Shoprite Checkersdisgraced and offended

B Jul 16, 2019

Bazeleacke Williams
Dear Reader
Hope that you are well.
As a client of your popular shop today I was deeply disgraced by your personal.
On the 07/07/19 05:20 I bought groceries of almost R2054 food and 2electronic goods a straightener and haidreyer was among the things I bought.
On Sunday I tried out my new blowdyer and find that it doesn't heat up the hair like its suppose to. I left it and used my usual old blower.
I send my father in-law to take it back to your branch Paarl Huguenot 02187753.
Where my father in-law took it to a Mr Shane Karkee he the spoke down on my father even leaving my father to stand and wait for him while he chit chat to other staff before returning to my father and informing him that maybe I'm putting the blow dryer on 1 and not 2 and that he can't return it.
My father then came home inform me about what happened. I then went to your shop and asked for the guy that spoked to my father Mr Shane Karkee the lady at the tilled called him 2times telling him a customer awaiting on him he now having a really dramatic attitude towards me.
I then inform him regarding what my father said, I told him I used a blow dryer per instructions and that the heat is not what it is he then put the dryer in the plug blowing his hand and then a Mr Dries NRL also now coming towards us asking me to relax they'll help me but he don't have any idea what happened now this Mr Shane Marked show him on his hand the heat and Mr Dries Nel now telling me (maybe you need to get a blow dryer for R1000 for better results) is this now how shoprite is degrading, female clients I feel offended by your staff.
If I wanted to buy a dryer for that price I would buy it but its not my first time buying Ottimo products from you.
I then ask Mr Dries Nel your email address where upon he said look on your shoprite bag there is a number numeral times I asked for email address because he don't know you shoprite head office email address is this the service you portray to clients.
I'm deeply deeply hurt an offended by your staff.

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