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Product failure

Product Category : Video Cameras
Model Number : DCR-HC21E

I own a SONY Handicam (Digital Camcoder ,DCR HC21E ) which was purchased one year and 2 months ago (23rd December 2005).However, I have used this camera only less than 5 hours so far for recording video. I confronted with a problem when I tried to download the content of the tape(cassette)into my system using the USB cable as per the instruction provided in the user's manual. After downloading a part of the content my computer got hung and stopped responding. When I restarted the system, I found that my system was not detecting the Handycam. My computer is powered by a Pentium 4 with Widows XP operating system. This was the first time I tried using this feature ( content transfer from Tape to the computer)of the product. I approached I the nearest Authorized Sony service centre with the camera and after inspecting the equipment, they informed me that the circuit board has to be replaced to rectify the problem which would cost me more than Rs. 5000 minimum.!and there is no warranty for the replaced component! Moreover, the exact reason for failure is not known to the technicians ! I am very much disappointed with this type of product failure that too ,in the first instance of using a key product feature. These is no warning or precaution in the manual about this kind of susceptibility of product failure to alert the user. In fact , this is one of the main features that motivated me to invest in this particular product.

Now , I really have doubts about the reliability of Sony s latest products , especially with Camcoders. Is the technology used in Sony Camcoder prone to failures like this? Why a core feature of the product ( transferring the content of the tape to a computer through USB cable) that is expected to be used very often fails like this? Have your R& D team or other customers ever confronted this problem? What should I have done to prevent this problem under normal circumstances?

Sony India customer care team and the people at the local service centre were not given me a proper and convincing answer as to why my instrument failed under normal conditions.Even after thorough examination they gave me only a few possibilities and probable causes for product failure which are ruled out beyond doubt in my case.. I still feel that company has the accountability to their customers who relied on their products ,to ensure that they have offered them a trouble free and durable product. Since my experience with both local service centre and Customer support team are not satisfactory I feel that justice has not been done to my case.

These are my conclusions based on my experience with sony product & Customer support:

1.The Sony Handicam that I purchased is prone to failure under normal conditions.
2.The service support team is not competent enough to detect the exact cause of the problem ( after thorough examination) other than giving assumptions ( which are ruled out under normal user environment.)
3.After sale service and support are not pro- customer oriented.and there is no accountability on company's part for product failure.
4.Buying Handicam products of Sony is not advisable.

  • Pm
    P.M.Abdul Kadir Jul 09, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I own a DCR-DVD 101 E modelhandycam and used only 2 hrs: for recording. Now it's spindle of the motor is not working. The sony service center (Thrissur) told me to pay Rupees 6000/= to fix it.

    I have heard that only by 1500/= Rupees we can fix this from other service center. Now I feel very sad on purchasing the Sony product.

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Deplorable after sales customer service

I purchased a sony tv, model SZ29M80 from Jumbo Electronics in Dubai, UAE on 10/08/2006 and on 30/01/2007, it...

Unjustified and unreasonable acts of the manufacturers and service providers

I purchased 1 pc. Sony Ericsson W800i cell phone (IMEI No. [protected]) from M/S S.P. Communication on...

Resolved Defective optical blocks

My Sony Grand WEGA LCD Projection TV is one of many Sony TVs with defective optical blocks. This is the main projection component costing over $1,000 to replace.

Sony issued a service bulletin acknowledging they made some defective TVs with this problem. But they are refusing to stand behind the product. Many of these defective TVs only last 1 to 3 years.
It appears there are so many bad ones, that Sony can't get replacement parts quick enough. We have been waiting 2 months and still no scheduled delivery date.
To add to the insult, Sony pays to repair some of these out-of-warranty TVs but refuses to pay for others when they all are in the same age range and have the same defective part!
Google "Sony TV Problems" as I did and you will find how widespread the problems are.

  • No
    no1jukebox Apr 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am having the same blue bleeding, don't know exactly what to do about it. I have heard that sony doesn't seem to care, any info would be helpful.. thanks.

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Resolved Dishonest rotten company

Bought a Sony digital camera and memory stick thru Sony Rewards. Received it in Aug, 2006. The memory stick did not fit the camera and the camera was junk. So returned them immediately. Sony refuses to refund the $250 I paid for them. I insured the mail and the USPS refuses to pay the claim. Seems like a multibillion dollar company would treat customers right instead of stealing from them! I recommend none buy any more Sony products as they are a dishonest rotten company.

