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These people are the worst!! They have harassed people I work with, asking for all types of information about me from them. They pretend to be a family member telling whoever answers the phone that it's an emergency that they speak to me. Personal phone calls at work are really not allowed. I work for a very busy doctors office. What I like to know is why they are allowed to do this?


they call constantly even though they have the wrong name/number. I filed police reports and they still call. They are very rude and tell me I am actually someone who I am not.

Bad customer service

I made a settlement with SIMMS associates which is the collection agency for HSBC auto loans for a truck that Hsbc repossessed( wife had lost job in bad economy). They sold the truck at auction and billed me for the difference. I was made an offer by SIMM associates to settle. I paid the settlement in 4 payments starting in Aug 2009 and ending in Oct. 2009. I have a letter from SIMM stating the account was paid in full.I also have copies of bank drafts from Bank of America showing the 4 payments.SIMM acknowledges the settlement was paid in full. In early 2010, I recieved a letter from Santander that my loan was no longer in the hands of HSBC.HSBC auto loans was sold to Santander. In March 2010, I contacted SIMM about the problem. They said they would handle it. Three weeks ago I got a letter from Santander about my Loan. I have been corresponding with SIMM and Santander almost daily for the last 2 weeks.For 13 months I have been trying to get this off my credit. Santander refuses to acknowledge payments to HSBC by SIMM. I have pages of documented phone calls to SIMM and Santander. Still unresolved Since Oct. 2009. What should I do now?

Shaddy crooks

I was contacted by Tammy from this company in July. Of course it took a few phone calls for me to even know who they were because they don't tell you nor have they sent any documentation regarding my debt. Tammy left me a message which I promptly returned but even though I dialed her extension I was sent to Denise (I now am realizing they change their extensions quite often to most likely avoid certain people). Denise told me Tammy wasn't there but she could set up payments for a credit card bill which I was fine with. She told me that my initial payment must be for $100.00 plus a $9.95 processing fee. After that I would be able to mail $50.00 to avoid the $9.95 fee to arrive by the date of my choice. I chose the 30th of every month. We then ended the call. A week later Tammy called me to ask me about my account and wanted to set up more payments with me after the initial $109.95 was taken out of my account. I told her I had already done so with Denise and explained what we had set up. She told me Denise should not have done that and I wasn't allowed to mail in payments and that I have to have the $100.00 plus the $9.95 taken out every month. So I said fine. I still assumed they were coming out the 30th every month and Tammy made no mention of changing the date just the amount. I also mentioned to her that I still haven't received any documentation aboutmy debt or their company, to which she mumbled something about them being a new company (which I now know was a lie).

The next month came and I went to my bank on the 29th to deposit the money to come out the following day and came to find out they had taken the money on the 27th. I didn't have the $ in there and my bank paid it and charged me a $33.00 fee. I called SIMMS where I talked to Alex Richmond because once again when I dial Tammy's extension it sends me to someone else because they change their extensions so often. He tells me he is actually the person that handles these situations so he is glad he got my call. He is very nice and helpful and has me email him proof of my bank charge because he would like to rectify the situation and they are willing to take responsibility for their mistake and he will call me back in about a half hour after reviewing my case. Hour goes by and I finally am able to reach him. He tells me he has reviewed everything and talked to Tammy and they are going to refund the $33.00 to my bank account within 1-2 days. This was on Aug 30th and it is now Sept 14th and I still have not received my refund. I have left many messages for Alex because of course I'm sure he is screening his calls but he never returns them. I called this morning and low and behold his extension sends me to someone else who then sends me to his extension where I get his voicemail. I would call and speak to a manager but after reading all the complaints on this company I'm sure that would solve nothing. If they do not refund my money I will be sending them a letter telling them not to have any more communication with me. This is ridiculous, I don't even know how much is owed because they still have yet to send me documentation. They should not be allowed to operate like this.

Harassing phone call meant for former son-in-law

Simm Associates called my home phone and left a threatening message for my former son-in-law who lives 200 miles from us. When I angrily called the number back to tell them to never call us, the woman hung up on me because she said I was "talking over her". She thought it was OK to talk over me and didn't seem to see that leaving a harassing message on my phone was wrong. We have great credit and have no delinquent payments anywhere. I called the president of their "company" to tell him my number so they will not call me again. I am quite angry.

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Very rude rep.

I have been receiving calls from this company for a long time for someone I dont even know. I called and have asked to have my number removed many times and they still call. Today another call came and I missed it, this time they said "hi Rose we are looking for harry snead" so I called the woman back, curious as to how she got my name, and explained again that they had the wrong number and asked her how she got my name. Silly me its on my voicemail, but still, the representative asked me if I was bipolar!!! This company needs to seriously *** their employees.

Worst customer service

I currently work for simms and i have seen it all, to out of line managers to crazy company policys. they change things every week from one policy to the next just what ever makes them feel good that day . their managers all but a few get off on power tripping more than making money for the company, they dont value nor listen to their loyal and senior collectors, people who perform should be rewarded not unexprienced newbies that are coming in that dont know thier *** from a hole in a ground and as one manager stated are better because they sit down and shut up and do what they are told for less money, so basicly this means if u have put time into the company and money into it and get screwed over and over out of money u work hard for or set up on stategys devised to make u fell and speak up u are considered insubornate and on the chopping block who cares if u have been collecting for sometime and know how to do ur job well all things at simms is subject to change minute by minute and the managers and owners could care less about the individual collector just their pride and power tripping i will say this though the owner gregg he is sincere and does care but he gets snowed by his sons and managers and really has no idea what goes on so gregg please before its to late step up and get control back over your company because the *** below u are just that ***

Company refuses to stop phoning

Company refuses to stop phoning. Never leaves a message or call back number. calls come in from [protected].

I am reporting them to state and federal agencies.

the phone my residence as well as my cell phone and I am getting tired of it. According to Internet information, this is a collection agency located in Newark, DE and also calls folks trying to sell a strip-down and low end auto warranty. there are many complaints listed.