Shaw'scustomer service

S Jul 23, 2019

First of all, not too many grocery stores open their service desk at 9am. Pretty late if u ask me. 90 percent stores are 7 am to 8 am.

Second of all I went into Shaws Franklin Mass this morning for refund of an overcharge item. I normally let it slide, but it was 2.50 and I thought it was worth going back for that. I waited ten minutes for service desk to open at 9am. I was waited on by the a most rude young man. It was horrible. I showed him my receipt and I got a sorry it rang up correctly, then walking away and ignoring me. I said excuse me could you look at receipt again, I got a you are not owed refund. I then said could I speak with manager, he called someone out from back office. I explained my situation to her, she reviewed receipt and told young man I was owed 2.50. He was not happy and said she is not owed it, she said yes she is. He proceeded to get the 2.50 from register slammed it on the counter and walked away. No thank you, no sorry, no communication what so ever. I raised my voice a bit and said thank you to you also. He is young and learning but with an attitude like that he should not be on customer service

Susan Cowell
I endured the mess while they were remodeling, because I enjoy shopping there, but that certainly put a sour taste in my mouth
I never complain about anything. People have to learn a job, but today was horrible experience

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