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Singtel is Asia's leading communications group providing a portfolio of services including voice and data solutions over fixed, wireless and Internet platforms as well as infocomm technology and pay TV.
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Complaints & Reviews

Fibre Home Bundle with TV promotion

I am SingTel user for long time and I am REALLY DISAPPOINTED AND FRUSTRATED with their service.

I had subscribed to SingTel Home Fibre bundle promotion with Samsung TV in February and had asked for fibre installation in March. The email confirmation says that Samsung will contact 4-10 days for delivery.

After fibre installation done on 18-March, I called Singtel to check on the TV and was told Samsung will call 3-4 days and they will put in system to expediate but no call received. Two days later, I called Singtel again … the lady was nice that she will check and call back which she did and that Samsung will be calling me the next hour. She even gave me Samsung's number in case they did not call. No call received.

A few days later I called Samsung on the number given but they said do not have any record of my order. The lady frm Samsung said they do not have problem to deliver but they need Singtel's email/notification to them. I then called Singtel and the lady said will check with Sales dept and call back and again when she return call, this time was told Samsung will contact me 10-14 days.

Still no calls after 14 days, I wrote in feedback to Singtel and 3 days later, a lady called told me that they need to investigate and she will pass to the INVESTIGATION DEPT as she is from general enquiries dept and they will call me back 3 days. In the first place, when they receive the feedback, should they not investigate and then call me instead taking 3 days to call me and then pass to "Investigate dept" and waste another 3 days of my time.

I AM VERY FRUSTRATED as in the first place, I subscribed for this promotion as my TV had just died and I was going to buy a new TV and I saw the promotion came at the right time. My place is a small unit which can't accommodate 2 TVs if I buy one first before the delivery comes.

With the situation with Covid-19 escalating, this is also the reason why I had been chasing for delivery as soon as fibre installation done before situation gets bad which is what is happening now with the delay. Can they still do delivery now and is it safe to let the delivery guys into my home with old folks.

All I ask for is delivery of TV within the period stated in the promotion. Every time I called Singtel, they said have to refer to Sales department so what is the SALES DEPT DOING. The TV is stated in the agreement when I subscribed - It is not a free gift which I understand can take about 6 months to come (from experience). I have to pay for it monthly.


Singtel mobile account no.

Account No. : [protected]

Dear Person-in-charge

I'm filing this complaint for singtel's EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING SERVICE. The first visit I had with your outlet months ago to make changes to my phone plan and first off, the visit was terrible, the officer serving us was clearly very distracted by his surroundings and too busy talking to his colleagues and joking around. Fast forward a month later, we noticed that we were being charged for something that we did not apply for or was told that would be in the contract! ( Singtel newsstand and Qustudio)

We were extremely frustrated and angry and we called your service hotline. After which an officer answered and after going through the notions, we were assured that that aspect has been cancelled and moving forward it will NOT be included in our bill.

The next month we were billed with the exact same nonsense AGAIN! So as we felt like your service hotline was absolutely useless, we decided to head down to your AMK Hub Singtel Store and after a long wait we ended up having to repeat the same story over to another of your officers who I didnt bother asking her name as I trusted that this incident wouldn't happen again. But guess what, after being assured that this service has indeed been cancelled and that we will be refunded our money, we received the exact same bill with the SAME NONSENSE.

I am honestly extremely shocked, disappointing and feeling extremely CHEATED. I have no idea how you train your staff but this is definitely the worst service I've had from a telco in a long time. I have given up asking for a refund or asking for you people to cancel this service. You can have my money but I will NEVER be signing any contract what so ever with your company again and in time we will be terminating all our contracts with Singtel.

I hope in the future, you learn to train your staff not to make false promises!

My Bill Ac [protected]

Dear Madam/Sir
I would like to highlight the following things that I am dissatisfied with the service from Singtel:

A. AC No. [protected]
Two mobile [protected] and [protected]

1. I received a call from 1688 dated 20-Jan-20 and I terminated the HP [protected] on 20-Jan-20
When I received the Feb Bill the was only $49.50 and was dated from 02-Feb-20 to 19-Feb-20.

I terminated on 20-Jan-20 why the refund dated was 02-Feb-20 not 20-Jan-2020?????
Should Singtel refund the total amt that it was billed in Jan-2020?

2. I also spoken to another Customer Service with regards to my HP 9126980 on the Auto Roam charges of S$50 on 16-Dec-19 on 20-Jan-20.
She told me that she will activate the auto roam. When the Dec-19 bill already stating AutoRoam charges of $6.13.

May I know who activate the Auto-Roam for both of my HP [protected] and [protected]?

