Shellextreme unethical behavior

B Aug 18, 2018

I have been a customer of the location at 3727 thousand oaks san antonio texas 78247 since it opened up several years ago. Since it's convenient to us being only a 1/4 of a mile away from my home. I usually go there aleast 4-5 times per week. I have never had any problems with any of the employees since they have all been friendly, courteous, and willing to greet you with a smile.
However there is one employee that you must know about and i'm pretty sure i'm not the first customer with a complaint about him. Unfortunately I don't know his name but he's the only black male employee iv'e seen there. He wears long dread locks and stands about 6'5". I have never complained about him before but this guy since he's been employed there has always been short with me, never saying" can I help you"or never even thanking me. It's as if he has a personal problem with me. This evening took the cake and all the icing!!! I walked into the store and laid a 20.00 bill on the counter and told him" 20.00 on #6. I was walking out of the store and just as I was about to exit he goes "are you going to put that 20 in my hand". At first I thought it was a joke. So I told him your telling me if I don't put that 20 in your hand your not going to sell me gas. He said no, he then told me to take my business somewhere else, that he's wasn't going to sell me gas. Then it really got out of control. He called me a [censored] [censored] and I went off on him. We started cusing each other out. Need less to say I should not have scooped down to his level but I was appalled by his behavior. I don't want anything but just to let this corporation know that an abusive employee works at this location and I will never return here and I will let everyone know of my horrible experience.

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