Shellshell cashier refused to call ambulance


One of my family member felt sick while she was driving home from work and stopped at shell gas station for help. This happened at Saturday, October 14, 2017 afternoons around 1 pm in Newmarket, Ontario at leslie & Greenlane. By the time she went into the station she was already having panick attack, and asked the cashier to call an ambulance for her. She was at the state when she was not able to dial her phone and the cashier refused to call the ambulance. One of the customer who was there at the moment called the ambulance for her because the customer realized that my family member is in a very bad state and can't breathe. The cashier was a middle aged women with long black hair, heavy accent, probably her name Vivien. But not totally sure about her name. Ambulance took my family member to the hospital by that time her face was totally purple due to the attack and not able to breath properly. I was shocked to learned that the cashier at the station refused to call for help. She said she can not make such a call. I would never imaged that such a thing can happen in Canada at a shell gas station. What a shame, that shell worker behaving like this when its emergency specially for a life of anothe human being. I'm writing my complain and I would like to talk to somebody about this. I would use other venues if nessessary. The worker should take responsibility for this act. Sincerely, Erika Horvath, email: [protected]

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