Lastly, I would like to cancel these under the above AC # as per A]. Since my plan has already expired.

ZoneAlarm Mobile Security
Data X3
Enhanced Combo

I hope that you could rectify the above issue fast as I am looking to renew the contract.

Thank you

SingTel App

The app has access to switch on my data roaming automatically when I'm overseas. I bought and used the local SIM card from the country that I have travelled to and yet roaming data charges were incurred. I was so confused and was ensured that my data roaming was switched off during the entire trip. It turns out that my SingTel app has the function to switch it on and so SingTel could charge extra on my convenient for them to just earn money. Just so proud of them...

Why poor customer service

Hi singtel

Why so long to reconnect MIOTV and home internet.I had made outstanding payment sine 06/02/2020 and I called many times singtel hot line and your officers said will connect soon but I waited more than 3 weeks already.Singtel didn`t respect customer request.Why?Why?I need to come down to your main office to complaint about this issue.I hope that your team will expedite reconnect my home line internet immediately.
Kyaw khing Oo
Singtel account:[protected]


Kyaw khing oo
Get Outlook for Android

Get Outlook for Android

customer service

Staff at bugis outlet is super rude. Asked a simple qn on where is the queue machine and he replied cant you see? Wow all your employees arent servicing customer and if i know where is the machine i wont be asking. Service office is rude when handling my issue. Asked me the same qn for 4 times and didnt get it right. Didnt inform me about any charges and when i asked him why charges wasnt informed officer just plainly said that since i never ask him he has no obligation to answer me. What kind of service is this. If your staff have such an attitude then i guess your company have to do something with the training and management. Customer service officer is your frontliners. They represent your company and this just shows how bad your company image is as the staff you employed is plain rude

billing dispute - account [protected]

I have a Fibre Bundle with Singtel. Under this service we have a Home Singtel, Internet, Data Only mobile.

Since Dec 2019, I have raised a dispute regarding the Data Only mobile as the monthly billing for that was very high. (On average 170 dollars a month for data usage alone).

We have requested Singtel to revisit the charge as this charge is very high and Singtel offers the same usage at a much lower rate (1/5th the price or roughly 30 - 35 dollars if we had used the same service but not through fibre bundle). I feel that I am being penalised for signing up for the service as part of the fibre bundle plan and if I had taken the service separately as sim only, it would cost me no more than 30-35 dollars a month.

We have been talking multiple times to Singtel Customer Service team to resolve the issue. And per our last conversation in mid Jan, were expecting an email communication so we could document and request escalated assistance.

While this issue is still ongoing, Singtel has yesterday cancelled all other services of mine (Home Internet and Singtel TV).

May I know :
1. How can I get my other services re-activated, namely Singtel TV and Internet
2. Who can help with resolving the bill dispute in a manner where we are not paying 5 times more for a service just because I contracted via fibre bundle.

Request urgent assistance please. I would request if you can respond to this email or if that is not possible then call me on [protected].

unprofessional service

On 20/12/19, I went down to hello shop at One Raffles Place and was attended by a female staff. I did not take note of her name as it was a very quick session.
I checked with her the following.
-When can I re-contract my line which after checked, it will be in March 2020. And if I were to early terminate the same day, how much will the penalty be.
-She asked me why am I looking at re-contracting, I told her I am looking at number port to M1 as they offer a monthly plan of 30GB for SGD25, as every month I am exceeding my usage. She advised me the penalty to be at SGD120 if early termination.
-She returned my ID and I left.

The following days, I saw a promotion by SingTel which is 25/30GB for SGD25. I called SingTel and confirmed with one of the female agent when did the promotion started and it was on 18/12/19. I told her my unpleasantness that the agent at the Hello Shop did not inform me of such promotion despite the fact that I have the intention to number port to M1 for a similar plan. Ended up paying the early penalty and the miscellaneous fees incurred by M1. She mentioned she will check, and get back to me in 3-5 working days.
No calls received until the 7th and I called SingTel again to demand an explanation, which I repeated my whole story AGAIN.
This time round, the agent by the name of Sharina advised me that she will
investigate and get back to me latest 11/01/2020. No calls received till 14/01/2020.
So on the 14/01/2020, I called in again. This time round spoken to Ann.
She told me there is NO records of my past calls and NO notes captured in the system under my mobile [protected]!!! Which she claimed my number already ported to M1 and that she is unable to access to any information or records! WHAT is this ridiculous thing going on???

Background of my complaint.

