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Car Toys reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Oct 23, 2007. The latest review full car stereo was posted on Apr 29, 2021. The latest complaint rebates never received was resolved on May 18, 2014. Car Toys has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 40 reviews. Car Toys has resolved 14 complaints.

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Car Toys Complaints & Reviews

Car Toysfull car stereo

On 4/2/21 my husband and myself went into Thornton car toys with our sons Corvette that we are refurbishing for his graduation present. After waiting in the store for over 45minutes they finally waited on us. When the ticket was finished it was going to cost us over 2, 000.00 for parts and labor. Car toys had to order in the receiver because we wanted the Pioneer system because the other brand they told us they have had several returns. Because of the size of the vehicle we needed the retractable screen for the backup camera. No problem they will order it in. They have constantly ignored or phone calls telling us we are trying to find it the system has been discontinued. My husband and myself did a lot of research to see if they were messing with us and found out the factory burnt to the ground that makes the microchips for the system. Who knows how long it will take to get the system in. Car toys kept giving us the runaround and acting like they could produce the system. I tried to cancel the contract and get a refund of my deposit and they made me drive across town to complete the cancellation. I wish they would of been honest from the start. I lost time waiting for their lies. I was not happy waiting so long to get help when it was a easy order for over 2, 000.00.

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    Mar 11, 2020

    Car Toys — Dashboard broke when installing Twitters

    I installed speakers bout two months ago they broke my dashboard they told me they would contact me never did...

    Dec 31, 2019

    Car Toys — store manager

    I called today because I recommended your company to my mother. She just got a new to her 2005 Jeep Wrangler...

    Dec 17, 2019

    Car*Toys — technician broke broke the passenger mirror

    On Nov. 30, 2019 I had taken my vehicle to the above location because I was having issues programming my...

    Oct 22, 2019

    Car Toys — bad service

    Visited earlier in the day to check some prices. Said I would come back before closing and was told they...

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    Oct 16, 2019

    Car Toys — intoxalock (this store as a service center)

    This store is my assigned location for my INTOXALOCK ( interlock device ) for routine issues and service. On...

    Car Toysauto detailing

    My daughter bought me a auto detailing interior package for $99.00 for mother's day. I went on May 24, 2019 to get my jeep detailed. I was supposed to pick it up in 3 hours but I couldn't pick it up than but I picked it up right before car toys closed. They gave me my keys and I left. No one came to see if I liked the detail job. When I inspected it the next day my driver seat mat was not clean but vacuumed, behind the drivers seat the rug still had rug powder on it and the back hatch trim was not clean. Very disappointed for the amount of money my daughter spent. Disappointed customer Shannon Hall [protected]

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      Car Toysstereo with rear cam/ dvd player

      My husband and I purchased a stereo system ($1200) in 2015. From day one we were having problems. The map NEVER worked properly and other problems. I went back to the store multiple times and they'd mess with the map and camera and say they fixed it but it wouldn't be. Yesterday, I was taking the kids to school and it just turned off completely in the middle of driving. I went to the store again. And they said they'd look at it but they were busy so it would be a while before they could look at it. 10 minutes after we walked to a store, the tech called and said it's just not working anymore and we'd have to buy a new one.


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        Car Toys — messed up wiring and noise, resulting in loss of profit on my end.

        Hello, and Merry Christmas. I have done business with the Ft. Collins Car Toys. The system I have recieved i...

        Car Toysservice of october 16, 2018 salem, oregon on lancaster dr

        10-16-18 complaint of poor service

        In December 2017, my Wife purchased a Kenwood Stereo for my S-10. I was unable to get the vehicle into Salem, Oregon Store.

