I researched a flight from Berlin to TLV (one way) and found the cheapest option, at 169 Euro, and went to checkout without adding ANYTHING AT ALL, so I quickly clicked on "purchase" and it ended up to be about 230 Euro, about 60 Euro difference!
I have a screenshot of the price 169 Euro, and checked a few minutes later and it was the same price, so they cannot claim that in the meantime the airlines raised the price for that lfight.

The ticket i purchased had a 6 hr layover, whereas there were several other options which were more convenient at that price of 230 Euro - I would definitely NOT have chosen this flight had I realized.

Of course I understand that it is my responsibility to check exactly before clicking "pay', but I then researched eDreams and see how many people had bad experiences with them (so I won't even bother fillig out a complaint about them). I should have of course done that research before, but I assumed Skyscanner would only offer reputable firms, and am very disappointed to find out that this is not so.
I would really recommend that you drop eDreams and any other unscrupulous companies to protect your own reputation.


Oct 03, 2019

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