Sertaserta fusion model blue 500x5 hybrid model # [protected]

C Sep 27, 2019

This is the second mattress that we had to complain about for this order. the first mattress was replaced because your man said it was defective. This mattress is on an Angle Ergo Motion Frame. When I raise the bed it bunches up in the middle in several places and makes it very difficult to sleep on. I wake up every morning with a very sore back and it takes me awhile of stretching to get rid of the pain. We had not slept on the mattress all this time we have owned it. My husband was in home hospice and he slept on a hospital bed in the family room and I slept on the couch for a while. I hate this mattress it is not like our other mattresses that we had before that were also on adjustable beds. It is so uncomfortable. It bunches up in several places not just one place and hit me in several parts of my back.

I called in several days ago and the man said he would send me out a complaint form, I never received it, I have a picture of the tag that he asked me to take and I can take more pictures of the mattress itself. but I need a phone number to send them to. That is the only way I know how to send them. The first time I called about the first mattress you took the information over the phone and there was someone out here in a few days. I just can't sleep on tis one anymore.

I have the receipt and we purchased it from Colders on June 23rd 2018. We also purchased one for our grand daughter a few months later and hers is just fine

Pauline Parker [protected] Name on the bill is Chester Parker

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