Sergeant's Pet Care Products Complaints & Reviews

Sergeant's Pet Care Products / sergeant's silver flea control for cats (3 pack)

Aug 30, 2019

A couple days after putting this product on my cats... I noticed hair missing from the area and it had burned & scabbed their skin. So now, each will be taken to the vet to make sure they will be ok. I wish I woul have researched it more thoroghly - from the looks of it, there are...

Sergeant's Pet Care Products, Inc. / dual action flea & tick collar for cats

Aug 19, 2019

Dear Sir? Ma'am, The following writing is my review of Sergeant's Dual Action Flea & Tick collar for cats. I am putting my review everywhere online. Please read on. It's self-explanatory. Thank you! David J. Luy I just adopted a stray wildcat. He's beautiful! I...

Sergeant's Pet Care Products / sergeants flea and tick

Oct 25, 2018

10/24/18 we applied the oil as directed on the box at 9 pm 5:30 am I found our little kitty1 1/2year old and her mother 3yrs old having what appeared to be seizures. they were taken to the vet after being there several hours the vet called to tell us she was critical and needed to be...

Sergeant's Pet Care Products / sentry pro xfc flea and tick

Apr 20, 2017

Within one week, we have had two known severe reactions to Sentry Flea and Tick medication. This is the medication that is applied once a month to the back of your pet's neck to kill fleas and ticks. My daughter and her husband applied Sentry to their Golden Retriever about one week...

Sergeant's / Severe side effects/complications

Nov 25, 2016

Sergeant'sWe purchased Sentry Pro XFT and my sister, who is a vet tech, applied it to 2 of our dogs. (We rescued a puppy, who had fleas.) Within 5 hours, my male dog was growling. He was by my feet. I looked down to see what was wrong. He was air scratching, had tremors, was shaking like he was wet...

Sergeant's / Sergeant gold flea and tick squeeze on medication

Mar 24, 2016

I bought this product a while back and raleys. At the time I wasn't in need of it but thought I will need some ones spring comes. I put the first dose on them about a month ago, neither had fleas or bugs on them at the time. My large dog started itching and scratching like crazy. She ha...

Sergeant's / Flea and tick shampoo

Nov 23, 2015

I am just heartbroken, after giving our 6 year old Tiny Toy Poodle a flea bath with sargents flea and tick shampoo, our sweet Millie started having seizures and died. She was perfectly normal with no medical issues until I gave her a bath in this stuff. My poor husband, this happened on...

Sergeants / Sentry Pro XFT

Nov 23, 2015

SergeantsOn the morning of 11/12/2015 @11:47 hrs, I stopped by PetSmart #0373 in Silverdale, WA to purchase the Frontline Flea & Tick shampoo that I normally have used in the past. On this particular day, the Frontline brand was out of stock at the store, so the clerk there recommended the...

Sergeants / Bensect Flea Drops / Dangerous

Mar 25, 2015

Unfortunately my daughter and son did not know, and I found this site and information too late, but no one should use these over the counter products, the risks, and the distress and trauma caused on the our pets and families are not worth it. For a cheap price it turned our lives upside...

Sergeant's Flea & Tick / Hurt My Dog!

Oct 14, 2014

I too, just had a terrible experience. I put the flea and tick medicine on my dog as directed noticed that he was very agitated about 2 hours later so I gave him a bath with his normal doggy shampoo to get the medicine off because he is a normally, very healthy dog so figured that it had...

Sergeant's Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze On / Sergeant's Gold is POISON!

Sep 23, 2014

HORRIBLE PRODUCT. Made my Cat Very sick and caused LIVER PROBLEMS, weight loss, lack of appetite and vomiting. This is a Horrible Product made by a Horrible Company. Please read all Internet reviews before using this product! After Applying Sergeant's Gold as instructed, my cat...

Sergeant's Flea And Tick Spray For Cats / Deadly Almost Killed My Cat

Sep 10, 2014

In February 2014, I used Sergeant's Flea and Tick Spray on my 5 year old female Ragdoll cat, named Anya. I carefully read the instructions on how to use this product. It said to leave it on your cat's coat until it dries, so I did. That night Anya had became super ill and vomited...

Sergeant Bansect / Complaint

Jun 15, 2014

May 24th/2014, there was a video posted on facebook of a cat having violent seizures from the anti-flea/tic medicine: 'Sergeant Bansect'; it was absolutely DISGRACEFUL and HEARTBREAKING to watch this poor innocent animal, shake and twitch constantly, -fearing its life (eventually...

Sergeants Flea & Tick Drops / death of a family member


Approximately 5 days after applying this flea med. to our 9 month old Siberian husky, he died. Symptoms started w in hours of applying the med. he was throwing up and had diarrhea. we had no idea that a med intended for our pet could be so harmful.We thought maybe he had some candy it wa...

Sergeant Flea And Tick Drops / Almost killed my poor dog


On September 20 at 8PM at night I put Sergeant Flea and tick drops on my sweet Michaela. She immediately started to go crazy, yelping and trying to rub off this god awful product. One hour later I bathed her trying to get it off. She slept in my bed with me very uncomfortable, licking and...

Sergeants Gold Squeeze For Cats &kittens Over 5 Lbs. / 2 cats


I bought sergeants gold squeeze for cats and kittens over 5 lbs. I used it properly and within minutes my cats reacted in a way that scared me so much that I stayed up with them practically all night. They had what seemed like nerve damage to their rear quarters. They began to breath very...