1) The agent at the Hello Shop should be well versed and any on going promotions to be at her fingertips to inform customers like myself who has intention to terminate the contract and patronize other Telco which has same or at least similar plans! This is how to try to retain customers!
If she have done so, I could have saved the early termination fee and the one time subscription fees and all! Most importantly, to have saved the hassle of going to another Telco and Q up. All these are time consuming and costs!
Not only that, my number was initially from M1 and I ported to SingTel cause I always liked the service rendered by SingTel. The MAIN and ONLY reason why I have decided to port back to M1 was cause I did not know ST has similar good plans!
2) Call backs after calls back - promises by agents time and again there will be call backs to address my issues.
None called me back.
3) Last call made - NO records found!

I received my bill past days. And no way am I going to make payment until I receive a satisfactory explanation!

I am expecting a call back to me at [protected] the soonest!


I recently bought a plan from Singtel online store, CIS XO78. In the website, they stated free caller ID and Auto roam if signed using CIS. And website show note10+ will give free samsung bud.

1) But when I purchased, ALL OF THE ABOVE WAS NOT GIVEN.
Misleading customer? Or scam?
2) And I sign this contract with my IC, why is the email under my sister? And I have to go all the way down to the store and get my bill statement
3) billings, there will rebate FOR 24 Month if cx sign using CIS. but why am I being charge with no rebate?

I've contacted Singtel customer service. Took them sometime to give me free caller ID, auto roam, change my email, and waive away the some charges in the bill to cover the rebate part. And regarding the free gift, it's been 2week almost 3. Promised TWICE to call back but did not?
I understand free gift is limited stock, but why didn't the online stock take down the free gift when it's already finished? Trying to lure customer in with fake information?

I wrote in twice, contact customer service 3 times. Singtel really giving customer some hard times.

customer service

I am lodging a complaint against a Singtel customer service and manager, Eileen Ho, from Jurong Point...

singtel tourist 7 days sim card

Bought 3 SIM cards ( 1 prepaid + 2 tourist 7days simcard) on October 21.2019. Husband visited me in Singapore for 14 days, and that's why we bought him 2x pieces of 7days tourist card. First card expired after 7 days and then he decided to activate the second card after. Each tourist card has 100GB of data (which is also a lie as it's very slow during the day, and ONLY speeds up starting 10pm) . Advised my husband to download the Hi5! SingTel app to monitor his data usage. He checked it every night before bed, and the last time he checked, it showed " Expiring in 6 days, 97.9GB remained" UNFORTUNATELY, the data DISAPPEARED the day after, and only 1GB of roaming data remains! Called customer service for help, spoke to Mr KaiLo and he was trying to resolve the problem. Yes, he is polite but at some point he loses his patience. I was also told that the simcard will start its validity the moment I buy the card, which is ridiculous ! Never in my life, in any part of the world, where the SIM card activated before inserting into the cellphone. He apologized and mentioned that "I am sorry that you were not informed, when you purchase the simcard". I asked if this is stated anywhere in the user guide, he was not able to provide me an answer. Then he said he will call me back in an hour, and insist that there is nothing much they can do. I waited for 1.5 hours, then I decided to call them back, had to repeat the whole issue again as someone else picked up the phone. Managed to get the female guest service to have Mr KaiLo to call me back. The call back was very upsetting as he insist that there is nothing they can do, however, I confirmed with him again, the number and validity stated in Hi5! App (with the last updated time &date) he said he will check in the system again. It's obviously a glitch in their system! Mr KaiLo called me back again, explained that "there is nothing much we can do, I can only compensate credit which worth SGD30 into his 7days tourist simcard, however this SIM card will not allow him to purchase any data, or I can compensate 5GB of data into YOUR current prepaid simcard" I then replied "no, my husband is a foreigner and he do not need credit to call anyone in Singapore, what he need is DATA WHICH IS WHY HE PURCHASE THIS TOURIST CARD, and I do not need any credit, I just want the data back to his tourist sim" Mr KaiLo then repeated 2x that that's the only option, which I refuse to accept because this is clearly not our fault ! Finally he said he will expedite this issue and call me back in few hours time (which I am losing days as well). I am beginning to feel scammed and cheated by this well known telecommunication company in Singapore.

singtel make a big mistake

Damn worse singtel service in the world!
I have walked in to AMK singtel shop to re-register my phone number as I have received few message from singtel, request me to re-register my number. Hence I walked in to AMK singtel shop and asked for help. A very fat Malay guy entertained me and helped me register again. After I back home, I realised my phone no signal at all, urgently called to singtel check what's happening! Singtel officer told me my number has been terminated and need 7 days to get back my number. I forced the customer service to help me check why my number was terminated without notifying me and did not send any message to me as well. The customer service finally told me that the AMK retailer made mistake for the system. Please investigates this case and compensate for my loss as soon as possible!

