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Sep 13, 2020

Sergeant's Pet Care Products — Cat flea collar

Purchased this collar for our cats 1 is 1 yr the other 8 months old. Our 1 yr old has been sleeping a lot and...

Sergeant's Pet Care ProductsFlea collar for cat

I brought your sergeant flee collar at Dollar general three weeks late I took him to the veteran he lasted 3 days and he died it cost me 256.00 from the veteran. He started out licking him self and two days later he kept sleeping in then he stop eating and Drinking the next day You know that flee collar is to strong you should weaken it more for cats and dog

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    Sergeant's Pet Care Productsflea collars

    I purchased a flea collar for my dog and my cat" dual action flea & tick collar II. The pets have been wearing the collars for 4 weeks. These collars DO NOT WORK. My poor pets are still being terrorised by fleas. The collars smell wonderful but DO NOT WORK. I'm on a fixed income and feel the $10 I spent on the collars, which was all I could afford, was completely wasted. I'll have to wait till next month to buy Advantix. Meanwhile I must watch my pets suffer. I'll never buy sargents products again.

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      Sergeant's Pet Care Productssergeant's silver flea control for cats (3 pack)

      A couple days after putting this product on my cats... I noticed hair missing from the area and it had burned & scabbed their skin.
      So now, each will be taken to the vet to make sure they will be ok.

      I wish I woul have researched it more thoroghly - from the looks of it, there are several complaints against thes products so why aren't they banned and not on the market if they are not safe for pets.

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        Sergeant's Pet Care Products, Inc.dual action flea & tick collar for cats

        Dear Sir? Ma'am,

        The following writing is my review of Sergeant's Dual Action Flea & Tick collar for cats. I am putting my review everywhere online. Please read on. It's self-explanatory. Thank you!

        David J. Luy

        I just adopted a stray wildcat. He's beautiful! I named him Timmy. So I am buying stuff to get him all fixed up. I went up to my local Dollar General store and bought my new cat a Sergeant's Dual Action flea & tick collar. When I got home I immediately put this Sergeant's flea and tick collar on a matter of minutes Timmy was acting strange and walking funny. I went online to research and read reviews on Sergeant's flea & tick collar for cats. I was getting real upset about the reviews I was reading. Reviews of Pet owners dogs and cats suffering from seizures, burns around neck, in some cases even death and the list goes on. I immediately took the Sergeants flea collar off of Timmy and I put it where it belongs. The trash!

        I cannot believe that our government lets pet companies sell dangerous products for our beloved pets. Perhaps that is why America ranks as the second country in the world for animal abuse. It all makes me sick! I am not going to take this experience lying down. I am going to research and find the important ones to complain about Sergeants. I am going to set the bar! I am going to raise the roof. I implore my fellow animal lovers to do the same. Raise the roof for the love of your pets. You all have computers? Use them!

        Fortunately I write politicians, professionals, etc.. on issues I think are important. I do a lot of online research and writing so I already know how to get people's attention. You all learn and do the same. I read a quote that said, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing". I plan on doing my part and I hope my fellow animal lovers feels the same way that I do. Outraged!

        May many blessing fall upon you all, your families, and your beloved pets.


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          Oct 25, 2018

          Sergeant's Pet Care Products — sergeant's flea and tick

          10/24/18 we applied the oil as directed on the box at 9 pm 5:30 am I found our little kitty1 1/2year old and...

          Sergeant's Pet Care Productssentry pro xfc flea and tick

          Within one week, we have had two known severe reactions to Sentry Flea and Tick medication. This is the medication that is applied once a month to the back of your pet's neck to kill fleas and ticks.

          My daughter and her husband applied Sentry to their Golden Retriever about one week ago. Within two days, the dog began scratching incessantly, shaking, and then developing a quarter size open sore approximately 3 inches from the application site. After an expensive trip to the Vet, they were told NOT TO USE THIS PRODUCT as it can be lethal to pets. Their dog was prescribed and antibiotic and steroid to diminish the symptoms.

