Serta Perfect DayDefect


We had been using a Serta Perfect Sleeper for about 18 years and decided to get a new set. After spending a few thousand dollars on furniture, the salesman turned us over to a man in the mattress dept. (who didn't get credit for the sale) and we decided on another Perfect Sleeper. The mattress was delivered, installed with new frame and box springs. Our old set was set up in our guest room. Prior to a compression fracture of my back (end of Feb. 2011) we had used the bed about 10 months because of vacations and cruises. I was finally able to sleep on the bed in April of 2011 and every morning I got up with an aching back. I had many series of physical therapy with a trainer but it took a few weeks of massage to help relieve my back. But in a few days my back trouble was back again. Two weeks in HI in Oct. '11 and a month in Mar. '12 gave me no problem. About a month ago I finally said enough is enough and I spent a night on our 20 yr. old bed an woke up the next morning with no aches or pain. Two more night were great. One night on the new bed and the pain was back. My wife, whose has had a bad back for 50 yrs. took a nap on my side of the bed, and guess what?. Yes, her back was hurting enough she had to take pain pills. Since then we have been sleeping in the guest room. No problems. An inspector said that one side sagged an inch and the 'good' side 1/2 inch. We discoverd that we had a 'Serta Perfect Day' not 'Sleeper'. The bad side bulges out about 1 1/2 inches from the welting and the good side is 1/2 inch inside the welting. Macy's customer service says the bulge is from sitting on the side of the bed for 'hours'. With my bad aching back I can't wait to get to a firm chair. I wish we had read Consumer Reports on bedding.


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