Sergeant's Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze On For Dogs / My dog had a bad reaction


We just spent a sleepless night with my dog, a 3-year-old, 25-pound Schipperke mix. I had missed a dose of his monthly medication to prevent fleas and he had an infestation. After trying some natural sprays to relieve his itching, I finally gave in and decided to try something stronger. I...

Sergeant's Gold / Sergeant's Gold Squeeze-on


I brough Sergeant's Gold Squeeze- on . For my Cats, My frist just was verysick, But my Second Cat got really sick . She started like she was have a heart attack, shakeing and like she can not see, I what is happen, So I went to pick her, She turn and attack me, Her eye where very...

Sergeants Silver Tick Protection / DANGEROUS


I gave my Pug Sergeants Silver Tick medicine and he damn near died ! He started salivating within an hour and scratching uncontrolably and kept biting/licking his paws, on top of acting "j erky " w/ body movements. After a half day of this ( as once and awhile he actually acted normal ), I...

Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley / Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley kills black man


White racist Queensland corrupt cop Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley kicked to death black man Cameron Doomadgee while he had Doomadgee shackled and helpless in a jail on Palm Island. The Palm Island jail is for unfortunate blacks and is run by racist white Queensland cops READ MORE HERE

Sergeants Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze-on For Dogs / made my dog very sick


We bought this product after finding a flea on our female boxer. We gave the treatment to two of our three boxers and they became sick and threw up during the night. When we got up the next morning, the female was still sick to her stomache, and our two year old male was so sick that he...

Sergeants Silver Flea And Tick Squeeze On For Dogs 9-20 Lbs / toxic medication


To make a long story short I gave my dog Sergeants silver flea and tick squeeze on for dogs nov 8 2009 at noon. He started to scratch but I thought it was just the fleas biting before they died. It continued throughout the day and got worse. So i bathed him thinking maybe he had an...

Sergeant Gold Flea Control / Making dog vomit and foam


We have a 1 year old chihuahua and 30 minutes after taking sergeants flea control she started vomiting, and pacing, and acting like shes never acted before .. she vomited once and also foams at the mouth, what can we do, right now the vet is closed, thank you

Sergeant's Gold Flea And Tick Carpet Powder / puppy sick


I used Sergeant's Flea and Tick Carpet powder. Sprinkled, broomed, then vacuumed per instructions. Actually, instructions say for best results leave on carpet for 24 hours. Wait til dust settles after brooming before allowing pets into room. But we vacuumed right away. 4 hours later...

Hartz Mountain/sergeants / Flea & Tick Powder Caused Kidney Failure in 5 Year Old Cat


In early April of 2009, I applied Sergeants Flea & Tick Powder to my 5 year old Tabby, Oliver. A couple days following, I noticed that he was having muscle spams. When I took him to the vet, I was asked if I had applied any topical powder to him and was then told that Permethrin-- one of...

Sergeant's Gold Flea And Tick Squeeze On For Dogs / Poisoning - Toxic Reaction


All 3 of my dogs have had reactions to this product, i.e., skin burning and infection on site of application, agitation, vomiting, diarhea, foaming at mouth, drooling, neurological ticks, etc. My 3rd smaller dog had a more severe reaction and needed emergency care. There's no way to...

Sergeant's Gold Flea And Tick Drops / Poisoned My Dog


I've used the Sergeant's and Hartz products on my pets for years. I never thought to question their safey because they are approved by the EPA and available over the counter in grocery stores. Of course I realized this type of product was a pesticide with dire warnings on the...

Sergeant's Gold Flea & Tick / CRAP and WILL HURT YOUR DOG!!!!


LISTEN. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT BUY THIS FOR YOUR DOG!!! DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT!!! This stuff is soooo bad even the 1-800 number for ER calls is not their company!!! THIS STUFF SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS and is very very very very very harmful to your dog, maltest, cockers, and kind of dog this is NOT...

Sergeant's Gold Flea & Tick Sqsueeze-on For Dog / Made my dog very sick


I gave my dog Princess, (a 9-month old 5-pound female Maltese) a bath and noticed she had a few fleas. I picked off the few I found on her and decided before it got bad to buy this flea medication. I went to the store and bought this medication thinking it would be ok for her...boy, was I...

Sergeant's Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze-on For Dogs / Bad reaction


We applied this product to our dog as directed. After 20 minutes, our dog acted crazy. She was in severe pain all night. She ran a fever. We washed off the product immediately but that did not help. She did not get any sleep, nor did we - she kept crying all night. This product should not...

Sergeants Gold Flea And Tick / Sergeants Gold Flea andTick


had to take my dog Linden to the emergency vet on Saturday night – then to another vet (The Marina Animal Clinic) on Sunday. I put some sergeants GOLD flea and tick on him Saturday morning (I bought at Wal-mart) and apparently vets and consumers are trying to get it off the shelf. I...

Sergeant's Gold Flea And Tick / Horrible problems to our dog


After applying the product to our dog the way the instructions said to, our dog started to have a reaction. He was twitching all over, and salivating profusely. He was running around and seemed to have trouble with his back legs almost like he lost control of them. He could not sit still...

Sergeants Flea Control / Poison - it kills pets


Don, t know where the company is - but known worldwhide - but sergeants flea control nearly killed my little dog - it is poison and kills very painfully and sureley. My vet tells me there are many cases like this but most are not so lucky like little spicky - after treatment and a bath in...