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Complaints & Reviews

do not deliver what they promise

We booked this car on the 10th of March, well in advance of our arrival date, requesting an automatic car for the period of the 17th of May to the 12th of June.
After that, I even called the Sixt service center ( I had to try several times, as it is near impossible to get on the line with Sixt), to confirm this would be an automatic car. They confirmed that to me verbally, as it seems that Sixt refuses to read their emails. ( - I sent several emails, with not a SINGLE response).

After arriving in Amsterdam, and going to their office at Amsterdam Central Station, I am t old there is no car available for me. The staff was EXTREMELY rude, and was not helpful at all. They made us wait outside in the rain, checking for another car. They then sent me to their other office at a place called Overtoom, and from there we got sent to Schiphol airport. They then go ahead, and offer me a smart car, which has a seating capacity of two. When booking the car, we clearly saw on the website that the seating capacity of the car was 4 people. When I mentioned that, their staff seemed to be intent on verbally abusing us in German. I mentioned then that we are two people, and have two pieces of luggage, and the counter person actually went ahead an told me that is not her problem, and if i wanted to, I could put one bag on the passenger seat, and make multiple trips. We were planning a holiday to France... so that made a lot of sense.

In the end, I had to go and rent a car at another company, as after talking with Sixt for not even five minutes, they then decided to ignore me and work with other customers, ignoring my requests.

After all of this, I have been trying to get in touch with their customer service centers, to help us get a refund on the amount we spent, and so far have not gotten any response, or I have been put on hold for 30-40 minutes on end. The only response I got was that they said I did not show up to pick up the car, even though I travelled around to 3 different sixt rental places, as they instructed me

Avoid Sixt like the plague, and pay that little bit extra for EuropCar or Hertz. It is worth it.

  • Gary Coughlan Aug 02, 2011

    Hi Ash2Dust,

    Please accept my sincerest apologies for the inconvenience we have caused you. Your comments are of course completely justified. I would like to share your feedback with my colleagues to find out why we got things so wrong and would therefore appreciate it if you could forward the details to [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you.

    Gary Coughlan - Customer Service Manager Sixt U.K.

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insurance claim

I was recently involved in an accident with a person driving a sixt rental vehicle. There was over $1, 000 in damage to my car. I have full coverage through Mirascon. The final police report covered everything that happened and the driver of the sixt vehicle was the only one cited at fault. He had purchased insurance through Sixt when he rented the vehicle. When i went to Sixt to see about filing the claim and having their insurance pay for the damages to my vehicle, they told me they didn't know how to file the claim and then proceeded to tell me to go through my insurance company instead. I showed them the police report where the driver of the rental was cited at fault and informed them that i shouldnt have to use my insurance to pay for the damage to the vehicle. The only thing they did for me was give me a handwritten email address to a German Sixt employee and told me to have a nice day and that they can't help me. I proceeded to contact my insurance agent and explain to her the situation with sixt. She was a great help and together we filed the claim and decided not to go through my insurance and instead have Sixt cover the expenses. I recieved a call back today from Mirascon explaining to me that i would have to pay my 500 euro deductable for my insurance to pay for the damages. I explained once more that i never chose to have my insurance pay for the damages and i was asked if i would like to talk to a help line. I am awaiting their call now. I am at a lost of how to continue. Any help that anyone can offer would be much appreciated. It's already been 7 days since the accident and I still don't have and insurance company to cover the expenses.

this is a rental car ripoff par excellence

This is a rental car ripoff par excellence! The online rental information makes it look like a real upfront operation with everything disclosed clearly for the consumer on the website. The problem comes when you go to pick up the reserved car and find out that the third party liability insurance they say is included in the price will cost you nearly more than twice the cost of the entire car rental! A compact car that online is around $20.00 per day comes to $60.00 a day because the insurance they say is included is not included at all. The people at the desk were very nice and the service person called the head office and spent quite a bit of time talking to supervisors to try to get them to honor their website offer, but to no avail. They lie upfront to get you in and then try to add $1200.00 on top of your rental once you're there! Colossal ripoff and false advertisement! If you see Sixt Rental Car run fast the other way and save yourself some grief!

