Sharaf dg / unethical behaviour.

Dear Mr/Mrs:

On date 4/3/2019 we bought a laptop model (Lenovo IdeaPad 330 laptop core i7 1.8GHZ 4GB 2TB 4GB DOS 15.6 inch FHD Platinum Grey) from the sales representative MR Ahmed Samih ID no.[protected] at Sharaf DG Egypt branch who didn't check the laptop in the store before we left and he told us that we can exchange the laptop within 14 days if there's anything wrong with the laptop.

Afterwards, we recognized just after unsealing the laptop box that there's a problem with the touch pad, which is that it looks very loose, therefore we went to the store to check with MR karim Mosaad Customer care executive ID no. [protected] and MR Ibrahim Bahaa team leader of customer care service ID no. [protected].

Then, we carried out a comparison with another laptop of the same model and we found out that our touchpad is actually tremendously loose unlike the others. However, the reaction of the customer service was unpleasant as they refused to exchange the laptop within the duration of exchange period.
They insisted to make a technical report from Lenovo Company in order to make the decision
Therefore, we made a complain at the store customer care ticket ID no. 44861 on date 7/3/2019. On Date 12/3/2019 the store contacted us for receiving our laptop without exchanging it or fixing the problem mentioned and this is because the Lenovo support didn't recognize the loosely touchpad.

On the other hand, we discussed the issue with Mr Mohamed Hamdy the assistant manager of the store ID no. 1500008 and the branch manager who didn't even care to come and discuss with us the problem he is called MR Mansour Gaber ID no. 1500006. Mr Mohamed Hamdy told us that he is unable exchange the laptop and he didn't even care about our complain to the central management in Dubai. Therefore, we are introducing our complain about this issue despite their uncaring behavior in Egypt Branch and this behavior would have an enormous impact on your brand's reputation and affect the future customers who would be willing to purchase from your store.

Finally, I hope you would take this situation in your consideration and apply the customer satisfaction rules and to have an impact on your fellow workers to help us in solving this problem.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Eman Samir Mohamed.

Sharaf dg

Mar 12, 2019

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