Shoprite HoldingsI was abused and harassed

V Sep 06, 2018

I was abused
I was at Shoprite in PE the Motherwell branch. I was so humiliated and thrown at the back office like i am a thief or what so ever. Two cashiers from money market didn't want to assist me they shout at me then after two securities came to me and grab me like infront of the staff amd customer's . However i was so humiliated and thrown at the back of the back wher they keep those who steal some things..the security opened my.bag i told him what do you want in my bag i didn't steal or anything from the store. Should uou not find anything that you looking for i you. Hr didnt even listen or care about that..i was harrassed by those two securities grabbing my by my clothes. No onr assisted me or try to say no stop. But they we're all over me. I was harrassed treated like a thief just because i.was fighting for service. The staff was so rude and arrogant towards me . Does that happen because I am black?? Shoprite Checkers must deal with money market staff and those two securites. I will sue shoprite for this incident. I was harrassed, being shouted. Those people abused me physically and emotionally. No such behavior or treatment must be given to any one regardless of who their are and the colour of their skin

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