  • Be
    benbo53 Jan 24, 2009

    I still don't know the connection between Sony Rewards Marketplace and Sony?? Is there a direct, corporate connection? I am familiar with, having shopped there a few times, but this other- I dunno.

    I think it's just another would be "authorized" type .com shop, with no real authorization.

    Anyone know anything different?

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  • Tu
    Tubal Aug 29, 2009

    Sonyrewards is official Sony.

    It's a website set up to use sony points you earn by making purchases on your sony visa card. There isn't enough info to know exactly what happened on this transaction. If your purchase is more than the points you have accrued, you can "buy" points from Sony to complete the purchase.

    I'm not sure what the return policy is when you use points to make a purchase.

    The OP's claim doesn't really make sense, because all Sony cameras take Sony Memory Stick media, and you can only purchase sony products on this website.

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Do not buy Sony Ericsson K300i model, it's defective!

I am using sony ericssion k300i but there is problem occurred due joystick which is movable up, down left side and right side. I bought that model on last year April 2006. From dec onwards the problem occur again and again. Do not buy Sony Ericsson K300i model, it's defective!

  • Mr
    Mr. Progtech Jan 25, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a problem with my sony ericsson product.

    I have a model of Sony Ericsson K300i. i bought that model since last year but now that model becomes problematic, it suddenly shutdown without pressing any buttons. When i turn it on, it won't. after you press the power on, the red light just keep blinking for few seconds then nothing happens.

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  • Am
    Amol Jun 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi, I have the same issue with K300i. Joystick moves in any direction. I purchased on 27 th Feb 2006. After 7-8 months, issue started. Beauty is in pune there is No authorized service center where I can go and repair it. Can anyone guide me.

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  • Vi
    Vikram Jul 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought my cell on Sep 2005. After 8-9 months, the issue of joystick stick. I Repaired it from Service Center and now.. after 30 months+ of usage, The power button is not pressable. Anywayz, according to me, this is one the good mobile phones that SE have provided. Only few mobiles are there which work more than 2 years ( I am talking about camera phones).

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Scam and dishonesty!

I ordered a Digital Camera over the net and got a call asking if I want to buy extra products and a higher priced camera. When I told him I just wanted what I ordered he got real nasty and told me the camera that I ordered was a refurbished one. I cancelled my order.

  • Valerie Feb 14, 2007

    Yes, I'm one of those people who didn't take out an extended warranty on the digital cameral that costs me $1,000 plus $300 for the telephoto lense.

    But, I feel that I have a legitimate complaint and Sony desires to ignore it..

    I've had engineers look at the camera and the assessment was a possible design flaw in the focusing ring and the fact that the telephoto lense made for this camera is too heavy for the camera to support it. The lense has caused a partial separation that will need to be repaired. Sony contracts a company to repair their products at a minimum cost of $211.00...just to look it..

    I had asked Sony to look into the matter, but they have failed to respond.... That being said, I will never purchase another Sony product and advise anyone considering a purchase, go elsewhere. The bottom line is if you don't have a warranty, forget it!...A MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY that puts the consumer on the back burner when an issue arises!!!

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Faulty television set

I am against at the kind of product Sony sells to gullible customers like me who purchased the color television set Model No DA29M80 , Registration No 0273627, Serial No 6200177 on 18.9.2005 by paying a hefty amount of Rs 47,500 from the Sony world Show room at Noida. The Sony world people marketed that I am purchasing a TV which is futuristic and better than other company products. He even told me that I purchasing a trouble free television. However right from the day one I noticed that the color was not proper. However when the service center person came, he stated that I have purchased a very good product and In need not worry about teh color as it is a transmission problem. However exactly after the completion of warranty period on 25th December 2006, the television started giving me yellow picture. Firstly the service center people told me that I have to carry the Tv to their place, but when i protested they agreed to come to my home to check it. After checking he tells me that some chrome Board has to be replaced which will cost me around 7 thousand. I fail to understand how can such a new television give such a problem as early as little over one year. I have not purchased a Chinese product. I have paid a fortune for an ordinary 29 inch TV as it was a HDD technology. At home I have an audio system, handycam and even a flash drive of Sony. The attitude of the service center is less said the better. They are interested only in their service charges. This cannot happen to a television like SONY. My opinion about tis company has gone. And I suggest everyone do not buy Sony products!