If they'd told me the truth from the git-go I wouldn't have any complaint whatsoever; I just wouldn't have wasted my time fighting traffic to find them, let alone making my wife sit for the better part of an hour while I tried to make them honor their website offer. My wife, who is in a great deal of pain with cancer, didn't need the grief nor did I.

  • Gary Coughlan May 09, 2011

    My name is Gary Coughlan and I am the Customer Service Manager responsible for Sixt U.K

    I'm really sorry to read that you were unhappy with our service, it should not be the case that you receive a price different to what you booked. I can understand your frustration to receive additional charges but before I comment on that I would like to have the opportunity to look into the reasons why.

    Please could you forward your reservation details to [email protected] and I'll take care of this for you.

    Best regards

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  • Gary Coughlan May 09, 2011

    My name is Gary Coughlan and I am the Customer Service Manager responsible for Sixt U.K

    I am really sorry to read that you were unhappy with our service, it should not be the case that you receive a price different to what you booked. I can understand your frustration to receive additional charges but before I comment on that I would like to have the opportunity to look into the reasons why.

    Please could you forward your reservation details to [email protected] and I will take care of this for you.

    Best regards

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please never rent from them, they are scammers

I rented a car from Sixt and when I went to pick it up at the location that was given to me, that location was closed down and out of business. Thank god I had a phone to call them and they told me to go to a different location and when I got there, they didn’t have a car that I registered for. So they gave me a different car and when I left, my GPS broke in the middle of France, so I got lost in the foreign country, so I had to find a store and buy a new gps. After I returned back to my country, I saw that they charged me a cancellation fee for no show, when in fact I did show, it’s only because I didn’t get a car from the location that I had originally, when that location was closed down.

I also got charged another 2300 for charges that are not explained. I’m trying to contact customer service in France for the past two weeks and no one returns my phone calls or e-mails. I called British customer service and they said they could not help me, only French ###s could, who do not return my messages. So I’m out over 2500 in additional charges, and the car was returned in perfect condition. And also when I picked up a car from French location, the tank was not filled up, it was in fact almost empty, so I had to fill up on my own account. Please never rent from them, they are scammers.

  • Gary Coughlan May 12, 2011

    My name is Gary Coughlan, I am the U.K Customer Service Manager. I am very sorry to read about your experience with us France and that you did not receive the correct support from my Team in the U.K. Please could you forward some details to [email protected] I will personally check this issue for you.

    Best regards

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horrible customer service

I rented a car from SIXT and when I went to pick it up at the location that was given to me, that location was closed down and out of business. Thank god I had a phone to call them and they told me to go to a different location and when I got there, they didn't have a car that I registered for. So they gave me a different car and when I left, my GPS broke in the middle of France, so I got lost in the foreign country, so I had to find a store and buy a new gps. After I returned back to my country, I saw that they charged me a cancellation fee for no show, when in fact I did show, it's only because I didn't get a car from the location that I had originally, when that location was closed down. I also got charged another 2300 for charges that are not explained. I'm trying to contact customer service in France for the past two weeks and no one returns my phone calls or e-mails. I called british customer service and they said they could not help me, only french ###s could, who do not return my messages. So I'm out over 2500 in additional charges, and the car was returned in perfect condition. And also when I picked up a car from french location, the tank was not filled up, it was in fact almost empty, so I had to fill up on my own account. PLEASE NEVER RENT FROM THEM, THEY ARE SCAMMERS.

  • Ga
    Gazog62 Nov 05, 2010

    We rented a car for 6 days from Sixt in Ireland some 6 weeks ago that had been prepaid through our travel agent. When the car was picked up the collison and theft insurance had already been accepted (not by us) the Sixt representative explained it was included and that all I had to do is initial, no explaination was given on charges (as they were included) and no other insurances were accepted.
    By the way the car was rubbish, scratched, dented, on route we were worried we wouldn'r get back to Dublin.
    Low and behold 1 week later we note that $750 had been debited from our credit card, no invoice was sent, the money just taken out.
    Consequently, after 5 weeks of investigating we finally find out that this debit was for insurances accepted.
    Our chances of recouping this money are minmal so please beware with the Sixt car rental company where ever you may be, never accpet what they say and read the fine print...better still never rent from them, ever!
    As a footnote we rented a car from Hertz for 3 weeks in Germany, went to Chezch Rep, Poland and never had a problem...what you pay for is what you get.

