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Singapore Post (SingPost) Complaints & Reviews

Singapore Post (SingPost) / speed post singapore terrible service - speed post delivery status

Sep 12, 2019

Dear Sir I would like to log a compliant for subsequent terrible service from SpeedPost Singapore. I had drop off a SpeedPost parcel at [protected]@Yishun PO on 27 August 2019 (Tracking number : SPXZ9000000167). In the SpeedPost online tracking website, the parcel was collected by courier...

Singapore Post (SingPost) / letters not delivered by singpost

Sep 10, 2019

My address is: 33 Club Street, Emerald Garden, #06/07 Singapore 069415 I have lived at that address for 8 years. Letters and parcels are not being delivered. The latest, a letter from my bank with confidential information in, NOT delivered. The bank was informed it was an incorrect addre...

Singpost / lost of letters / mails delivered wrongly

Sep 05, 2019

SingpostSince we moved to Towner Road, we have been experienced that our important letters were lost during delivery but others ppl's letters were delivered wrongly to our address. Despite feedback to SingPost HQ and branch, however the situation continues, now even our registered mail lost during...

Singapore Post (SingPost) / Delivery of parcel from us with tracking id:cj495583132us

Aug 26, 2019

Singapore Post (SingPost)My parcel from US reaches Singapore grounds on the 21 August 2019 and was supposed to be delivered to my house by 25 August 2019 through expedited shipping. Upon checking online via tracking number searching from Sing Post, it was revealed that delivery was attempted on 23 August 2019 for...

Singapore Post (SingPost) / cp044687849th

Aug 15, 2019

Even though my parcel stated fragile and handle with care . Upon receipt, my parcel box is damage and my limited edition goods is damage and dented. Hook was spoilt . Showing the sign of rough handing of my parcel see attached photos for better u understand. I am totally disappointed and...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / tracking status shows that my parcels left kenya on 25th july 2019 but have not received them in uganda up to now

Aug 12, 2019

My parcels (2) were shipped from China to Uganda through Kenya. Tracking details showed that they arrived in Kenya on 24th July 2019 and left for Uganda on 25 and 26th July 2019. These parcels have not yet reached Uganda up to now. when I contacted my local Post office on Friday, 9th...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / counter service staff

Aug 07, 2019

My Daughter went to Sengkang SingPost on 7 Aug at around 1pm to try to send a parcel overseas. As this was her first time sending a parcel overseas she was not sure how to go about it. She was attended to by a very loud spoken woman who informed my daughter that it is very expensive to...

Speed Post / mobile phones

Aug 01, 2019

Speed PostThere were 2 mobile phones booked through Speed post in Israel on 6/6/19 and I received the parcel in India on 25/7/19 without the mobiles. The parcel arrived in India on 12/6/19 and was presented to Indian customs Mumbai and was held by customs till 12/7/19 till I presented the invoice for...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / hard copy mail delivery

Aug 01, 2019

Hi, I am the owner for the unit 03-18, postal code 119916. Recently we noticed that the mail that were address to my unit was delivered to the unit 03-19. This has caused us missed out paying for a credit card charges and we were slapped with late payment charges. Could you please look into this matter and prevent this from occurring again? Chris Hoo

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / air mail returned to sender for wrong reason

Jul 30, 2019

Singapore Post (SingPost)As per Singpost tracking update, my parcel from China under tracking number LA531901873CN arrived in Singapore on 20 Jul and then delivery started on 23 Jul, but it was then returned on the same day with reason being as 'Incomplete address'. I have then raised a dispute with the...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / mail delivery & sorting

Jul 29, 2019

Our address is XX Mimosa Crescent. Nearby are other roads Mimosa Road, Mimosa Drive etc. We regularly get letters redirected/re-posted by other houses "SingPost redeliver to correct address" or similar. We sometimes receive letters for XX Mimosa Drive etc. These letters are often important...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / I was at home when the delivery notice slipped in

Jul 23, 2019

Singapore Post (SingPost)23/7/2019, I was at home when i received the delivery notice stating i was not at home when in fact i was. I even made a call to singpost regarding my delivery and was informed it will be today, i took leave just to receive my parcel today but now i'm expected to go down to the post office...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / I am complaining about so many wrongly sent letters in my letter box.