  • Updated by JUNE21 · Oct 23, 2019

    Damn worse service. The staff is not trained well

port over

Hi there!

Recently I have been experiencing a lot of hassle with my singtel accounts.

1) my primary account no was terminated without prior notice or sms reminder on the night of my birthday tried to call back for assistance there was no one in the office to assist me, ended up seeking help through Jamie the virtual assistant where she said the payment was not made, but I was holding on to a receipt of my payment done two days ago.

Prior to these incident I had incurred HUGE bill from singtel because when I signed for a renewal of contract the customer officer decided to do split bill recreating a new bill account which I only got to know 8 mths later when a bill was send to me however I agreed to make the bill althought it was not my fault that the customer service officer decided to do a split bill.

Secondly after having a hard time with singtel I decided to do a portover with starhub called the customer service officer for verifications on how to go abt doing it and was quoted the bill amt to pay .

After making the payment called up singtel to verify for the port over which has not been done CSO Lini says the port over should be done smoothly not to worry having to experience the bad services asked to talk to a manager to verify if everything is ok the manager then suggest that the port over can only be done if all the payment.

And earlier on when I was speaking to the CSO sobi she confessed and apologised that she did not open up my account to view and was just giving advises based on protocols.

Why do you even have a CSO who is inexperienced in the first place and is lazy to open up a customer record to give instructions. Because of their ignorant customers like me are affected.

accidental data roaming

Hi Singtel,

I've recently received my mobile bill for the month and got a huge shock when I saw that it has amounted to more than $190 due to data roaming charges.

This particular phone line is in used by my grandmother whom visited Malaysia by end of August and had accidentally turned on data roaming on her phone. Granted it was her own fault for accidentally turning on the data roaming option, but she had not used any application that required the data services.

I've contacted your billing department about this issue, and been offered only $19 waiver off the total bill. However when speaking with the customer service officers, the way the reply it seem like they were just following the protocol of answering customer's queries, irregardless of what they say, as if no considerations was giving to each situation. 

I've had pleasant experience with Singtel in the past and believe that the organisation and management cares about every customers. I really hope that a better resolution could be worked out. Thank you.

Date of bill : 24 Sept 2019
Acc No: [protected]

Thanks & regards,
Lim ST

recipient team for refix on home phone in singtel wifi

15 oct 2019

To the higher authority of the recipient team

We as singtel customers are truly horrified n upset by the way such a big service provider behaviour.

Our broadband home line n Singtel services were terminated due to some payment issues.

As the home line is very important for us as we have our ailing mum who is Bedridden 82 years old and our helper only relies on the house phone to contact US in case of any emergency. Even to call 999 or 995 or us in case of any emergency situation as she does not carry any mobile.

We kept on calling and talking to many CSO like Arya Aaron Usha John Parthiban Pathma giddian Farook Heera and especially to Kent from the broadband team and shakirah from recipient team a week ago.

Always the CSO answer or reply is we escalated to the relevant team and someone will call to fix appointment to do the We don't blame the CSO as they are told to do so and they followed the upper level instructions.

Full payment was made on 5 oct 2019 sat morning as per the advise of one cso. So mobile connections resumed but more impt home tel line not refixed.

When requested to speak to the relevant team or higher management no one helps and just avoid by saying don't know as per the instructions given to them.

The latest call on Monday yesterday when spoke to KENT from the broadband team who follow up finally revealed to our amazement and amusement that the delay bcos of wrong address issue.

That shocked us even more as we shifted to choa Chu Kang one year back from old place toh Guan.

Singtel knows how to send all bills reminder bills notifications and know how to terminate everything in this new premise but for refix KENT said showing old Toh Guan address so further delay is caused. This is ridiculous .

We almost waited 10 days ready and is Singtel going to take responsibility if anything happens to our mum and no way for the helper to contact anyone In case of emergency?

After speaking to KENT lastly I requested him to trf call to this SHAKIRAH who spoke to us last week but she refused to answer the call or never call back too after so much of waiting.
That's very bad customer service of Singtel staffs.

Moreover she can wrongly check and anyhow inform us that our ur contract no more and new contract when we only sign up less than a year so she not doing her checks properly.

Till now no one called and no one from Singtel give reason or any appointment to come to refix the wifi n home tel connection.
This is very serious and so much delay caused by Singtel.

If no action taken and nothing done by today we will bring this to straits times to make it an issue so people know what kind of service provider Singtel is.