  • Sa
    Satyabrata Ghosh Aug 16, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought the same TV same model with more than the price you mentioned - mine was around 63K... That time the DRC-MF just got discontinued and this one got launched. Model DA29M80 - From Sony World at NOIDA sec-18.
    Man.. I got the same problem within 5 months after buying the product - which they took to Mathura road [ for they mentioned it needs to change a board - which needs to be ordered from outside ] - after repeated complaints/requests I got my TV repaired back after 36 days. Now, after 2 years I got the same problem - it was flickering between yellow mode and incorrect-color mode before it become permanently yellow mode. Well it looks like a B/W TV now - white is not pure - it is yellowish-greenish - with thick raster-lines visible - and now I have to complain this to the service center - I am scared now - for it seems this one to be a design defect of this model.

    I will appreciate - if Sony rep leaves few comments on this product.

    I will update this site or wherever - regarding how it progresses with SONY Post sales support - let's see - how much they care for their customer.

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Resolved Warranty not honored as promised!

I now have the 2nd replacement that Sony has sent me that is not "refurbished" by their own definition. I have reported this to Sony and to the Better Business Bureau.

It appears that the PSP has had many complaints and the customer service department has treated others rudely just as they did me. Sony needs to stop making the PSP if you can not produce a product that lives up to its warranty description. Sony is offering a replacement product that is supposed to function as a new product but instead is scamming people into paying them an additional $89.00 for an already overpriced hand held is unacceptable that does not work. Sony is promising, on page 138 of the PSP Instruction Manual in the warranty that they will replace within a year with a new or refurbished PSP. Sony defines "refurbished" as has been restored to it's original specifications. Well, I am sure I was not the only unlucky consumer to be shipped 2 "refurbished" PSP's that were not restored to the original specifications. I am highly angry that Sony will not refund my $89.00 or replace this 2nd "refurbished" PSP with a new one. They requested that I pay to ship this back to them for an additional charge for me. This is crazy. It is insane that I would have to put more money into Sony's worthless product and they are accepting NO responsibility for the lack of offering a product that is not of the standards they describe in their manual and their warranty agreement.

I too have talked with a Supervisor. It took two phone calls to get one that would talk to me. The first one did not feel that I should tie up their time. The second one, simply had the same attitude Sony must promote. They did not care. Sony does not seem to mind if you are not pleased with the product they offer you. They are selling plenty of defective products and since they get the money on the front end, the consumer is just out of luck.

I have $390.00 invested in just this little hand held apparatus not including the games and IT DOES NOT WORK!!! I am interested in a class action lawsuit. If anyone else has been treated unjustly by Sony or feels that Sony has provided this same service to them, let me know.

  • Mr
    MR I TYSON May 28, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have just had problem with a small crack on edge of screen on psp I am aged over 50 not misused or dropped it psp keep in protective case. A small crack on left screen corner next to on/off switch. Contacted customer services who said that this is not a problem and have not had any complaints or never happened before after continue complaint said they would check it and picked it up. Two days later a call from a Manger in repairs said that this was not fault covered by Warranty PSP only 5 months old after a heated discussion getting no ware he said that i could have a reckon/unit for £65 plus return delivery i said that this would be second hand machine that it could be a lot older, he then went into this is not second hand the description of secondhand legally is..., as the warranty was no long their on my psp because of the crack, second option i could have my psp repaired for £80 plus return postage but it would take at least 8 weeks. This is just my first look at internet and found this i am now going to start down complaints lane don't hold a lot of hope after the line taken by repairs manager he put my blood pressure up and came off phone with head ache warrant not worth paper it written on.

    Excuse any misspelling and grammar,
    Mr I Tyson.

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Network problems

I have purchased sony ericsson w700i mobile on 14/11/06. with in one week of purchase it started to give me a network problem. I have give it for repair in the authorized sony ericsson service center and after three days they returned it to me by saying it has been repaired. But the same problem continued. At last i went to serv center and give my mobile and ask them to replace my mobile with new one (because i did not purchased that mobile to leave it in different sony service centers). But still i did not got my mobile back and service center people giving the unnecessary reasons whenever i go their.

This is happened in banglore only. Please don't give ur mobile for this kind of service centers.

  • Ra
    Ravi Kumar A G Sep 10, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had purchased Sony Erricsson W700i on 24/10/06 and last morning I switched off the mobile and then after a few hours I switched on the mobile. But the Phone is not starting, if I take the mobile service center they say its water lock. I have not even bought the water near to that phone. I hope mobile phones are not designed to get corrupted due to humidity in the atmosphere. They are rejecting to take correct the mobile phone.

