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Sonic Electronix reviews & complaints

Sonic Electronix complaints 29

Sonic Electronix - service

Went through drive thru Cashier at drive thru game me ten cents over which I gave back to her and I get treated unkindly by not getting my order done right Ordered 3 corn dogs they only gave me...

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Sonic Electronix - customer service.

I ordered a few hundred dollars worth of equipment last year. Items took a long time to get to me. I could not ever get anyone on the phone or return my emails. One of the 6X9s I ordered no longer works (order [protected]). Email from customer service told me to call customer service. On hold for 15 minutes and then a recording tells me to call back later. Exactly why I stopped getting items from Sonic Electronix last year...they have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I would like to know what you can do about this 6X9 that has a year warranty on it that expires in May. You can call me at [protected].

Sonic Electronix - lack of support

I don't think they are scam but don't expect anything other than cheap prices. I bought a stereo/amp and speakers for my daughter's car. The order was confirmed and shipped promptly minus a dash kit. I was notified it would ship as soon as they received it. Then I received a call asking if I wanted to cancel the part since it was free. I don't consider the "free" parts that are provided as incentives to buy from them free. They are part of the overall decision making process on who to buy from. They did send the part 10 days later. They provide the wrong wiring kit, the wrong dash kit, and the wrong antenna adapter. I tried to call several times and was sent to VM every time. I eventually left a message that has never been answered. I also sent an email that has never been answered. Today they had the gall to forward me an email from a potential customer asking technical questions about the same product I purchased. I think if you buy from them you need know exactly what you want. Don't rely on their automated technology to choose parts for you and don't rely on their email support responses as they are answered by whomever they can find to do their job. The best deal I've been able to find on Amazon for the equivalent "free" parts runs $27.99. Seems free does have a value. Maybe they will call someday but I don't have a lot of hope for that day.

Sonic Electronix - fraudulent transactions

Do not buy from them it is a scam. They do not answer calls or emails. They spoke with me what speakers would fit my boat. I purchased them they were delivered and was obvious they did not fit my boat. I returned them the same day.

I expected an apology and a full refund. Instead they kept 50 dollars claiming I was returning a used part and they also charged me for return shipping. Additionally they do not state the will charge a bogus restocking fee when they sell you the wrong merchandise. I have read others apparently they are ore then happy to sell u something that wont work or fit knowing you will return it and they will try to keep 50 dollars or more and resell it again making more then would have of the merchandise was actually sold

Sonic Electronix - boss amplifier

I ordered a 2400 watt 4channel amplifier from sonic electronics on Dec29th for 87.99$ the money was taking of my credit card the same day I've been trying to contact them every since then to get my track my order confirmation I can't get thru to them thru emails or the phone all I want is my money replaced on my card an I will never deal with such company again I'm use to doing online orders an this is most definitely my first bad experience I start calling at 10am almost every morning an it already be 30 to 40 people ahead of my an they don't even be open 2 minutes yet I really feel something is not right my number is [protected] there system isn't even showing me as making a purchase

Sonic Electronix - pioneer cd/nav car radio

Advertised as a navigation unit but had no gps and couldn't even connect to smartphone nav. Came with the wrong wiring adapter and could not be installed. there has been no response to a request for a return authorization and the help line says that they are reorganizing and short on help.

There are plenty of other vendors selling this or comparable products for prices just as good.

Sonic Electronix - customer service

My name is Rebekah Ainsworth. I previously called in and made a complaint already about the General management of Sonic in Jena La. I trusted that the issue was addressed and taken care of so being a loyal customer in a small town i went back on faith but with only a few choices to have lunch and limited time to eat I was again disappointed. I was at a stall the speaker attendant stated her name was tab she was very rude while placing my order i ordered a burger, fries, and a drink when the car hop brought my food I didn't even get a receipt which is not surprising cause they never give a receipt. I know people have bad days but it should never be taken out on a customer. My concern is that the store is going to be affected greatly in a small town like this because people will stop going there because of her rude and inappropriate attitude toward the ones that keep her a pay check

Sonic Electronix - food quality and service

I am a Hugh Sonic fan and while living in Georgia, I ate there at least once a week.

I have moved to the Detroit area in Michigan and have been sadly disappointed in the Quality of the food served as well as the somewhat indifferent attitude of some of the employees.

I always give a restaurant there opportunities to win me over and two of your locations have failed me. The location in Westland Michigan has a tendency to serve food luke warm or in some cases not cooked very well. This has happened on multiple trips and when I did complain and sent the food back I received an "OH well, I didn't cook it response." To be honest, I was a little afraid to eat the food that came back out.

The second location is in Livonia and has been opened less than a year. Same thing... food is served kind of warm and you constantly have to go either to the counter if eating inside or press the call button to get forks, napkins, packets of ketchup etc. that are not delivered with the meal. When brought out the server usually just drops a bag or an item on the table/tray with no words.