Waiting for quick reply from Singtel.

Call [protected] for further clarifications.

  • Di
    Dia Asyira Nov 08, 2019

    Sorry to ask but do the things get fix. I'm facing about the same problem right now.

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home broadband billing

I recently changed my broadband plan, hence a different, lower monthly subscription. Now, SingTel charges us in advance for the services it will provide in the following month. Therefore, in my latest bill I expected an adjustment (reversal) of last month's subscription since the current bill has the new item also. What this month's bill also has it another month's subscription charge towards my old plan - essentially instead of reversing / adjusting previous month's cycles old subscription charge, they ask me to pay again for the service I am not using in addition to the listed charge towards the service I am using.

The only solution offered to me by the tele-operator who didn't sound like they knew what they were suggesting, was to pay up extra for another month and then they will adjust it the next month.

Why should I pay up extra for yet another month?! Issue me a fresh bill with adjustments, since the due date is still quite far. By the way bill issue date is 15th Oct but I received it on 14th october; so take that extra day to fix the bill please. If I don't pay the whole amount you will slap me with late payment charges for something I don't owe you but infact you owe me.

prepaid card terminated

Good Day,

Would like to give some comment on Singtel service.
19 August 2019
I had walked into Tampines branch to do card replacement due the phone lost, I had provided my passport for verification and collect the new sim card. After 4 hours I able to use back my service.

23 August 2019
I had started received SMS request me to walk into any branches for re-register my card or else the card will be terminated at 3 Sept 2019.

27 August 2019 -T20190908004NS050Z4255627
I had dropped an email to request to extend the termination date as I at Malaysia unable to back before 3 Sept 2019. During 27 August - 8 Sept 2019, I had been dealing with Singtel Service via email but the card still had been terminated without further informing.
I had just top up with credit around 30-40 dollar, the termination date should be 100 days.

1 Oct 2019
Finally, I back to Singapore and walked to Bugis Singtel, I had been await for 45 mins and informing the number not available now and request me to call Center for the further arrangement and request on activating back my number.

I was calling the Call Center for the arrangement and understand this need to take 7 days business day and is upon approval.

This very frustrated I been dragging by Singtel which no my false. During card replacement, I had walked in personally with the valid password. The end Singtel terminate my card was due to unclear information, this is ridiculous. Your procedure becomes a consumer problem.
There is no form, no photocopy require during that time, but why now you told me is my information unclear hence terminate my service.

I am very disappointed in your service which gives customer get in trouble and thank you because of this I had a switch to another Singapore telco. I will recommend my friends to another telco

Thank you for the past 2 years service.

Best Regards,
Ms Tan

change of mio tv setup box appointment made on 20/9 9am to 12 noon but singtel technician did not turn up or feedback not coming

I waited for 4 hour and there is no news from singtel. As a result also the miotv setup box was not change at...

billing issues

Have reported my case with being payment to Singtel under my old account reference number on 18/7/2019 with my proof of payment emailed to [protected]

No reply of any follow up and the nighmare is
(1) Still keep on receiving SMS on my outstanding payment via SMS every month
(2) STill receiving reminder letter every month till Sept 2019
(3) The WORST part is that there is a charges of S$5.50 on all the reminder notice in my sept bills!!

I have arranged called back assistance to request to resolve the outstanding reminder issues dated on 13/8/2019 and 10/9/2019 (time 4pm) and still being charges with the reminder notice in my bill
Case handled by Vilashiyan and Ewan on the above date

home bundle (home tv & broadband)


I signed up for the Singtel home bundle (Home Tv & Broadband) on the 27th of Aug 2019. Then i received the appointment message for the Netlink appointment and Singtell installation on the 4th Sept 2019. But on the day of the installation itself, the technician told me that there is a problem at Singtel's end thus the will be no service even if they install that day. As i have already taken leave on that day i decide to just install it and maybe service will resume the next day or so.

On the day itself, i called Singtel to know the status and the reason why the service is not up. The Singtel customer servie told me that she will check on her end and get back to me, but next day still no news. Then i posted on their Facebook page and their social media department staff got back to us. For a few days she called only to tell us that she did not know the reason and is getting answers from the IT department. So today we received a call again and she said, to give 3-5 working days to get answers.

So my question is, what happens after that 3-5 working days? Do i just get an answer or will the service start? In such a big organisation, hard to believe that Sintel do not have the answer as to why i could not utilise my home tv and broadband services even after it being installed. I am sure they know the reason but they are just dragging it and keeping me out of the loop maybe becuase a mistake on their end. I mean mistakes is inevitable and i could accept it if they are just being honest with me. There is no point calling me everyday only to tell me that they do not know the problem and still checking on their side.

