Serta South AfricaWorlds WORST mattress


On 18 October 2010 we bought a king size Serta bed from Home Corp in Boksburg, in just a few weeks the whole inner support of the mattress collapsed, on 28 Feb I called Home Corp and asked what can be done about this issue, as you DON'T spend R4000 on a bed only to have it collapsed in 4 months time. When you buy 'the world's best mattress' you surely expect some level of truth in their slogan????

After numerous calls 4 days in a row, someone from Serta finally phoned us back, 2 weeks later they sent out someone to 'inspect' the bed, after being promised a call the same day we only heard from them the following week, at first they wanted to collect the mattress and reinforce it, which is totally ridiculous after just 4 months of use!!! We demanded a new mattress and said to them that we want our money back if they are not going to replace out mattress!!!

Today, 25 March 2011, A MONTH AFTER MY FIRST CALL TO HOME CORP, they finally phoned us back!!! What do they want to know?????? What my husbands weight is!!! What kind of question is that???? Well he weighs 90kg, I weigh 60kg, BOTH SIDES OF THE MATTRESS COLLAPSED!!! This is absolutely ABSURD!!!

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