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I've ordered this item 2 weeks ago but a while ago I've decided yo cancel this order because after I've reviewed the seller's account I found out that theres no review of the item mentioned unlike with the others & afraid & thinking that this shop was a scammer but then this seller disputed my cancel request. I've decided to chat on him/her directly telling to grant my request & give my refund since I've paid already my transaction thru OTC payment but he/she told me that the item was in the transit already & sending me a link for me to be able to click to track my order but if I click it's a website link without security so I didn't proceed with the tracking whatsoever she/he telling me. I've canceled my refund request believing on him that my purchased item was on the transit like what he/she telling me but then I've just found out that the transaction has been completed already & stoled my money already & asking only for me to rate with the purchased item but wait how can I be able to rate his product without receiving any item from their shop my goodness!, I'm bot worried with the small amount I've paid to them but on their consience burning out into the hell everytime they scammed many people everyday. This was my first try out experience on shopee & by the way I've scammed twice not just once on shopee but luckily I've refunded my payment from the other one, thank God!
Bottom line is, yes I was scammed & so I've liked to shared it with you my vad experience on shopee to be aware of those fraud & scammers out there!


Oct 01, 2019

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