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I frequently visit this Sheetz (553), almost daily. Every time I go through the drive thru and order a combo meal I never get asked what kind of drink I want. When you order a combo meal the pop-up screen says it comes with a drink of any size. My first time through the drive thru, the cashier asked me what kind of drink I'd like. Now every time I order and pull up to pay for my combo meal, the cashier never mentions the drink. I have to say, "but I got a drink with my combo meal." They will then say "no problem what would you like?" There is definitely a hiccup here. It's very frustrating not knowing if I need to say "I get a drink with my combo meal" when I pull up to the window. It is very awkward having to say that every time. This has happened to me more than 10 times. I assumed employees were unaccustomed to the offer. However tonight the manager was running the drive thru. She verbally stated my order when I drove up to the window which included the "BLT Combo". She took my Sheetz card and credit card, stated my total, and asked if I needed anything else. I replied no, I thought she was just making sure I ordered everything I wanted before she charged me. She ran my card and handed it back to me and left the window. Another lady with food prep gloves on eventually brought my food out and said thank you and started to shut the window. I had to stop her and awkwardly say "I never got my drink." What I find wrong is two things. The combo deal doesn't show the included drink on the receipt, so when they read the receipt to process the order they necessarily do not know you get a drink. Tonight the manager processed my order and should obviously know when she read the order back to me and stated "BLT combo deal" that I get a drink. Simply put, this is either corporate pushing their employees and store managers to not mention the drink with combo deals, or a store manager that doesn't know what she is selling or simply doesn't care. Put "combo deal + drink" on the receipt. Maybe this has gone on so long in an attempt to inconvenience the customer or possibly not have to provide a drink? This is an experienced manager and she has been around a long time. Why hasn't she solved this problem? This is the same manager that lets someone park a trailer for several days over the weekend towing 2+ other tractor trailer cabs beside this store's air pump and vacuum station. I visit this location enough to notice that the manager and the individual towing the trucks are very close and walk throughout the store together laughing (possibly family or an intimate relationship). This individual who tows the tractor trailers has come in before and asked around several paying customers until he found us and asked us to move our truck and trailer while we were eating on our very short lunch break so that he can park in his spot because "he's allowed to park and leave his tractor trailers there." We were happy to move initially because we try to please everyone. My father has been self-employed for over 30 years and has a very successful local business. After paying attention over the next few months we realized this guy is using a location designated for daily paying customers with tow-behind trailers or extra vehicles waiting to use the air pump or vacuum station for his own storage spot for several days (ex; Thursday, Friday, Saturday). One weekend while using the air pump, I had to avoid vehicles at the gas pumps, a vehicle parked at the vacuum, and moving traffic (both vehicles leaving parking spots and traffic circling the building) due to this individual parking his 3 or 4 tractor trailer cabs in the area that should be designated for people waiting on the air pump or paying customers. This individual has some kind of relationship with the store manager and has been given unrightful parking priviledges to store vehicles in a way that is hazardous and an annoyance to paying customers over an extended period. One night I sat at the drive thru for 30 minutes waiting on a salad I had order for my girlfriend's lunch the next day. An employee told me to pull up past the drive thru and she would bring it out. I am a quiet person and waited 30 minutes explaining to my girlfriend on the phone why I wasn't back yet. She had thought something happened to my vehicle or me. I should have went in after 10 minutes like most people but after 30 minutes, I finally couldn't wait longer and went in and calmly asked why I hadn't received my food yet. The store wasn't busy, it was later in the evening. The employee remembered me right away and said she would check on my food. She pulled the manager aside and they went into the back room. The manager looked at me and walked away. The employee apologized and gave me a coupon. The employee said the food had been ready but she didn't hear that it was ready. I said it was okay and thanked her. What bothers me is that this manager never approached me. She never once said sorry or even smiled to acknowledge me. She simply looked at me coming out of the back room and walked away. This same manager made me feel as if I inconvenienced her. I used to have a problem with the food service at this location being very very slow but it appears that that issue was resolved after an extended period of time. I am glad it was resolved as the area behind this Sheetz location is turning into a huge commercial complex, probably with over 1000 employees within walking distance, just off I-81, and a soon to be car dealership and medical building. Corporate may want to spend some time at this one...


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      Nov 17, 2017

    While I understand some of your frustrations, it seems like you have a more personal relationship with this manager than just as a customer. Additionally, please consider using spacing for new paragraphs in the future.

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