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J Nov 20, 2018
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Open Letter (complaint) to SleepCountry Canada

I am writing this, as I had no choice left.
A couple months ago, we bought a new queen mattress at Red Deer store, as we are SleepCountry Canada loyal customers for more than 15 years.
The sale person was very helpful, and professional, his name is Curtis (or Kurtis, I apologize, forgot spelling).
My 15 old daughter have a sensory disorder and hip and back problem, so I was hoping to get her a right mattress.
After a 2 months, she could not sleep, as mattress was too firm.
We went back to the store and Kurtis was again. more than nice and accommodating to exchange the bed, my daughter picked one she liked and off we went.
delivery was scheduled for today, Tuesday, November 20.
Kurtis told me somebody from SleepCountry will call us between 8 and 9 in the morning, to give us a frame time for delivery.
As a lung cancer survivor, and 6 months after my lung surgery I don't sleep as well, and I am on medical cannabis during a night, to maintain some sleep, I usually turn my phone off.
But because of that delivery, my phone was on, and I was on alert.
I fell asleep around 5 am, and the phone rang around 8:9, and as soon as I picked it up, it just cut me off. Caller ID says SleepCountry Canada.
So I am laying in my bed, waiting for that call to come, but nothing happened.
I decided to call back, called 20-30 times, to finally go through, and left a message to a customer service manager, Jessica or something like that, in Edmonton.
Then I called warehouse, the same number, just pushed different button, just to get a message no-one is available.
So I waited 10:00 for Red Deer store to open, and called them
When a man answered a phone, I was very polite, but not happy, telling him what has happened and asking if somebody will call me to confirm a frame time for delivery.
He was rude, saying literally; "We don't deliver on Wednesday"?, and I corrected him saying it is Tuesday, today ?
He took my number and somebody called me in a 20 m minutes saying delivery will be between 12:00 and 3:00 today
Around 12:00, delivery guys came with a new bed.
I sat on it and it was very weird feeling, a bit harder than we tried at store, and very squeaky, but I said nothing to my daughter, when she came back from school.
She sat and laid on it, and she was like; what is this? So she noticed squeak and hardness.
I called a store again, and I told a man on the phone about this experience, saying that with all due respect, I would like to get refund and to return a bed, so we can go and get a proper bed for my daughter.
He literally said this: "We can not refund you in the store, you have to call our Customer Service", giving me a 1 800 number; "And they will approve and refund you"!
I told him that I paid with my debit card, 900 dollars for that bed, and why customer service would refund me, instead of the store I paid in for it? Now he became very rude, saying it is our policy we CAN NOT issue refund in our store?!
He then gave me 1800 number of your customer service ; and now it really is becoming very interesting part of the whole event and my experience with your employers.
I called that number right away, and a lady by name Dianna answered, and she was very surprised when I told her what I was told, saying that is wrong and not true
She said, she will talk to a Manager, she took my number and said Manager will call me ASAP.
It was around 1:47 pm, and after that, I went back to the store to see what is going on, and why they would tell me wrong information about refund
The man who sold us bed at the first place, Kurtis, was working, so I talked to him.
he was apologetic, and seemed sincere
But when I told him about the reason why I requested refund, that I think bed is old, as it was squeaky and weird felt, . he said this:'Oh it is a new bed, I can reassure you, if it squeak, it's because it is poorly made"??!!
I was shocked? No comments here for his statement.
Then I asked him to WHOM I talked before and who was a man giving me false information about this refund, he pointed at one man, saying he is new here
I asked to talk to that man face to face, to ask HIM why would he say that about refund, and he lost it, becoming very defensive, rude (to mention, I did not raise my voice, I just wanted to know WHY I was told I can't be refunded at store?
Then Kurtis said the policy is you get refunded after the bed is returned, and after Manager approve it . Then the other man said this to me, in a very defensive, rude tone: "Yes I told you you can't get refund here" and when I asked him why he didn't tell me the whole information, that refund will be issued after the bed is returned and transaction approved by Manager, he gave me a very ugly smirk; saying"Well, use common sense:??!!!
He was lucky I did not flip there and then!
I guess I was too shocked and surprised that sale person would even think of saying something like that to a customer?
I just said; "Well, I am a customer, it is NOT my job to KNOW how you do things here, it is your job to tell, me, I can not guess it, right?" Or maybe I can not use common sense, etc.. etc..
I asked Kurtis for this man name, and while I was walking out, he literally shouted at me his name (which I don't remember as I was so upset and humiliated, he said "I will spell it for you"!
I went home in shock, called again your customer service telling all as it happened, at 3:50, and to be honest, I am still in state of shock.
I went to the Brick, bought another bed for my daughter, using my credit card as my budget couldn't afford using cash, until we are refunded.
Just to mention; 10 years ago, we spent 7000 dollars on our first king size bed, at that store, then 3 years ago, we bought another 2 beds at the same store, and I was even telling Kurtis how we need a new bed for me and my husband, and how we will come back to buy it there.
Well, not any more, not ever again, even if I have to pay 500 dollars more to another Company, SleepCountry lost my trust, your company lost my business and in my eyes, your Company lost credibility about your Mission and your Vision you declare so highly about treatment of your customer
I would like to stress once more: During this whole very unpleasant ordeal, I have never raised my voice or insult ANYBODY, that where my shock is even greater.

I feel betrayed as a customer, lied to, mocked and humiliated by ONE of your staff; if you think he is a great addition to your business, who am I to say different
But I know one thing; because of that ONE person and the treatment I got, which by all means I have never provoked or deserved, I am NEVER again shopping at any of your stores.
I am walking away hurt, and disrespected not only as a customer but as a human being as well
I just hope to get my refund as soon as possible
The bed has not been used at all, it is wrapped up and sitting in my room to be picked up as soon as possible.
I honestly hope other people who are reading this, will think TWICE before they hand their hard earned money or trust to this Company

Red Deer


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    Sleep Country Can Dec 10, 2018
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    Hello, we sorry to hear about your experience and we would like to take a closer look into your account and follow up with you directly. If possible please call us at [protected] ext 33292

    Thank you

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