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V Aug 15, 2018

One of the Shaw representative visited our office in Surrey. He told us to upgrade the internet plan by paying $3 extra per month. As we were looking for an upgrade we verbally agreed and ask that Shaw representative to process the upgrade; As during the conversation he never mentioned that there will be a new 5 year contract; which we never wanted to sign as we want to run on monthly basis. Later we emailed him to inquire if there is no new contract; he replied to all our questions but never responded about the contract; we have all the emails in our inbox as a proof. Later he sent a document for e signature on the email and as per the constant running conversation and being in his good faith we signed the document as there was in our mind that there is no new contract and we got a deal being a valued customer of Shaw for a period of time now. We were unaware that the document included the new contract. The guy misguided us since the first conversation and never gave the full information. We were unaware about the contract even after we received a call from Shaw to setup the new system in our office.

One of our office representative called Shaw to know all the details about the new plan and everything related to the plan to keep it our records; then we got to know there is a new contract which we signed unwillingly and unknowingly. This situation made us feel bad that we never wanted to sign a contract and trusting #Shaw and its representative was a mistake. Later we contacted the same representative to get the details; he replied and said that he never misguided with any details and to cancel the contract we have to pay PENALTY which is [half the bill amount x no. of months] which made the situation even worse. Prior to that we keep on emailing him to resolve this issue; then he stopped replying to our emails and started ignoring our phone calls. To get a solution to this problem we tried to call the loyalty department; they simply said that they have emailed him to resolve this issue as a priority and also to his direct manager and they will contact us in 2 working days. Its more than 2 weeks now and we didn't get any response. In this time we tried to contact Shaw and the representative who cheated us but there is no response. The services are not started yet as we refused to start until the problem is solved.
With my experience with SHAW, I will never recommend anyone to sign up with SHAW. This was my worst experience ever.

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