          Before I knew that they had taken their dog to the Vet, we administered Sentry (bought and applied before knowing about my daughter's dogs diagnosis), to our lab. Within 12 hours, our dog was shaking his head and hears, shaking, and scratching non-stop. He began acting ill and not eating or drinking. Within 24 hours, he ALSO developed a sore approximately 3 inches from the application site. When I contacted my daughter, she informed me of their very similar experience with Sentry.

          I then googled "Sentry Flea and Tick" and found a huge number of complaints about the product from pet owners who had experienced many of the same symptoms...convulsions, tremors, lethargy, frothing, scratching, and neurological issues. Many of these people even lost their dog due to the medication's massive toxic side-effects.

          DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT! See your vet and only purchase from an experienced medical pet care provider. We have learned an important lesson and hope to get the word out there to those who love their pets like we do.

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            Sergeant's — Severe side effects/complications

            We purchased Sentry Pro XFT and my sister, who is a vet tech, applied it to 2 of our dogs. (We rescued a...

            Sergeant'sSergeant gold flea and tick squeeze on medication

            I bought this product a while back and raleys. At the time I wasn't in need of it but thought I will need some ones spring comes. I put the first dose on them about a month ago, neither had fleas or bugs on them at the time. My large dog started itching and scratching like crazy. She has some hair loss on her lower back and a small open sore . She also started to have a strange smell to her. I started to notice that she had a flea here and there so I gave her another dose 2 days ago and now she is itching and over night has 2 more sores on her body. I believe there is something way wrong with this medication. It has not prevented fleas at all. I believe cause of the sores and the rash it's attracting the bugs. I feel bad for her cause of what I put on her she is now suffering. I now have to take her to the vet to see if they can help me get her better. I wish now I would have not bought this over the counter. It's very bad for dogs. It's almost like it's burning her skin down to the flesh. This product needs to come off the shelf and not ever be sold again.

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              Sergeant's — Flea and tick shampoo

              I am just heartbroken, after giving our 6 year old Tiny Toy Poodle a flea bath with sargents flea and tick...

