were going to do the inspection after they got the car and I didn't want any surprises. I have spend...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / customer service

Nov 15, 2017

Like so many "Customers" did you hear that word SEFT its customers - the people that keep you in work I am disgusted by this company. I bought a car from Al Hendrickson they lied about the finance rates to push me into their own finance system. I had to go to Europe for business for 2...

Southeast Toyota Finance / made a payment and a month later it was returned

Aug 28, 2017

We puchased a 2017 Camry SE in January. The payments were a little overwhelming (let alone we felt like we were pushed to purchase it) so my husband had some extra money so we wouldn't have to worry about a payment for a few months so he submitted a payment for $5, 000.00 on July 18th...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / 2014 camry

Jul 26, 2017

On 7/26/[email protected]:15 am...I usually try not to complain about customer service but this time was so disappointing. I was recently on the phone with a rep regarding my payments and the the rep Reecia or Risia was very rude with me, lacked patience and made the whole establishment appear very low...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / 2017 toyota corolla

Jul 10, 2017

I purchase a 2017 Toyota corolla on 11/2016. On 04/01/2017 had a fatal accident in which the person that hit me took off and total my car. I was a bit concern since the airbags did not deploy and sustain injuries. My insurance paid off the car 3 days after the accident (04/03/2017) an...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / southeast toyota finance / customer service

Jun 14, 2017

I have had my car for almost 2 yrs and never had an issue with Southeast Toyota Finance till now. I have paid my car payment each month and last month did't have enough to cover the full. I paid all but $96. I got harassing phone call from the company which all the people that called 2-3...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / financial services/interest charges

Dec 21, 2016

I see so many complaints about Southeast Toyota Finance, and I want to add one more. I am paying my bills on a regular basis, and even to lower interest charges, I have made two additional payments in advance to decrease principal amount. But what I realized that the daily and total...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / late payments on credit report

Aug 26, 2016

I purchased a 2015 Camry in Jan 2015. Very happy with my car. Later on in 2015, around August. I had a change in income.. For a month and a half. So I was short on my payment. So instead of paying the full amount I paid $500. Leaving me a balance of $93. Including the late fee. I had...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / customer service

May 24, 2016

I purchased my vehicle in November 2015. I set up auto payments. It did not withdraw the December payment, and SETF called me to let me know my December payment was late, on January 9 2016. I explained that the withdraw was submitted. They said they have no record of it. So, I paid the...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / repossession

Jan 18, 2016

My family has been using Southeast Toyota finance for a couple of years now. We were late on one payment for my daughters car and without any notice or anything they close our account. We call and they say they have been trying to get up with us to come get the car. We have had no phone...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / did not do auto withdrawal - ruined perfect credit

Aug 16, 2015

i leased a 2015 Toyota Corolla in April, 2015 and, at that time, set up automatic withdrawal from my bank account. First payment debited from account in May, 2015. In June, no automatic debit made. I was traveling and out of cell phone range - one of the reasons I always set up auto debit...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / repossession of vehicle that is not delinquent

Apr 02, 2015

My grandmother purchased a a car for me through Southeast Toyota Finance Company. I am making the payments on the account. My payment was due on February 28th and my payment was received on March 28th. My grandmother also purchased a car on the same day for my cousin who is seriously...

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / excessive wear charges

Feb 03, 2015

This company is a disgrace. They scam you!! They're trying to charge me $900 in excessive wear. My car was in perfect condition! They are a joke!! I've never dealt with such a rude company! They also don't tell you they are not associated or owned by Toyota! I will make sure anyone I know never uses this disgrace of a company ever again!!!

[Resolved] Southeast Toyota Finance / rude and not willing to help!

Sep 12, 2014

I called in to make a payment for my wife and Denise Moorhouse at Southeast Toyota Finance took my call house and was extremely rude and not wanting to help me at all. I asked for her name and she would not give it to me. I asked for a manager and she would not transfer me. I threatened to...