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  • Sh
    Shanghai J Aug 13, 2011

    I had rented four seater a convertible in Nice airport two months before arrival. My wife picked up the car at night, the staff said everything was in order. When I saw the car I realized it was a two seater convertible of a much lower class than we had rented, with the contract for the premium priced car!! When questioning the staff on this, we have not received a response after one week of calling every day. The manager is on holidays... None of the staff gives a damn about the customers.

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  • Ma
    Marie at Sixt Aug 16, 2011


    My name is Marie and I am part of the UK customer service deparment for Sixt.

    Please can you provide me some further details such as your reservation or if you do not have this information the date of rental an the main drivers full name to enable me to locate your hire and look into this further for you.

    My e-mail address is [email protected]

    Kind Regards,

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  • Mu
    Muriel J May 23, 2014

    When booking online, I was asked if I was going to take the car out of the UK (yes) and where (France). I was given an estimate of £450. When I went to pick up the car, I was asked for a surcharge of 80% so the fee was now over £800 - foreign use surcharge. I asked why I was asked about foreign usage during the booking process if it was to be ignored in the quotation. Only answer I got was 'we advise you to read the T&C where the surcharge are outlined'. If I am asked the question and the surcharge is outlined in the T&C then why not outlining the cost in the estimate provided? I have since been in touch with Sixt and they have now changed their story to not being able to estimate the surcharge at the time of booking as they depend on the model being allocated. But the surcharges are pretty well detailed in the T&C and surely I would prefer to see an quote with an estimate for the surcharge than no surcharge at all - when they know there will be one?
    Additionally the quotation was presented as a lump sum and some parts of the documents were not written in English (think it was in Hungarian)

    Their booking algorythm is totally flawed and I dont know if this is by design or by default.

    Other things - they have since then sent us a loyalty card - although we have a dispute with them?

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wrong charging


Contract#[protected] 0

I've rented a car from Frankfurt Airport on the 3rd of October 2009, at 16:43. The lady in the office told me that there is no drop off fees, as it's a french car, and the renting contains 300 MILES not Kilometers, and accordingly i toke my decision on renting the car, with the ammount 157, 18 EUR

When i delivered the car in Paris, i was surprised that the total charge is 417, 50 EUR, that was including Drop off fees, (although it's a french car rented from Germany) and later in paris Sixt office, i knew that it's 300 Kilometers and not 300 Miles as the lady told me in Sixt office in Germany!!!

in additional to that, there are around 100 EUR of Loss damage Waive(per day) 22.68 EUR + Base Excess Waiv(per day) 13.44 EUR + Premium location 20.00% of 58, 47 EUR !!! all that was NOT mentioned on the first contract! and i found that in the contract of Paris! Do you usually have 2 different contracts for each rented car?

and after all, although i delivered the car in a FULL TANK, i was charged for 20 EUR for the fuel !!!

Customer service in france is REALLY bad, all what they say, is talk with the German customer service as the contract was made in Germany!

I Really do not understand that! and i need my money back as soon as possible!

Mostafa Hassan
Telecommunications Engineer
Vodafone Egypt

sixt has customer service department??

I rented car for 4 days on my holiday in South France from Nice Airport. 3rd day of running, someone break driver side window and took all stuffs I kept in the car including luggage and mobile phone and one of friend's passport. It happened so quickly and even I was around the car but didn't realised.
I called police and had to stay few hours there to make report. After all I contacted to Sixt accident/emergency hotline and reported what happened to the car and asked for replacement car or repairing of the window. They gave me two options to choose.
First one, they can send a mechanic to repair the window but I have to pay all the cost on site and it will be around 400-500 euro. Second option is I have to drive back to the station where I pick the car without window. At the time This incident happened about 300 km away from ?Nice airport. I couldn't believe what they said. I tried to call many different numbers but ended up with same person and eventually she got annoyed with me.
I just decided to drive to Nice without window - it was pain and it was lucky at least weather was nice.
When I got back to the Nice airport, I passed the police report to a manager of the station and he said Sixt might not charge for the excess. I complained about car replacement but all his excuses are "BECAUSE OF SUNDAY, WE COULD NOT DO ANYTHING!!!"