              Holly Springs

              SergeantsSentry Pro XFT

              On the morning of 11/12/2015 @11:47 hrs, I stopped by PetSmart #0373 in Silverdale, WA to purchase the Frontline Flea & Tick shampoo that I normally have used in the past. On this particular day, the Frontline brand was out of stock at the store, so the clerk there recommended the Sergeants Sentry Pro XFT Flea and Tick medication matched to the size of Sir Willie (24 lbs). The following day (11/13/15) at about 4:30 in the afternoon, I proceeded to apply the flea and tick killer to my dog. Almost immediately after application and rinse Sir Willie acted like his skin was chemically burned demonstrating extreme hyperactivity, rolling on the ground, scratching and unrelenting restlessness. His skin was bright red. This continued through the night and progressed to lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea and unable to eat. The following day, Sir Willie continued to vomit and could not hold any food down whatsoever clearly demonstrating that a toxin was in his system. At about 1:00 PM on 11/14/15, I called the toxicology hotline number listed on the box [protected]) and spoke to a technician there. She recommended that I wash Sir Willie with Dawn dish soap, apply vitamin E oil to his back and put chicken broth/tuna juice in his water for him to drink. For the call, I was given reference number 1720665. While Sir Willie did drink lots of the chicken broth water he could not hold it down for longer than 10 minutes or so. This dire situation continued through the night with Sir Willie becoming more dehydrated, lethargic, weak (could not stand) and experienced tremors. With panic at about 3:00 am on Sunday I took Sir Willie to the VCA Central Kitsap Animal Hospital in Silverdale, WA. Sir Willie was formally admitted to the hospital without challenge. I spoke to Dr. Addie McBane on duty and although highly professional she did not seemed to be too interested in the application of the Sentry Pro XFT medication as a toxin, but rather seemed to focused on the diabetic history of Sir Willie with his blood sugar and keytones being the main concerns. Sir Willie recently had a glucose curve test done at Banfield in Silverdale three weeks prior with the test results indicating acceptable. Sir Willie stayed at the animal hospital until the afternoon of 11/17/15 and was released to my care. Initially when we got home Sir Willie seemed to have his normal strength, urinated and attempted to eat the special dog food supplied by the hospital. Sir Willie seemed confused at his surroundings at least initially. Within a short time Sir Willie began to vomit again and could not hold anything down longer than 20 minutes or so. This condition continued during the night and the next day. On 11/18/15 Sir Willie still could not hold anything down the entire day, this seemed to lesson slightly at around noon with water being held down for about 30 minutes. Sir Willie would go outside during the day to urinate and would come back in and rest in his usual locations. At about 5:00 PM in the evening Sir Willie rapidly seemed to go downhill with increased vomiting, extreme weakness, could not stand up to be followed by three consecutive and full grand mall seizures around 7:30. With extreme anxiety and panic we put Sir Willie in his carrier and checked in again at the animal hospital in Silverdale, WA at about 10:00 PM. We spoke to Dr. Emily Saunders there who was very professional and courteous. Again I attempted to indicate that this seemed to be a poisoning with Dr. Saunders who did phone the toxicology hotline, which ultimately indicated a very unlikely chance that Sir Willie was under toxicological duress. Again the focus seemed to be on Sir Willies diabetic condition and during the discussion in the private room Sir Willie went into full cardiac arrest and died at 10:33 PM PST. In conclusion I do believe that Sir Willie experienced a violent reaction following the application of the Sergeants Sentry Pro XFT flea & tick medication which ultimately proved fatal to him. Clearly this was a toxic poison that systematically shut his kidneys/body down. In post research it was discovered that there are hundreds if not thousands of document cases of dog fatalities following the application of this medication. Although the medication is not recommended for cats there are many cases of fatality as well. Although Sir Willie did have diabetes, it was under full control. The flea and tick medication application resulted in the death of my pet, not his diabetic condition. Sir Willie was fine before the application and after which he could not recover.

              Sentry Pro XFT

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                Sergeants / Bansect Flea Drops — Dangerous

                Unfortunately my daughter and son did not know, and I found this site and information too late, but no one...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Sergeant's Flea & TickHurt My Dog!

                I too, just had a terrible experience. I put the flea and tick medicine on my dog as directed noticed that he was very agitated about 2 hours later so I gave him a bath with his normal doggy shampoo to get the medicine off because he is a normally, very healthy dog so figured that it had to be the only thing causing it. It didn't help. He didn't sleep all night because every time he laid down, his legs would spasm therefore I didn't sleep at all either because I felt I needed to monitor him. We went to the vet as soon as they opened. The vet said he believed it was the flea and tick medicine. He said to wash him with Dawn soap and gave him some anxiety medicine to help calm his spasms. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. I, too agree with Jonathan. It should be taken off the market. I contacted Meijer, where I bought it and they are going to investigate. I've contacted my lawyer, Sergeant's, the BBB, the attorney general and consumer affairs.

                Kelly from Sergeant keeps responding to posts. Kelly, your responses are crap. You are blaming it on combining flea shampoo's with your product and saying that caused the issue to a previous post I read. NOT. The lady clearly stated her dog went nuts AFTER she used Sergeant's product and BEFORE she tried washing it back off.

                In another response, you state the guy must've not used the product correctly. What?! We aren't stupid. It's a simple process. It's a complete lie that issues occur mostly due to operator error. Your product is dangerous!

                You also state that you do extensive testing of the product. I sure hope it's on people like you and not poor animals because it's a torturous product. When I called Sergeant to file a claim and for help with my dog's extreme discomfort, I was told the product kills cats and that it causes tingling and causes the fleas to bite like crazy for a while. What?! None of this is on the box. I would've never bought it because I have a cat that loves her dog brother and in no way do I want the fleas to bite my dog worse. AND...from watching my poor dog, it was NOT a tingling sensation, it was a miserable sensation.