        On October 16, 2018 I was able to get the vehicle into the store. Prior to traveling from my home to the store I called the store to see if they had time to install the stereo. I received a very rude sales person saying that the stereo was purchased as a self install. I told the sales person that was not right as my wife purchased it with the understanding it was to be installed. He began to instruct me as to what I needed to purchase and pay for the installation. I drove to the store and again was told I needed to buy installation kit and pay for installation. I had put the copy of the receipt that my wife had received in the box with the stereo. A store manager came out and said he needed to "credit" my account to show I had paid for the installation. He said they took the money because I had not come in for the install. I was unaware of this action.
        After he "credited" my account a installer came out and went over my car for any electrical issues. He then advised it would take a couple of hours. I walked to a place to wait. Before I left he asked for my phone number for the use of any issues that came about. Within a couple of hours the tech. called and advised my vehicle was ready, however a microphone was missing but the vehicle was ready for me to pick up. Upon arrival at the store, I was again told that the microphone was missing and that the stereo is a hands free stereo for use with my cell phone. That is why my Wife bought the radio because of the "hands free" feature. (this is also required in Oregon to use your cell phone) I was asked to sign a form indicating, I was satisfied with the product and installation. I told the sales person that I had not even observed the finish product so I would not sign the form. The Salesperson walked to my vehicle with me. I turned on the radio and it worked. When I asked about the microphone the Salesperson informed me that it was required to use the hands free cell phone feature. He as the microphone was sold with the stereo however it appeared it was not in the box. We went back inside and I was again told the microphone was sold with the stereo. (the store manager indicated that I had removed the microphone) I knew nothing about a microphone being required. The store manager said the microphone would cost me $20.00. He then came back and said it would cost another $30.00 for installation. A total of $50.00. I stated, I could not believe that this missing part was not brought to my attention at the time of installation. I was going to purchase the missing microphone, however when I was told it cost another $30.00 to install it I objected the extra cost as the Tech. should have called me when he noticed the part was missing.
        After the obvious attempt to charge more of the missing part, I also brought to the Store Manager the attempt to get me to pay for installation again because the computer showed that it was purchased as a "self install". I brought to the Managers attention that if I had installed it my self the store would have kept the money and not notified me of the money being taking from my prepaid stereo and install. His only comment was, "Well you came back". This type of actions on the part of your store is unacceptable.
        I feel that you should not only install the microphone that was missing but also provide the microphone. This would make this customer happy and no other complaints would be levied at this time.
        I expect a quick reply with in 48 hours by phone. [protected]. I do not accept emails. Phone calls followed by a letter indicating what you plan to do about this complaint.

        Original "Agreement No. Z191446, Dated 12-21-17

        Thank you for your attention to this matter and quick reply.

        Jack Ashworth
        608 SW First St.
        Sheridan, Oregon 97378
        phone [protected]

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          Car Toys — intoxalock device

          I had an Intoxilock device installed in my car and it keeps draining my battery (new). I've taken it back to...

          Car Toys — customer service

          Monday, July 30th I visited an Aurora, Colorado Store of Car Toys, when I walk in there was a guy that walk...

          Car Toys — pioneer car stereo

          I purchased what I would consider being a higher end Pioneer car stereo in late 2015; to be installed after...

          Car Toys, Inc. — car detailing

          The shop that fixed my car recommended that I go to cartoys to get a full detail. It was the "ultimate detail...

          Car Toys, Inc. — alarm install

          Invoice 11087taaohv Invoice date 11/08/17 Without naming names, I was given misinformation about my alarm...

          Car Toys, Inc.radio install

          I took in a radio that I had purchased at car toys issaquah to be service at car toys totem lake in Kirkland. The radio continued a restart sequence, and would not work. The service department took a look at it and said that the radio had died, and I would need another one. I had the salesman walk me through new radios, and picked one that he recommended. He asked me if I would want additional items such as a new serious antenna, new phone microphone, back up camera, steering wheel controls, etc. I replied yes to all, and was quoted a price. The install was to take a few hours, and they would call me when completed.
          After the afternoon passed, I called to check the progress. Having never received a call of completion, I wanted to check the progress. I was told that the truck had been completed, but there was not a call stating so. I went to car toys to pick up my truck. I went it and got my keys, and proceeded to my truck. I found that my truck was a disaster, but the radio had been installed.
          However, not having time to address the condition of my truck, I left.
          I discovered a few days later that my steering wheel controls were not hooked up. I called car toys and informed them. I made a appointment to have them hooked up. Upon arriving at car toys, the person handling me said he could not find my invoice. I gave him my phone number, my wife, my name, her name, and repeated all again. He said he still could not find an invoice, only a service appointment. I described the situation as to the install, and said that I can speak for them losing the invoice. He spun the computer screen around, implying that since he could not find it, I had not purchased it there. Basically say that I was lying.
          Only when I went to my truck, retrieved the box, were they able to look up the invoice to see that they had filed it under a strangers name. Thus, they would service it. I reluctantly left my truck with them to be fixed.
          Approximately two hours later a received a call from car toys saying that they could not install the controls with my current module, and that I would need another one. He said it would run another $110 dollars for a new module and labor. I told him that I had already negotiated both, and was quoted a price, which i paid. He said that it was not on the invoice, and therefore I would be charged. I told him i had negotiated it with the sales person, and as far as to what he put on the invoice was not my problem. In fact, the salesman didn't even put the right name on the invoice, so how could the invoice reflect correctly negotiated.
          He went on to say that they had attempted to call me to tell me of this on the original day, of which I replied that was incorrect. I had no missed call, no voicemail, and further more they had the wrong personal information on the invoice, and couldn't have reach me anyhow because they didn't have my number. I told him that I expect all of the equipment that was negotiated to be installed, and will not pay any additional money. I negotiated all Items, was quoted a price, and that is what I paid. He said he will not install it.
          I will never use car toys again. They will quote you a price, do lousy work, call you a lier, in return lie to you, and will then not act honorably and cover their mistakes.
          I have call the corporate office to complain. after working my way through their 1980's answering system. I left a message with my complaint. I hope to hear something within their 48 hour quoted window, we will see. Please don't make the same mistake, hope this helps.

