Skrill.comdocument verification

J Aug 13, 2018 Review updated:

I tried to confirm my identity and location on Friday and my driver's license was immediately confirmed. However, my utility bill was not confirmed for name reason
My name is Ojo, James Oluwatoyin.
The three names were on the confirmed driveris license.
My utility bill is carrying Ojo Oluwatoyin.
When I was registering my account with Skrill, I was asked for First and Last names which are James and Ojo respectively.
That is the reason for the seeming discrepancy.
Please, if this information does not satisfy you guys, please return my $260 back to my account.
When I was uploading the money, I saw $850 as maximum limit. When the upload was completer, my account was disable and I was surprised to see $171 as maximum. Please return my money if you will not validate my account.


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