I'm wondering if these locations are run/owned by the same franchisee because the similarities are striking.

needless to say, you have lost me as a customer at these locations and I'm thinking that you may have lost me as a customer period.

Thought you'd appreciate an honest assessment of your operations at these locations. I'd be very surprised if I was the first to voice a complaint concerning these two shops.

Dan Marshall
37852 Howell St.
Livonia, Mich.

Sonic Electronix - Jbl 12 inch speaker

January 5th 2017 Sonic Electronix has sent me a defective speaker cabinet with a damaged voice coil. I spoke with the customers service manager Darnell and was told that no refunds are made for...

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Nov 28, 2016

Sonic Electronix - Horrible experience

SonicElectronix is the worst company I have ever dealt with! I ordered from them and they took my money very fast but never delivered anything! When I contacted they asked me to be more patient and claimed that my order was on its way.
My order never showed up and these people didn't care! They gave me nothing but empty promises and fake excuses. I told them that it was taking way too long and asked them to find where my order was and they said ok but that was just another lie. Avoid!!

Sonic Electronix - Customer service not available

I'm trying to install my new car stereo and ran into a technical issue and tried to contact them:

First they were not open at 10am as per their website, apparent they open at 10 California time.

Then they were all "in a meeting" for half an hour when I called back.

Then I was left on hold with "zero customers" in front of me.

As soon as I got a real person I'm told that tech support is swamped and will have to call me back in another half an hour.

They still haven't called back

Aug 09, 2016

Sonic Electronix - Never again!

I have purchased a stereo from and received it in a timely manner. When it arrived there was nothing wrong with it and there were no visible damages. But every time I...

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May 20, 2016

Sonic Electronix - Unprofessional company

SonicElectronix is seriously the worst company to deal with! I have ordered some parts for my card and received only partial order. Contacted customer service many times and they promised to ship the...

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Oct 02, 2015

Sonic Electronix - Unethical behaviour

I purchased a car stereo from SonicElectronix however after I received it decided it was not a good fit for my vehicle. Returned everything in the original packages and was charged a 10 percent...

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Sonic Electronix - The seller sent defective item and still hasn't changed it

My deal with the company was terrible, because I received defective accessory and immediately contacted the seller. I received the response, where the seller told me that the...

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Sonic Electronix - I still haven't received money back, but seller didn't reply

I bought car audio system from the company I placed order and paid for it, but on the next day I got the email from the seller. He told me that my order was out of stock. I...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Sonic Electronix - band aid with blood in sandwich

I order BLT sandwiches almost every other day, well today i had made a call in order i was caller number 2 for a BLT sandwich. i Usally get my sandwich with cruchy toast it was 8:28 am so i arrived...

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Sonic Electronix - Service tried to cheat me

Sonic Electronix - SERVICE THAT SUCKS

I bought headphones from Sonic Electronix and paid for the shipment to Malaysia, where I live. I got an e-mail from Sonic confirming that my order would be shipped to Malaysia. However without my consent Sonic sent my headphones to a different country.
All my e-mails were replied by people who seemed to know nothing about my problem and I had to explain what happened over and aver again. It seemed like their task was to blame me in their mistakes and make me pay for it.

I spent a month of everyday e-mailing to make them acknowledge that they changed the delivery address without my consent.
Quote:"We changed the country..."
Nevertheless they offered me nothing but wait until my order will return to their warehouse (about 60 days). This was the generous offer of the CEO Nathaniel Victor in his e-mail to me!!! And I would have to pay for the correct shipment one more time!!! This company is rotten from the lower management to the CEO!!!
After I had realized that the people in this company do not care about their customers and this was their official policy I started to ask questions on their facebook page. I hope they would be afraid to lie to me publicly.
What did Sonic do? They removed all my comments and blocked me from posting and commenting on their facebook page.

I think they deliver a lot of order to many customers for low prices and this is very good.

But if something goes wrong, your e-mails will be deleted, your time and money will be lost. Customer service just makes joke of the customers. They don't even try to solve the problem and just try to make you walk away - and stay alone with the problem.
They even started to BLACKMAIL me - demanding to remove all my comments from all the social networks in order to for me to get a refund. When I refused, they removed my comments themselves and blocked me from their facebook page. Facebook for them is not a social network, but a highly censored tool of propaganda - all negative comment are deleted by "customer support"
Here are some of my posts that were deleted from Sonic"s facebook page.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Sonic Electronix - Refund - NEVER BUY FROM THEM

I purchased the auto remote start from Sonic Electronic on 12/09/11. My order number is 1349099 and 1349004 which include items Viper 4704V ($209.99) and Xpresskit PKALL ($39.99) for my Acura 2010...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Sonic Electronix - Misleading

I ordered and Open Box LCD at the price on website after 3 days when it was not shipped I called Sonic Electronics and asked them what is going on with my order in reply I got to know that they dont...

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