Smashburgercustomer service

C Aug 02, 2018

My family and I decided to eat at your restaurant located in Destin FL at Destin Commons yesterday August 1 2018. We entered your store just before 3pm and waited our turn to order. My family ordered in front of me and my daughter in law, thinking everyone had ordered payed the bill. She didn't realize I had not ordered. I didn't think much of it as I thought, being next in line, that I would order and get my food around the same time. As soon as that transaction was completed, the young lady taking orders informed me and everyone in line that she would start taking orders again in five minutes. She then left the cash register and assisted a coworker in emptying the trash cans and cleaning around the inside of the service area. She helped deliver the food to those who had ordered including my family. My wife asked me to ask for a knife so she could cut her burger in half as she and my daughter in law had planned on sharing. After ten minutes of standing in line and seeing my family with their food I was not happy with the service she was providing. When she finally returned to start taking orders I told her that " her customer service was terrible." She made the excuses that they were very busy. After watching her laugh and cut up with her coworkers and take her time retuning to take orders, I sarcastically stated " I can see how busy you are!" Now, even the cooks behind the window are watching what's going on because they don't have any orders to work on. She didn't like my sarcasm and then told me she didn't have to serve anyone that was rude. I asked to see the manager at this point. When he same to the front, instead of talking to me, he asked her what had happened. She told him that I had said that her service "sucked" a word I do not use and did not use! The manager never allowed me to counter, he simply told her she didn't have to serve me and he turned around and left the front of the store. She smugly started" I don't have to serve you." I said fine, my I, then she interrupted me again very rudely and stated she did not have to serve me. After being interrupted three times I finally was able to ask for the knife for my wife. I politely said thank you and took the knife to the table and then I left the store.
I can honestly say that I was taken back by their actions. I retired from active duty military service after 22 years and have just completed 19 years as a captain with a major airline. Having a masters degree in management, I can say that this encounter has left me wondering what type of training your employees receive in customer service. For a "Fast Food" establishment, the action of this employee really doesn't line up. Worse, her rude condescending attitude, and that of her manager, made it clear that telling off a old white man was something she took great pleasure in. If I were of African American descent I am sure that I would have been treated differently. I can say without question that I will never enter another SmashBurger restaurant. And, when asked, I will be happy to relate my experience and encourage whoever askes not to waste their time or money in your stores.

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