Jul 22, 2019

Singapore Post (SingPost)Dear sir/Mdm, I am complaining about so many wrongly sent letters in my letter box. I am so upset why so many wrongly sent letters in my leeter box, what if my letters were sent to others as well? This is not the first time I encountered and I saw these many times from Facebook and other...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / service

Jul 18, 2019

I will like to lodge a complain against a serviceman of yours by the name of eric whose attitude was not too welcoming for my Cousin who was foreign with how return parcel works in Singapore . Parcel was returned due to incomplete address, and my Cousin was asked to pay a $21. I assume i...

Singapore Post (SingPost) / am mail

Jul 15, 2019

2 of my AM Mails were classified as LOST and SINGPOST is giving me PEANUTS COMPENSATION. Case 1: CAS-3262630-P6Z0M0 Case 2: CAS-3281987-R6K4J6 My customer waited 2 weeks to receive their AM MAIL which were supposed to be "an urgent mail. My customers SHOULD HAVE RECEIVED the next working...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / I was at home when the delivery notice slipped in

Jul 12, 2019

We received registered article delivery notice when we are at home for the whole day. Some more, we are in the living room when the delivery man slipped the notice on our iron gate. We did not even hear anyone knocking the door or pressing the doorbell! There is no way that we cannot hear...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / parcel returned to sender

Jul 11, 2019

Every time i have a parcel, if i didn't gotten it the day he come to my house (as i am working everyday 11am-11pm only 1 off each week) They will put it at POPstation which is just opposite my house. but this time. they just put it back to JE post office. and just after a week you guys just...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / package not picked up

Jul 10, 2019

Singapore Post (SingPost)I am very disappointed with Singpost's speedpost service. I have requested via ez2ship website to book a parcel drop off at a nearest mall POP station on 7 July 2019. However the machine failed to allow me to drop the parcel on 8 July 2019. I called in immediately to singpost hotline...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / singpost failure to deliver normal mails to the letter box accurately

Jul 02, 2019

Since 2004, I have received normal mails that are belonged to my neighbours. Likewise, my neighbours received my mails in their letterbox. This happened every month! I have made a complaint to Singpost in 2005 and at the time Mr Teo Hok Yong and Mr Norman Kok Chee Kieng handled the...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / postman delivery issue

Jun 30, 2019

Singapore Post (SingPost)I would like to feedback to Post Office to educate the Postman when they do delivery to the mail box for bulky item. Please inform them when placing the bulky items to do push to block the lock slider. I have an incident that I have a package and they push it to the lock slider and result...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / singpost speedpost

Jun 27, 2019

Tracking Number: XZ00002512003 Complaint Number: CAS-3246347-D1S4Q1 Experiencing extremely bad and terrible delivery services from Singpost Speedpost. I have purchased an Adidas product online and the company used Singapost Speedpost services to ship the parcel, I supposed to receive the...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / missing parcel xz00002455934

Jun 20, 2019

I am very upset and disappointed by singpost. I have a missing parcel which status was delivered with a signature on 25th may. I contacted singpost to say i did not receive it. Your staff came to get a signature from me. Suddenly the sender contacts me and says this: Singpost informed that the...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / parcels/letters wrongly delivered for couple of times

Jun 19, 2019

Hi, this is to share my negative experience with one of your SingPost postman on duty at blk 492 Admiralty Link. Ever since he was stationed there (the one before him I never had any problems with fyi), my parcels have been wrongly delivered to other units for about 3-4 times already thi...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / failure to receive mails

Jun 14, 2019

We, Transcend Marine Pte Ltd are not receiving mails in our letter box which is clearly indicated #16-02 A. We moved to this new office in October 2018 and from that time we haven't received any mails in our letter box. One time, we are surprised to see our letters wrongly put in our...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / damaged package and damaged item inside the package

Jun 14, 2019

Singapore Post (SingPost)The package was damaged when I came to collect it from Singpost on 14 June 19. The item itself was found damaged when I opened the package. The item is an album box and it looks like it has been crushed by something heavy as the album box was slanted (kindly refer to the photo...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / please improve your service is really terrible. irregular delivery service and wrong address delivery

Jun 12, 2019

Please improve your service is really terrible. Every month we will have irregular mail delivery service. Example one week 5 days maybe 2 -3 days I will not received any single mail but on the 4th day a whole stack of letters will appear at my letter box when I look through these letter...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / registered mail

Jun 10, 2019

Singapore Post (SingPost)Waited at Letter/Parcel lane for rehistered mail. No one attended. When asked one of the staff for assistance. The staff directed to the other queue. Another walk in customer queue behind me was served i stead by another staff at the letter/parcel side. Poor communication among your staff. If...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / dropped wrongly from other units to my mailbox

Jun 08, 2019

Singapore Post (SingPost)Had opened up the letter box and saw one bundle of letter which tied up together with the rubber band. Brought home and realized there is only two letters belong to me and the rest are belong to my neighbors of the whole building. I wonder which postman provides such a service and aspect me...

