Sephorawasn't treated fairly while applying for a job

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I went into Sephora today to apply for a job and left feeling awful about the experience. I'm a makeup artist and have been working as a makeup artist for a while now, so I meet pretty much any of the requirements that I felt they would want. I also know a few of the girls working at this location so I was feeling pretty good about going in there. When I went up to the cash desk to ask to speak to the hiring manager, the lady that was working there looked me up and down and then flat out told me to apply online because they don't take resumes in the store. I was about to mention I had a referral but she didn't let me get a word in. The tone she used while talking to me was very rude and then when she was done telling me I couldn't apply in the store she threw the slip of paper at me that had the address to apply on it and that was the end of our conversation. I feel like she could have been a bit nicer and actually let me get a word in edge wise but she made it seem like I was wasting her time. The way she looked at me when I went up to her made me feel like she was basing weather or not to take my resume simply by how I looked that day. I was told to bring my resume in by someone that works there so it just seemed off to me that she told me they never accept them. I'm just a little hurt by the whole experience and it's left me not wanting to work for that company anymore.


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      Aug 12, 2014

    There is a good possibility that the person that told you to bring your resume' in didn't know that they prefer online applications. Just because you are a MAKEUP ARTIST doesn't mean you are qualified to work there. IF anything you might be considered over qualified. Do they actually apply makeup there or just recommend certain products to the customer? You don't have to have experience as a makeup artist to do that. What was your appearance like the day you went in there, being you think that had something to do with the way the employee looked at you?

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  • J
      Aug 12, 2015

    Wow redhat, I'm wondering if perhaps you ARE the woman who was rude to OP, you certainly seem keen on justifying her actions... as for being overqualified, what a load of crap. They would be darn lucky to get a few real makeup artists who actually know what they are doing when they do makeovers for folks. I'm glad you didn't end up working there though OP, they don't deserve you-they arn't a good company and you are just one voice out of many to complain about sephora's business practices.

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