Everytime I go into this sheetz the workers are so rude. You can be standing there waiting to pay and they just look at me like I supposed to ring myself up. They are always talking about other customers and co-workers. They curse and carry on like they're not in a place of business. There is always people in there hanging out, I guess those people are their friends. When you ask for something behind the counter they act like your bothering them. What is wrong with these people?? If they don't like to work with the public then they should get a job elsewhere! Also I think sheetz should but the pants they wear and make them wear much more fitted clothes. Those pants are wwwaaayyyy to tight!!!


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      May 06, 2011

    I love at night when all the kids carry on, loudly and act like they are the hired entertainment. Ignore you and discuss their party plans. Love it.

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