I hope this letter of complaint reach to a certain level of management in Singtel so they could see the severity of this issue here. I am being over-promised by the Singtel sales staffs. And i sure hope some kind of compensation on your end as i have been utilizing my data throughout these few days. Thank you.

Appointment id: [protected]

re-contract and special offer for business mobile line

I recently wanted to re-contract my business line mobile phone. I was contact by your sales consultant...

SingTel / Singapore Telecommunications

Transfer to other department-home broadband

Hi, I called 1627 to asked for technical assistance on my home broadband, your technical staff Miss Hama...

Fibre broadband service

13/08/2019 - Received a call from Singtel Customer Service regarding the re-contract of my broadband service...

switching to gomo

Singtel provides a new data plan service (GOMO) which allows existing Singtel customers to switch over from...

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singtel shop (serangoon)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been supporting Singtel almost 20 years. Yesterday really a bad experience, happen at Serangoon Singtel shop, que no. S1063 about 440pm.

I am just to check whether I am about to re contract my 2 Mobile line, first he's ok, saying I am able to. But since I am corporate plan. He need my staff pass in order to let me know the details. Which I felt funny, as I thought unless I am re contract on the spot then it's needed right ? As we should be able to check on line for the Corporate plan right ? Fine. Maybe the rules have changed, he already showing me attitude. It's fine also. But as I am able to provide my certification for my company, then he say ok. Then just simply tell me your Corporate plan no difference. And you can't sign up those 40GB plan. Which your company don't have. And he don't even bother to double check for me any better or new Corporate plan. Okay, fine with it. I am telling him other providers it having better offer, and asking him can I keep my current mobile no. And which provider. And he simply tell me your contract end at Nov. you can go ahead !! That's it.

To my point of view, that guys might be a technical support side, maybe just cover counter for a while or maybe some manpower issue ? But to me. If you are a technician, if your supervisor request you to temporarily cover operator job. You should do your part as well right ? If you are unhappy with it. Simply let your supervisor know instead of showing attitude to customer!

Since my contract will end soon. I don't think I will carry on Singtel mobile. Thanks for the pass years been with Singtel. Really good experience in the pass years.

horrible customer service

I went to the Singtel Store (Bukit Panjang Plaza) on 26/7/19 at around 1330 to ask if i could do a transfer of ownership on behalf of my parents. I also mentioned that i had both their NRIC and a letter of authorisation.

I was told by a guy on shift that both parties has to be around to do the transfer. Fine. So i went back to the same guy and told him that, since i cannot do the transfer, can i at least CHECK on the details of the account since i have the account's holder NRIC and letter of auth.

Prior to this, i was informed by a Singtel customer service operator that IT IS POSSIBLE to do a check if I have the necessary documents. And I CLEARLY MENTIONED that i'm not requesting for the transfer, i'm only asking if he could CHECK on the account and let me know the details.

However, he gave a nonchalant reply stating that "both parties need to be around to do the transfer". And even after repeating myself TWICE that i only wanted to CHECK, he brushed it off and said "no."

He obviously wasn't listening to my request and was too lazy to even do a CHECK. BAD service and BAD attitude!


I have request to recontract my business line few times thru sme sales but was ask to do it on line. I face problem with e-order payment but couldn't get assistance. Then I saw web promo (see enclosed), I call in and ask for help but still have not get a callback from e-shop. Booked delivery, delivery agent further delay my delivery, found SingTel has been very unprofessional in handling a loyal customer. Denying action for the $600 worth of watch n data is very unacceptable, appreciate if this matter to be resolved urgently and revert. Thank you.
Carol Han
3J Shipping Agencies Pte Ltd


termination without any knowledge and asking to pay up more

Hi writing to you about how your singtel service can be negligent. After explaining to various department they still can TERMINATE our account and even ask us to pay up more in order to re activate the service . Plus told us that our package is not due till 2020, if needed to terminate we need to pay about $600 penalty feel . This is a DAY LIGHT ROBBERY . We went to the HQ and have been paying on a contract basis but they still can suspend the account without any pior notice and now terminate . There hasn't been WIFI or we can't watch any channel because of the termination . Singtel just anyhow merge the account and terminate without any valid reasons . All they want is more MONEY . I'm sorry to say your service sucks to the maximum. I am going to bring this to the higher authority.

  • Di
    Dia Asyira Nov 08, 2019

    I had to go through the same pain as you. I wonder what Singtel has been doing. Keep chasing for our money. But service was terminated without informing. On top, still, need to pay for the penalties when it's their end that does the termination.