Singapore Post (SingPost) / lost my parcel!

May 29, 2019

Singapore Post (SingPost)Sender had shipped my parcel on 16/5/2019. Till today (30 May), I still haven't received my parcel. Email Singpost customer service and the CS tell me I should use their RA service. What utter rubbish. The parcel was posted to me within Singapore on 2019-05-16, till today, I did not...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / return international post immediately to sender when failed to deliver, need to pay $21.4 to retrieve

May 29, 2019

Singapore Post (SingPost)I have a tracking post from Malaysia which was sent on 3rd May, it reached to SingPost on 25 May, however, SingPost only to deliver the item on 28 May. The item was sending to my office address. Unfortunately we have moved office to upper units of the same building a few days before, but...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / did not receive the item

May 29, 2019

i bought something through carousell and the seller have shown proof of sending the item around 15th of May, it have been 9 working days and i have yet to receive it. :< but i need the item urgently && i regret opting for normal postage instead of registered because its my first time...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / package delivery

May 28, 2019

I have received numerous Delivery Notification to say that no one is home. I always have someone at home. Either the postman have no idea how to use the doorbell or he can't be bother to deliver the parcel upstairs. I reside in Scotts 28, Unit 11-01. It is extremely inconvenient that I...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / delivery man

May 28, 2019

Dear Sir Your Sing Post delivery man rang my door bell twice today at 2pm and again at 6pm, and both times he did not turn up at my door step. He woke up my baby during the intercom at 2pm. I do not understand why is he ringing my door bell if there is no parcel delivery. Is it because he...

Singapore Post (SingPost) / poor customer service conduct

May 18, 2019

Hi, On 18 May 2019, roughly around 12.40pm I went over to the Serangoon Central post office branch to collect my passport. Upon entering, I only saw 2 staff personal behind the counter, 1 mending the overall queue service and the other for package collection and sending. As usual during the...

Singapore Post (SingPost) / your mail delivery service is quite horrible

May 18, 2019

For the past few months now, my mail gets delivered to other addresses. In the past few months, our letters have been wrongly delivered to houses where fortunately friends of our live and we received the letters from them. Who knows how many letters that have gone elsewhere. The LAST STRAW...

Singapore Post (SingPost) / singpost parcel delivery

May 18, 2019

Hi, This is to share my negative experience with SingPost on their Parcel Delivery. Within the last few years, my parcels from overseas have been ending up with these steps; 1. Waiting at home for parcel with courier, as shown in tracking link 2. No delivery attempt made... 3...

Singpost / post out letter return to sender

May 15, 2019

SingpostHi singpost, this happen 2 times in a week. First case, last week we send a airmail letter out to japan with our own 4 x 9 envelope but the letter was return to our address complete with singpost acknowledgement chop second case, we send a local address letter to uob but was again...

Singapore Post (SingPost) / item not delivered

May 14, 2019

[CAS-3122257-F0S2Y8] CRM:[protected] Tracking Number: CC922055941SG I have shipped the item on 26-March-2019, As on today 14-may-2019 shipment has not delivered to our customer, I have submitted my complain with all necessary details on 26th April 2019 (1Month from the date of...

Singapore Post (SingPost) / letters being sent wrongly

May 07, 2019

My bill have been sent to late by singpost and I have been fine. When I call singpost, they tell me there is nothing they can do. Is it that everytime singpost lost my bill or sent my bill late, I just have to suck it up and just pay the fine when it is not even my fault. What are you...

[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost) / did not received my item!

May 02, 2019

The sender said they have send out since 1st April, claimed arrived in Singapore since 12th/ 13th April. The promise is to send within 5 working days. Yes I was away, but there is no sign of collection card, so till today 2nd May, no sign at all. I called several times said unable to...