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            Car Toys, Inc. — car detailing service

            We have bought a Groupon for my Wife’s Car Detailing. We dropped the car at your Store located at 12636 Totem...

            Car Toys, Inc.car detailing

            We bought a groupon deal for $90 that car toys stated was normally $180 value. When we arrived at the Park Meadows location they said it was $45 extra per row to shampoo or steam clean seats. Seriously???? Total scam and joke. Oh, and we paid to have the front seats clean. They look terrible!!! Thanks Car Toys for evening out the dirt rather than removing it. I paid $150 for a vacuum and wipe down!!! Consumer beware!! It's unfortunate that Car Toys doesn't do respectful business. Maybe the CEO should do some inspections to salvage company dignity. I can't imagine that this would be acceptable to anyone's standards. The store associate said to us that they couldn't remove the dirt and the total is $135. Wow!! Charging for a service that you can't perform. You lost my trust carToys!! I will gladly spread the word to consumers about your lack of respect for hard working people. Provide good service for people. They deserve it. Don't advertise and charge for something you can't follow through on. I have now made it my duty to inform people about this disservice. I learned the hard way and hope that no one else has to experience this.

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              Car Toys, Inc. — broken light switch

              In latter September, I purchased a 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe intended to accommodate various HAM radio support...

              Car Toyspoor service

              My awesome husband surprised me while I was out of town with a new GPS/Navigation system and backup camera for my car. It is a Pioneer with all the bells and whistles and I would highly recommend it. A friend picked up the car for us but was not given a receipt. My husband financed on a Car Toys account since the order was called in by phone and per Car Toys policy they did not accept debit cards by phone. I was so excited when I saw my new GPS and immediately started learning the system; thanking my technical school Communications instructor for forcing me to learn how to take apart motherboards. There were no instructions included with this system. I could not get the camera working. I confidently strode into Car Toys to take care of it. My initial contact included much laughter by the technicians at the fact that I could not get a camera working since one was never installed. Nothing like being the lone female amid a couple of male car mechanics laughing at the little woman. I know I made their day since much hilarity ensued on their part when I further asked for a receipt to see if we were charged for it. Before installation my husband spoke with Manager Rob, admittedly with much frustration but my loving spouse is a patient man…more so than his wife, but I digress, when he made initial contact to provide this much anticipated surprise for my birthday. I thought I was in good hands, but there was more excitement and chaos to come! After the receipt was produced (check your installation charges my friends) there was indeed no camera installed and a helpful shrug in answer to my question why we were not initially given a receipt. You cannot imagine my joy when the manager, a multi-tasking person who had the ability to help another customer while yelling across the store at me that my husband agreed to any and all charges on a Car Toys account and that putting the charges on a debit card were never discussed due to a previous account we held with Car Toys. His memory is precise and word perfect for he recalled a specific conversation from days ago with a stranger in Mississippi who did not, I repeat did not want a backup camera. Perhaps this was my husband? To my abject humility I was then subjected to a back and forth between the manager and the technician with the manager finally getting in the last word. I thoroughly enjoyed the great communication skills displayed by the staff at Car Toys. It was like being at Billy Bob Joe’s Alligator Retreat; an experience from the distant era of the 1970s but one I will never forget though I have considered having the memory erased like in Total Recall. I was at the point where I wanted to yell “Take the last word, we don’t want it but please give us a camera.” I left with a receipt in hand, no instructions, no camera, but was shown several high end ones I could buy. They happily added the camera on and gave me an appointment date. Good merchandise, great fireworks among the staff, and a front row seat to the worse customer service treatment in Colorado Springs. I sat for five whole minutes stunned in my car in front of Car Toys before I realized that as a USAF retired veteran with 25 years, a history professor, and mother of four there was something more I could do. I faced down enraged commanders, condescending second readers on my publications, stubborn students and children who did not understand the concept of throwing dump trucks off the second floor onto the head of their mother. I had to take my courage in both hands, but yes I did it. I called back and cancelled my appointment for my camera. I was too scared to go back inside.

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