                TAKE THIS PRODUCT AND OTHERS LIKE IT OFF THE MARKET! OUR PETS SHOULD'NT HAVE TO SUFFER BECAUSE SERGEANT WANTS TO MAKE MONEY! I WILL be pursuing this! I don't just want my money back. I want it OFF the market until it's safe. You guys TORTURED my dog for 20 hours! NO other product causes a "tingling" sensation. NO other product kills cats. NO other product causes the fleas to bite like crazy.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Sergeant's Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze On — Sergeant's Gold is POISON!

                  HORRIBLE PRODUCT. Made my Cat Very sick and caused LIVER PROBLEMS, weight loss, lack of appetite and...

                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Sergeant's Flea And Tick Spray For Cats — Deadly Almost Killed My Cat

                  In February 2014, I used Sergeant's Flea and Tick Spray on my 5 year old female Ragdoll cat, named Anya...

                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Sergeant Bansect — Complaint

                  May 24th/2014, there was a video posted on facebook of a cat having violent seizures from the anti-flea/tic...


                  Sergeants Flea & Tick Dropsdeath of a family member

                  Approximately 5 days after applying this flea med. to our 9 month old Siberian husky, he died. Symptoms started w in hours of applying the med. he was throwing up and had diarrhea. we had no idea that a med intended for our pet could be so harmful.We thought maybe he had some candy it was the day after Halloween/trick or treat. By day 3 he was extremely ill, drooling puking shaking seizure like activity. After looking on Internet and coming across the hundreds of stories this med has caused we tried save him. But to no avail. We lost our beautiful pet. I am outraged to know some of these stories go back to 2005 and this is still legally sold all over the USA. Someone has to do what is right and take it off the market. Put an end to this murdering poison.

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Sergeant Flea And Tick Drops — Almost killed my poor dog

                    On September 20 at 8PM at night I put Sergeant Flea and tick drops on my sweet Michaela. She immediately...

                    Pearl River

                    Sergeants Gold Squeeze For Cats &kittens Over 5 Lbs.2 cats

                    I bought sergeants gold squeeze for cats and kittens over 5 lbs. I used it properly and within minutes my cats reacted in a way that scared me so much that I stayed up with them practically all night. They had what seemed like nerve damage to their rear quarters. They began to breath very heavily and just act strange in general. Example, laying lethargically in places they never go to and seemed to be very sickly. I cannot believe that Sergeants can continue to sell this dangerous product. Please contact the stores you purchase this product from and warn them as to what this can do to your animal.

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                      • Jk
                        JKDE Jun 29, 2011
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        Read all the negative reviews of sergeants gold squeeze for cats and kittens at

                        That chemical can kill your cats.

                        Wash them quickly and only use flea and tick shampoo next time.

                        I hope they get better.

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                      Sergeant's Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze On For DogsMy dog had a bad reaction

                      We just spent a sleepless night with my dog, a 3-year-old, 25-pound Schipperke mix. I had missed a dose of his monthly medication to prevent fleas and he had an infestation. After trying some natural sprays to relieve his itching, I finally gave in and decided to try something stronger. I used Sergeant's Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze-On. Within 15 minutes, he was diving head first into any soft surface, rubbing his head, twitching, and drooling profusely. His scratching of the flea areas became more severe, and he could not go even 4-5 seconds without spinning in a circle on the floor, trying to bite the area of application.
                      My husband used colloidal oatmeal and plenty of rinsing, but the little guy was inconsolable and eventually started to wimper every time he had a spasm (the only other time I have seen him in this much pain was when he had open wounds on his belly with an allergic reaction to the balm the vet used to heal them). I went on the internet and discovered the Dawn dishsoap and Benadryl method, so I was off to the drug store at 2:30 am.
                      Until 5:30 am, the only thing that could keep him still and quiet was to be wedged against me in my bed with me petting his ribcage VERY firmly and rhythmically. At that time, he (and I, fortunately) was able to get a few minutes of sleep here and there.
                      Now, nearly 24 hours after application and 3 doses of Benadryl, he is beginning to be his old self. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!

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