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discrepancy on order summary

I had just re-contract my mobile post-paid plan with SingTel Mobile Online Shop. The website mentioned that there will be a free gift given if the collection option is either via pop-station or delivery. However I tried to select the option to collect at one of the SingTel shop and when I checked out my shopping cart, the free gift was actually indicated in my order summary. Since the free gift was also shown on my order summary via self-collection so I decided to submit my order and make payment.

The next day I decided to call SingTel to confirm that the free gift will be given to me even though I have chooses the self collection option. The customer service officer only get back to me after checking for one full day, they mentioned to me that no free gift will be given to me and if I would like to have the free gift I will need to cancel my current order and re-submit a new order again via colleting from pop-station or delivery option. They will only refunded the amount that I had paid for the device to me after 2 to 3 weeks time, so I told the customer service officer whether I can re-submit the order after I get my refund back and she mentioned that I am allowed to do that but provided the free gift is still available.

I have been with SingTel services for about 15 to 20 years and all the while when I re-contract my SingTel services regardless is Fibre boardband, Mobile or TV, I will have to keep calling SingTel to adjust the contract or subscription items which I have not subscribed/ or already pre-informed SingTel in advance to remove it. Overall I feel that this type of experience is still not that bad which those can still be reversed, just that will have to keep calling SingTel during the re-contract period. However I think that this time round is the worse experience I have with SingTel, a free gift that was promise to be given in the order summary will not be given to me anymore and what the purpose of indicating this free gift in my summary order?

Hope that SingTel Management will look into this. I think there are really problem on your online shop, probably your should take a closer look at your online shop from the beginning of shopping till payment is completed.

singtel shop at jem, #04-57

26/6/2019, just came out of the above Singtel shop. Was totally frustrated with customer service Jasmine Teo's attitude. Was there to find a new handphone to replace my Singtel contracted (business) handphone that kept rebooting. Jasmine Teo put on a very high-handed approach to tell me about the strict rules regarding the need for documentation to recontract under business handphone line and also the need for my wife to come down to the shop if I wanted to recontract under wife's account. She also try to brush me off by saying that I should go to the Sony service center rather than a Singtel shop to repair my phone. When I asked for the shop manager, she replied that the shop did not have a manager to deal with me.

I was totally disgusted with her hands-off approach but fortunately Mr. Chun Wen was there to assist me when I am most helpless. The service he provided was exemplary and I bought a new phone on his advise and he even helped me set up the phone for immediate usage.

I just want to ask Singtel how come there is such a large discrepancy in the service quality of their staff and should not something be done about this quickly. Would appreciate a proper reply. My email; jason.[protected]

Jason Ang, a customer that has been with Singtel for more than 30 years.

online application: sim only plan

On 30 May 2019, I applied Singtel sim only plan via online. At the end of session, it said will email to me...

Data roaming usage charge is ridiculous

I was travelling to Australia from singapore and on landing Australia on 21st May 2019 my phone was on and I just used my phone to turn off the data roaming

The singtel bill no [protected] which I received have ridiculous charges for this data roaming usage though I never used any data

Date of incident - 21st May 2019
Data roaming usage - 3.1738 MB
Data roaming charges - 138.85 SGD

I would like to request a refund of this amount 138.85 from my bill as this price is ridiculous .Also you could check my data usage activity for 21st May.I am really very disappointed with Singtel and if not possible I would like to change my Singtel carrier service to switch to a different carrier

Attaching the bill details with highlighted entry of the amount which I want to be refunded


Data roaming usage charge is ridiculous

billing payment

Singtel has been my only preferred telco since 1990s, for personal or business lines. However, I am utterly disappointed with the way Singtel handle a filed police case incident this time.
I filed a police report 1.5 years ago on an ex-employer fraud and cheat Singtel for 6 iPhone delivered to a phantom company address, under my company letterhead, fake email and forge my signature. During that time Singtel deliver 6 iPhone to the phantom address under her instruction and continue to bill to the address. Somehow, only 6 months later after default payment and charges on early termination, Singtel then revert the bills to our registered address, then we know of this crime. We are a loyal corporate customer to Singtel with 15 mobile lines (bearing same suffix in last 4 digits) aside business lines and broadband. I don't know why Singtel did not verify the incorrect address instructed and email or a HP of contact at that time. now 1-year past and we cannot make changes to our pans and was told by Customer Service, the directors (in personal name) and all accounts hold by Company is block. We cannot do anything to our lines, even some with low plan cannot be upgraded. We are now stuck. How Singtel higher authority can investigate and help on this?
We cannot be blamed for the forging case. Another telco whom the culprit did similar act, did not pursue and they note police is handling the case. We are not penalised. So why there is no flexibility on Singtel side?
Start from negligence on verifying address, signatory, email. We had asked proof from Singtel on who signed receipt on the 6 iPhone at the address Singtel deliver, no one can give me proof of delivery and I think company rubber stamp was not used at endorsement. We are very frustrated on how Singtel affirm "the oustanding sum of $10K" not paid, means we are barred from any plan's changes... Yet, we still continue to pay monthly for the 15 lines subscription, some iOne and unused numbers.
I need Singtel to give solution, not just block off our services and insist we need to pay in full for the outstanding as filled in police report. Thank You.

