Sky Sportssky sports coverage of southampton vs chelsea on 06/10/2019

It was infuriating the number of times the Producer cut away from the match to dwell on the face of the Southamton Manager. It felt like dozens of times and if you add up the seconds taken up by this it would surely be a matter of minutes. We aren't cretins - we know the Sothampton Manager was upset with his team but did we need reminding as ofter as the Producer obviously thought we did, as though we all have Alzheimers?

Then to make the 'balance' he cut to Frankie Lamopard who at best is impassive, so no mileage in doing that!

It was a disgrace and whoever it was should not get away with it.

People pay to watch football not Managers' expressions (basically they were the same throughout the game, as a matter of fact)

Perhaps the Producer is bored by soccer - if sot you could certainly be forgiven for thinking so.

Thank You.

Paul GN Paterson: [protected]

Oct 06, 2019

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