After all, I got back to UK and few days later Sixt sent an invoice and realised they charged me 600 euro for the car repairing. And the damage report includes some damages that I didn't aware of. I sent few complain emails to the email address shown on the invoice and even I complained to the Sixt website about all these issues but no one turned up to respond. I am still waiting there respond. been already 2 weeks...

Never go with SIXT...

  • Wo
    woodstocks Oct 02, 2009

    i have big issue with Sixt too, their car doesn't work and I was in the middle of France with nobody just load of cows! And when I called their sixt assistant number and told them my GPS location they said they can't see it on the map!!! I don't know if they are stupid or they just don't care! they did nothing to help and told me the call the police! What a police can do with my borken car????? at the end I still have to pay in full!! plus my phone bill, hotels, taxi etc. They just don't care!

    When I made it back home, I called them and after spoke with 4 to 7 people on the phone that speak no english, but they told me they can. And they told me they have NO customer service phone number! The best I can do is write to them at [email protected] This is the only way to contact them if I have an issue. Further more when I return their replacement car to Zurich airport, that "Bi**H" at the front desk said, she doesn't know S**T, if I have any bill to claim or anything.. don't talk to her, write to the CS department. What a serivce!!!

    Btw, they will read your mail (when they feel like it) so good luck. What I am doing now is I call my credit card company to "HOLD" that payment to Sixt until me and Sixt resolve everything. And all I am asking is to HOLD not cancel or anything. They are big company, so I think we need to use some bigger company in order to get our right.

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As a long time traveler, I have heard from others the horror stories of Auto rental. I have heard them speak of a reluctance to travel in Ireland because of the exhorbitant rates and fees which are levied at the local level. We veteran travelers can attest that Irish car rentals can be compared to playing a shell game at a carnival. I, as a norm, avoid that by renting from Kemwel, a brokerage company, which provides, usually, the lowest rates and the least likelihood of excess local fees being charged.

After my last trip over in May of this year, I understand why there has been so much reluctance regarding car rental. I unknowingly played the shell game and lost. Using Kemwel, I leased a car from SixT from May 2 - May 12, 2009, ten days. I prepaid for the auto rental, a Nissan Micra, using my credit card, in April of 2009. All was well and right. When I picked up my rental, I noted that they applied my prepayment and indicated that my balance due was zero. Satisfied that I had just completed another satisfying exchange with one of Kemwel's auto companies, I skimmed my bill and noticed under the line which said "Balance due by Hirer - 0" another line which read "Total €364, 38 Euros or $502.59 USD". I asked the rental agent which was correct and she said that my balance was zero owed. She said that the other line: Total €364, 38 Euros or $502.59 was what I would have paid had I paid the day I picked up my car. I had saved money by prepaying as I had gotten a better exchange rate. That made good sense to me. I picked up my car and happily started off on a wonderful ten day solo adventure in both Ireland and Northern Ireland.

It wasn't until I received my credit card statement in June that I realized i had played the Irish Car Rental Shell game and lost. There on my statement was an additional charge from Kemwel for $502.59. Confident that a mistake had been made and would easily be rectified, I contacted Kemwel customer service. They looked at the bill, advised that they would have to contact SixT and have the charge clarified. A week passed with no reply. Half way through the next week, I received a reply from AutoEurope, Kemwel's sister site, advising that the additional monies were valid local charges. If that be the case, then the local fees and taxes:

License fee €20, 00
Location surcharge €33.00
NI cross border fee €30.00
Windscreen and tires insurance €50.00
Credit card processing fee €5.00
Excess waiver insurance €123.30
Fuel €55.80
VAT €47.28
Total €364.38 Euros or $502.59 USD

equalled EXACTLY the same amount as I had paid for the rental itself. That is absurd. I find it hard to swallow being charged a sixty dollars shy of one thousand dollars for a Nissan Micra for ten days.

I have traveled in Ireland numerous times over the past five years. I have rented vehicles from Kemwel each time. One of them, in 2006, was a People mover which we let for 3 weeks. My total charges for that rental, a van, three weeks, was $1500 USD. There were no extra fees or excessive overcharging with any of my other rentals only this time when Kemwel set me up with SixT.

