Simmons Bedding Companynot even 2 years old and there are indents in the mattress

S Sep 08, 2018

We have purchased this mattress back in 2016 and had no problems until recently. On April 2018 we submitted a claim complaining about the grooves in the bed. It was denied as the indents didn't meet the requirements.

It is now September and my husband no longer sleeps in the king size bed that we had purchase as its too uncomfortable for him as he sinks into the mattress. I have rotated the mattress as much as I possibly can however, the indents are all over the mattress. I find it ridiculous that we spent so much money on a mattress in which Simmons claims "a good morning starts with a great night sleep" when my husband prefers his college mattress over a 1.5-year-old mattress.

The sales individual who helped us reassured us that this was a great mattress and that Simmons is a rewarding company, and yet as a consumer I am not happy and feel like she was trying to make your quota rather than care about her customers wellbeing. Doesn't that go against The Bricks Philosophy?

This mattress has a 10-year warranty on it, and it hasn't even been 2 years and I am already fed up with it. This issue needs to be handled now not when it reaches your unrealistic measurement of 1.2 inches.

I was in contact with Erik Sonstenes back in August 19, 2018. I have yet to hear back from him and he hasn't returned my e-mails. I need a new mattress, this is ridiculous.

Don't purchase their mattress!!!

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