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A Oct 03, 2019

I purchased 2 Fossil Smartwatches online through Sharaf DG in May and my troubles started then. Both were purchased to be gifted and upon seeing delivery within 5-7 Business days on the site.

Product Delivery - Even after 7 days i did not receive any confirmation email on the shipping or delivery dates. I Kept following up with them through their customer care number as well chatted with them online regarding the same. No News or updates ; all they could tell me was somebody from concerned department will get in touch with me. Finally after about 10 or so days i get a call from the customer care department telling me one watch was not in stock and if i could confirm another model for them via email. This was done the same day and after that it still took them about another 2 weeks to deliver the products by which time my idea of gifting these watches couldn't be done.

Product - Once it was delivered i realized that the watch which they replaced since the original requested one was not available was a piece that was probably used as display piece before since it already data configured on the phone.

Since the phone appeared to be in new condition despite the configured data i went ahead and gifted it.

After 2 months of using the watch, the back panel of the watch came undone. We could see some sort of sticky substance around the panel ( almost like glue). We immediately took the watch to the nearest store and handed it over to the customer care person, who without even looking at the problem said the watch was thrown down and it will not be covered in warranty. I was obviously surprised that this man had such great powers of deduction that even without looking at the product(On which there no scratches at all) he decides that it was thrown down.

Anyways the watch was accepted by them, and warranty was issued and i was told that i will get it back within 10-15 days. This happened on 31st August 2019. Today is the 3rd of October and i have not received any calls from Sharaf DG.

I chatted with them online 2 weeks back, they promised i will get a call within 24 hours... no call. My husband called them on the customer care number given last week and he was informed that they will escalate that issue and get back to him in 24 hours.. till now nothing.

I really have no idea why such a reputed company is so shabby in its customer service and response levels. We have asked them for a full refund as they haven't even had the decency to contact us even after a month.

As a consumer i believe UAE consumer protection laws covers our rights to at least have a proper communication channel in place.

The irony is that we have no complaints with the other watch (same model) that was purchased at the same time.

Sharaf DG absolutely does not care to keep contact after sales/during delivery/post sales service. No courtesy to even update the customer on the status . Its amazing how every customer care executive you speak to has only one thing to say... " Im not from the concerned department, i will escalate the issue to the team and somebody will contact you in 24 hours"

Sharaf DG will definitely loose customers if this the way they treat them. Me and my immediately family of 23 people for one will definitely not buy anything else from them no matter what deals they bring out.

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