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J Oct 02, 2019

Hi .I just wanna share this experience that I had with one of your cashier and I hope you would do something about this cause it would affect the customer service feedback of SM from your customers.
I am Mel, one of SM customer ever since and always patronizing your products and services.
I have a boyfriend who is living abroad(foreigner), who visits in PH occasionally. He left me his Travel card(this is the card we are using for payment transaction) for me to use in buyin stuff for myself and it is a Travel load card so it means he will put the amount I need if Im gonna buy something, cause I dont like bringing money, and doing withdraw will gonna cost him so much cause the card is from NZ, so there is addtl payment.
So today I used the card (I always use it anyways at dept store and hypermarket, and its the first time for me to encounter this) I bought a shirt at Dept store bldg A, 2nd floor using my bf's card, the cashier processed it,
as always and after that I went up to 3rd floor. I was gonna buy shoes for my work and it cost 1000 something. There is a bit long line where there are the other old customers. It is at SM Bicutan BLDG A, 3rd floor dept store. I told my bf how much it cost, he loaded it and Im gonna use that card to pay for my stuff. And then one of your cashier asked me if that is my card, and I said the truth and explain everything to her. She looks at me SUSPICIOUSLY and called her manager to ask. She told the manager what is happening and even LAUGH a bit because the name of the bank in the card is KIWIBank, it is from NZ and at NZ they call people KIWI so there is no funny about that, and I see this as a serious matter cause its bothering my time, my image and other peoples time. I felt so bad and disappointed how she act and the way she look at me and also the way how she react, it made people look at me like im a criminal/fraud or something also because the transaction is bothering the long line. So what happen is she said that she's gonna accept my payment from the card cause it didnt exceed to 2000(she just said what her manager said). And she said " So next time maam we need that person to pay."
I already told her my situation still she keeps on talking about that stuff but instead of talking more to tell her my situation, I shut my mouth cause I dont want to bother other customer wherein also some of them are old person and the cashier is just the only person in there. But before I go, I made it clear and ask her, " So I can use this card for my transaction below 2000 even my boyfriend is not here? She said yes. So okay, I continue my shopping for my stuff for work using the card and before I leave I bought a food at dept store and payed using my card. After a long line because it is Saturday today, I was relieved because im the one whose gonna pay atlast and then out of nowhere they ask if who is the owner of the card, and told me I cant use it even the item only cost 300 or something. It did happened again, but because in shame cause people are looking at me again and heard it, I payed using my money that is not supposed for buying that stuff.

I just wanna know what action are you gonna do with it and what would your company do with a person who has a situation like me? I just dont like what happened today, I was in a good mood doing shopping for my stuff but this thing ruined my day.
Hope other customers will not gonna encounter this thing as well.
Hoping for your solution and reply.


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