Sizzling Pubsservice

C Aug 11, 2018


I have visited the pub on Reading on Henley Road on Tuesday 07/08. We sat outside on 8.15pm and we order only drinks and something to share. On 8:58 we went inside to order our main dishes and sides, waiting another customer to be served and on 9pm we request from waiter to order our dishes but he said the kitchen is closed. I asked the reason as outside there is a big sign that they serve food until 10pm (otherwise we could order earlier) but said that the policy been changed last week and now kitchen is close 9pm. I said ok now it is 9pm it is not 9.01, so we can order but he said that he cant served food and when he was not aware about the sign outside

How they cant serve food on 9pm when kitchen is closed 9 pm?
Why they have not changed the big sign outside?

REALLY disappointing as we left without been served, no reason to buy drinks and shares. Definitely their fault but customer service as they could keep the customer happy but seemed that they didnt care to keep us happy

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