Skrillscam. skrill closed my account and took my money for no reasons

I could not use my skrill atm card which I paid £10 for anyways so I decided to login my mobile banking and it said "Account locked". I rang their customer service and after verifying it was me on the call they said they've closed my account because I've breached one of their terms and conditions. I asked what terms and conditions did I breach cos I've not even been using this account much so I have definitely not done anything and I was told they can't tell me what breach I have done for 'security reasons' but I've breached one of their terms and my money in the account is non-refundable. This is next level SCAM! I've just been scammed. How can u close my account saying I've done something but u can't tell me what it is but U've seized my money.


Oct 07, 2019

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