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K Dec 31, 2019

To whoever it may concern,

Please, in the future, if you have to change the premiership fixtures to suit your needs, do it BEFORE the tickets are released & go on sale.
I bought my 8 year old Son, for Christmas, tickets to watch Tottenham Hot Spurs v Manchester City on Saturday 1st February, he is a Spurs fan & this is his first ever experience to watch a game. We are travelling from Somerset & I purchased train tickets to London & back. I have today noticed that the fixture has been changed to Sunday 2nd February. Probably not a big deal for yourselves, but the football tickets, plus train tickets cost me a small fortune!! I can't get a refund on the train tickets as I purchased them in November once I had secured the game tickets. I have now had to buy additional train tickets to be able to take my Son to watch this match. I am a single parent, so could've really done without the extra expense just after Christmas!
I'm sure that this email won't really mean a great deal to you, as I'm sure all you're worried about are your viewers, but I am really annoyed & frustrated that you have done this.
I'd appreciate a response to this email at your earliest convenience.
Kate Foster

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