Shoprite Checkersfake prices

K Jul 15, 2019

On the 13/07/2019 I went to ShopRite store at modjadji plaza _kgapane(bolobedu) to buy 1litre first choice vanilla custard, on the shelves priced 21.99 but on the tillpoints is 23.99 then I asked one of the staff supervisors then she replied that it's a mistake the real price is 23.99 not 21.99 and she apologise to me but today I went to the store again on the 15/07/2019 the price is still the same on the shelves 21.99.Now it's look like I was robbed my money and this is not good for customers.what if you can't read?I think cashiers of ShopRite at modjadji plaza are robbing customers to buy their lunch, if not so why are they faking prices.please get to the bottom of this.

fake prices
fake prices

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