Skyscannerbudgetair worst service provider

A Aug 16, 2018

Recently I booked my flight tickets from budgetair which was shown by Skyscanner as one of the providers. Everything went well and was able to book my tickets. However, after few days I wanted to pre-pone my tickets, Mailed budgetair regarding my plans but there was no response from them. Tried calling their customer helpline. Unfortunately, the same issue, no response. Even called up their emergency number but without any luck.

I tried raising a request from budgetair site and this time I got an email from them saying that changing the flight involves certain amount and I agreed to pay the amount and requested them to provide me a quote. After this there was no response from them. After waiting for some days, I tried raising a cancellation request on their website, again I got a response, that we will charge certain amount for cancellation. I agreed to the terms, even though I am loosing lot of money just for cancelling the ticket and that too before a month of my actual departure. After my confirmation, it has been 2 days since then I have not received any response from them.

This is a request to Skyscanner if they can get in touch with BudgetAir and sort this out for me. Also please do not list any provider who do not care for customer and provide such a bad service.

As I really had to travel, I had no choice but to book my tickets once again and that means that I had to pay twice and haven't even received my refund yet. I am sure that I will get my refund within 5-10 working days but it would be really great if I can get a response from someone.

Tickets Booked: 14-Jul-2018
Travel Date: 09-Sep-2018
First Pre-pone request: 10-Aug-2018
First Mail from BudgetAir: 10-Aug-2018
Called Service Desk: 10-Aug-2018 (No Response)
Called Service Desk: 11-Aug-2018 (No Response)
Called Service Desk including their emergency number: 12-Aug-2018 (No Response)
Responded to BudgetAir email: 13-Aug-2018
Reminder email sent to BudgetAir: 14-Aug-2018
Raise a cancellation request: 14-Aug-2018
Email from BudgetAir for cancellation request: 14-Aug-2018
Responded to BudgetAir for cancellation: 14-Aug-2018
Reminder sent to budgetair for cancellation: 15-Aug-2018
second reminder sent to budgetair: 16-Aug-2018

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