Sheetzdisrespectful manager/poor quality food


My finance and I went to the Sheetz close to my house. We ordered our food and went to the register to pay. Our cashier was an older caucasian woman. We cashed out and proceeded to pick up our food when the manager first accused us of not paying. He snatched the ticket out of my hand and starts to question me if I had paid. After I explained that we did indeed pay he started to act very short tempered and proceed to walk to the cashier and yell at her. Saying that she has to mark the ticket because they can't tell if we paid. My finace followed behind him stating that the cashier he yelled at was not our cashier. He did not apologize nor find the other cashier to explain the need to mark tickets. This was the worst and most disrespectful display of leadership. Also we ordered a breakfast pizza and the dough was not completely cooked. That made the pizza not edible.

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