driver of singtel van, driving recklessly and using phone on 6 may 2019, at 5.30pm along bukit timah road.

Driver of Singtel van, registration plate number GV159C, was seen driving dangerous along Bukit timah road, without signalling and turning. Driver decided it was wrong turn and swerve back onto the lane. Subsequently was seen using handphone without earpiece or hands free device (refer to attached photo). I won't hesitate to submit this photo to traffic police Singapore.

driver of singtel van, driving recklessly and using phone on 6 may 2019, at 5.30pm along bukit timah road.

singtel mobile service

Singtel screwed up my phone delivery, screwed up my mobile service transfer and then billed me for items that I did not incur.

When I called to question them, they tried to blame me for misunderstanding their communications. I have written proof of their dishonesty.

It is terribly difficult to resolve issues with them. They put many impediments in my way. For example, it takes ages to get through their phone line to speak with customer service. And when their customer service said they will check and get back to me, they do not follow up. Their customer service supervisor just throws scripted lines back at you without any interest in resolving your problem.

Google "Singtel complaints" and see for yourselves how many angry customers they have online.

It is very tiring having to deal with this incompetent and dishonest company.

no help in the name of pdpa

Singtel has been the only provider I use since 1995. Each time when i need a phone replacement, the service counter would be helpful from sale to transfer of data to new phone. This time round, the Singtel officers are unable to do it for me, citing their company's regulations on PDPA . That leaves me stunned and helpless. Has Singtel not reviewed that there would be many such customers who rely more than just receiving a new handset? There are ways around PDPA like written indemnity, waiver etc. Hi Singtel, don't forget those who are not savvy.

delay in fibre installation

My company has been told that the lead-in pipe for fibre installation in our landed property has been blocked and needs to be rectified before the cables can be laid. This on site survey was done in Oct 2018 and we have yet to get any updates as to when we will be getting the upgrade done. As of now, we have no internet access and this is causing a lot of inconvenience to the company. We have contacted Singtel many times through phone calls and have spoken to many different Singtel personnel but have yet to receive any constructive reply from anyone of them. We were told that the respective party will get back to us but we never receive any call back from Singtel.

mobile billing

Hi SingTel.
This is my 2nd time in a row receiving a wrong bill for account [protected].
After I have complained about the 1st incident, the operator agreed it was a mistake. And yet now I have received a 2nd bill with wrong billing amount.

I have been with SingTel all my life. But the service lately has been very bad.
Can the senior management look into this immediately.

By the way I done almost a whole day trying to contact someone in SingTel on my 1st incident.

Mobile [protected]

combo 3 plan

Hi, I'm writing because your 1688 customer service couldn't give me an answer! I just realised that under my combo 3 plan, I have been subscribed to Enhance Combo without my consent after I recontracted my mobile a year ago and am charged $6 more every month! I wish to remove this and was told that I am not allowed to. I do not need the unlimited talk time as I hardly use up a quarter of the 300 mins given for the normal combo 3 plan.
What's the point of giving me a 15% discount for Combo 3 and then cunningly add Enhanced Combo without my knowledge? This is daylight robbery! Is this what I get for being a Singtel loyal customer??? Pls check Myaccount: [protected] and get back to me ASAP

singtel not able to refix our terminated internet service

I am writing to feedback the poor service provided by Singtel.Our internet was disconnected on 20 Jan 2019 stating that we have not paid the bill .on the very same day we paid the pending amount & they told us that by next week Singtel people will call & will fix an appointment . from that day to till date we are struggling to find out why our issue is not yet fixed . Why they are not contacting us ? There had not been any say when I haven't called and asked for atleast providing the timeline but everytime we get a response saying that the issue has been accelated .n due Toh there technical glinch they are not able to give us timelines ! We are very disappointed by the service, if it's not had been contract we would have surely disconnected Singtel connection .