  • An
    anonyMiss Sep 10, 2009

    Unfortunately, this is the game we play when we pre-pay. I always advise against this because you're going through a third party and this 3rd party charged you for what amounted to nothing. Dispute the original charge.

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  • Br
    Brad N Sep 14, 2009

    I just rented a car through Kemwell for 3 days in Italy, NOW I read this!! Is there anything that can be done before hand to avoid any of these kind of problems from occuring?

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  • Br
    Bruce Funk Mar 08, 2010

    I have never leased a car from Kemwel before, but am planning to do so when I go to France in May, since their rates
    were considerably cheaper than other companies. Is there some way to prevent them from charging my credit card with any more than their quoted prices.


    Bruce Funk

    0 Votes
  • Pu
    Pulga 72 May 07, 2017

    Yo rente un carro y también me cobraron de maciado primero me sacaron 2, 500 dólares y ahora me vuelven a a sacar 1, 600 dólares de mi cuenta sin mi autorización

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car rental

I will never, ever use Sixt or affiliate Murray's ever again for a car rental. BE WARNED ...AVOID Sixt...


Returning back home we had received 2 additional charges from Sixt.it - we had hired two separate rental dates and places.
We had booked on- line and paid in full...and be no means cheap!

We have been struggling to find out what the extra charges were for, both around 70 Euro each.

The cars were returned full of petrol and before the due time.
And with no damage.

After a number of emails one has been acknowledged as a ' system anomaly', this is the one I also had my card card company chasing (AMEX, they did a good job -unlike ViSA that I had asked to chase the other booked with their card- to do that they would have to cancel my credit card- forget that!)

The other charge is still in limbo more than a month later, and more emails.

Just to get a couple of other things out;
-we booked on-line for a depot that does not actually exist anymore and spent hours looking for it.

-we booked and paid for a group 'c' car and at check in were given a 'b' car without any mention, or offer to refund the difference. After some insistence I had the guy call h/office and then got an upgrade to a higher level which is what you would expect if your group was not avail.

I'd like to think that they can still redeem themselves, , , but, , , we'll see...! Sounds to me from other posting this is a norm for them.

  • An
    anonyMiss Jul 23, 2009

    When you book a car, you get a car class or similar. Which means you don't necessarily get a free upgrade. Car classes are typically determined by how passengers it seats and how much luggage it holds. This always gets me, if you like another car, just pay for the upgrade. Help out the employee at the counter. He's going to get fired if he doesn't perform. So seriously, pick the cheapest option and get it if you want a hassle-free experience.

    As for the billing problem, it was probably a system error if they were all for the same amount. If the matter does not get resolved, you can always file chargeback under 'multiple transaction records found'.

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  • Si
    Sixt UK Jul 24, 2009

    Hi there, Mike from Sixt UK here,

    I am sorry to hear that you have experienced problems with your rental and that you are still awaiting a resolution from Sixt Italy. This is certainly not the norm for us and we absolutely pride ourselves on our customer service.

    I am passing this on to our UK customer service department and I will request that they investigate and contact you as soon as possible to discuss.

    Best Regards

    Sixt UK

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  • Bu
    BUMMR-AU Jul 27, 2009

    Dear AnonyMiss,

    If you had paid on-line for a bottle of oceanspray cranberry and get delivered a no-name brand, would you not expect to be told your product of choice were not avail, or that an offer is made to credit the difference between the two products ?
    I did pay on-line for a 'C' group which is why I expected a 'C' group, and not a 'B', otherwise I would have paid for a lesser 'B', what I'm suggesting is if that is not avail you upgrade a client, not down grade them.

    The two over-charges were not the same otherwise that would clearly be duplication and then I need not spend the time chasing this.

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  • An
    anonyMiss Mar 15, 2010

    Hey Bunnr-au,
    First of all, you are telling me that you 'ordered a C class and got a B class', but you can't even tell me what the difference is!
    Would you mind saying something along the lines of 'I ordered a C class which is supposed to come with .-.-.-.-.-., but instead I got a B class which does not come with .-.-.-.-.-.'
    Until you can do that, I cannot agree that you were being downgraded.
    You reserve a size, not a model. For example, if you order a luxury car (which means that you get a fully-loaded car) and you see a picture of a Mercedes-Benz, or similar and you get to the lot and the car is a BMW, but its still fully loaded, are you going to whine about it?