    Ravi Kumar.

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  • Jo
    Jogesh Sharma Jul 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My sony Erricsson W700i has been stolen. The IMEI number - 351673019023885. Iam a residen of Chandigarh ( punjab ) sector 55, hno-199/1. The handset has been stolen in chandigarh. Kindly track my mobile through GPS and mention the exact location so that we can take further action. Awaiting a positive reply ASAP.

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  • Ma
    manoj Aug 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    what should i do to increase the volume of my w700i?

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  • Ji
    jiten Oct 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i had losted my mobile on 6th oct 2008
    plz u can trace my mobile?
    plz help me out,

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Resolved $800 loss!

I have used sony’s products all my life and I have only run into 2 that caused rather expensive issues. First was a MD walkman that after a few months stopped making disks, the support told me to reinstall the drivers and that still didn't work but they wouldn't exchange it under there warranty. So I have a stack of useless disks and a nice paper weight that cost me $300. Second a client of mine with a computer network played one of their cd's with "content protection" software that prevented a backup of their data to cd's. I spent around $500 worth of my time trying to fix the problem, I got the computers working without their "content protection" from sony’s music cd by completly formating the hard drive but the clients accounting data that was burned onto the cd was corrupted by sonys illegal content protection and lost forever. Needless to say they wouldn't pay me for my time. I wrote a letter to the [protected] address and all I got for my $800 worth of loss was;

“Thank you for contacting Sony BMG Online.

We sincerely regret that you are not completely satisfied. We manufacture our Sony BMG Entertainment products using content protection designed to prevent unlimited copying and unauthorized redistribution of the music on the disc. Customer input and response, such as yours, is invaluable in the continued development of our products. We want you to know that we appreciate your heartfelt feedback and comments.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of assistance.”

Needless to say sony isn’t selling me or any of my clients anything. I make sure to tell everyone I meet about this. I don’t think this post will make them fix any of this but if it stops one person from buying their products it would be worth the $5.

I'm extremely sorry that I bought this camera from Sony

I purchased a DSC-S40 Digital Camera on Dec. 05. By July, 06 the camera stopped working. I talked to the customer service dept. at the toll-free number, and they send the camera to the repair shop. I got the camera back by the end of August, 06. However, three weeks later, the camera stopped working again. This time it won't turn on. I went to the Sony website to chat with one of their "specialists," Andrew, who just told me to "reset it" by changing the batteries, and pressing and holding the power bottom 15 seconds. It didn't work. At the end, he just told me that I needed it to send it to the shop again.

I called their Toll-Free number. I talked to 4 different people to no avail. I talked to Kerry, who told me to "reset" as Andrew did, but couldn't do anything else so she transfer the call to Mark. He told me to "reset it", even though I told him about Andrew and Kerry. He couldn't do anything else, so I got transfer to Kathy. She was very understanding of my frustration by now; she tried her best to assist me with her patience and explaining to me that my camera needed to go to the shop (really?). I wanted to get another camera or a gift certificate to buy something else. But Kathy said that my camera needed to get broken 4 times in order for them to get me a new one (wow!). She was going to send a label via email so I didn't have to pay for shipping. I didn't understand this because the first time I just took it to the UPS Store and paid for the S&H myself ( I got a discount-nice of them), but she said they don't do that anymore, so I needed to wait for the label. Unfortunately, my phone died and got disconnected.I called back again and got Angelina, who was very rude. She was going to send the label and that was it. That conversation was on Sep. 26, 06. Today is October 10 and haven't received anything.

I called back and talked to Beverly and she told me that I needed to send the camera to the shop and go to the UPS Store because I would get a discount for the S&H. I told her about the label and the "whole enchilada," but she didn't know about labels and what not, so I waited seven days for the &%$** label, just for nothing. I hate this camera and Sony for the horrible Customer Service they have. Do not shop Sony. I thought its reputation for great quality was true, but this camera it's given me headaches, but not just that, the people I've been talking to on the phone are just lost on their own world because they cannot get their information straight. They contradict each other. I'm extremely sorry that I bought this camera from Sony.

No replacement of mobile against its manufacturing defects

I had purchased the Sonyericsson Mobile S700i (Rs. [protected]) in Jan. 2006 and in the month of May 2006 it...