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insurance fraud

We had rented a car from Sixt for a weekend. I had paid for the most expensive insurance possible, covering everything with my liability up to 100 euros only.

Just before returning a car, my wife made a scratch on a door on a parking lot. We had told so to a Sixt employee, she had taken a picture and helped us to fill an accident report form.

2 weeks later we've rented similar car at the same place, and asked the girl if it's ok with our previous accident report processing. She said yes.

3 months later, we've received a mail stating that we have to pay them 4000 dollars to cover the painting of the door we've scratched. They gave us 5 days to do that. They say the insurance does not cover the scratch because we have refused to write an accident report (the form Sixt employee had helped us to fill)

  • An
    anonyMiss Jul 11, 2009

    As long as you had insurance from them, you should be covered. Explain you had insurance, reiterate you filled out the form, and if all else fails, never rent from them again.

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  • Go
    Good driver Dec 07, 2010

    I am dealing with sixt right now. I rented for a week in Berlin in Jul 2010. When I returned the car I asked the check in girl to inspect for damage. Everything AOK. In November I get a letter from sixt demanding $450 euros for damages ($450 insurance deductable for abt. $1500 damage) no wreck only minor scratches which should be handled with "touch-up paint". They continue to demand payment. I cannot pay good money for false accusations.
    The pictures they sent from November show some evidence the car was used hard by others since my July rental.

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  • Xb
    xbboss Apr 30, 2014

    Try to stay away from Sixt, they will try to scam you any chance they get. Or at least get the full insurance. They sent a damage claim to me a month after the rental claiming damages for repainting the door because of a scratch. Needless to say, the scratch was not caused by me. I dropped the car off out of office hours and did not take the full insurance, making me a perfect candidate for this type of fraud. They sent me proof of damage in form of unsigned pick-up report and a few low quality photos with no dates. After a few months of communication and refusal of responsibility, I was presented with a bill for 1000 EUR.

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  • Ma
    Mark Kennett Jun 12, 2017

    Don't rent from SIXT just poor customer service and nothing is told up front

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charges for non-existent scratch

We rented a car from Sixt in Toulon close the the train station. The car was dirty and covered in dings and scratches. We went round with the agent diligently marking all of the marks and making notes of the mess. We would have asked for another but it we were told it was the only available and it was an Alpha Romeo which at the time seemed pretty cool. Big mistake! We returned it four days later in the same state only to be accused of making a scratch on the side of the car. If there was a scratch at all, it had to be so small we could not see it - and given the damage to the rest of the car this seemed ridiculous. Anyway, sure enough we got charged EU369.39 on our charge card even though we had taken out the collison waiver. Complained to our credit card company who took the charges off the card but now we are being hounded by an awful company name of Intrum Justitia who are baying for legal action, nothwithstanding we have sent them photographic proof of non-damage, etc. It is outrageous. Never do business with this company!

  • Ma
    MARIUS CAPITANU Sep 21, 2010

    I' ve rented a car in Paris in august 2010. from the office from gare de l'est paris. the agent sent me 3 streets away to pick up the car from parking. the car was parked at 4th floor in the darkness corner. nobady was there to give me the car. i had inspected the car, looking around to see any visible damage. because it was too dark i didn't see much. i've took the car and left. i have returned on the 17th august at charles de gaulle airport sixt's office. the agent from that office looked at the car and sayd that everything is ok. no paper has been made. just put me to sign in electronic device like a PDA. i asked what to sign for and reply for returning the car. i left france on 17th of august and on 20th of august they charge my credit card for rental fee. On 20th of september they charge my credit card again with 250 euro for a damage at the car that was rented by my. they took the money and after that send me an email with a service report and a bill for 250 euro. when a wrote to sixt they send me another email with pictures of car scratched, but frfom those pictures i can't tell where are made, when are made and also a report signed by me with the damage. i didn't sign any paper at returning the car (just in that pda where nothing was written jus a blank screen), i didn't received any paper from sisx when i returned the car.



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fraud & scam

I had a one day rental from Sixt that I picked up at the Frankfurt main train station at 9:30. It was a 1-day...

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