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Sephora - refused to issue refund

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This is a two pronged complaint against Sephora citing a behavioral pattern and a one time incident.

Sephora's return policy calls for returns within a 60 day window. Magically, they don't seem to process credits until the 61st day, at which point they issue only store credits not refunds to your credit card...hmmm. I know this because I started paying for returns using Delivery Confirmation which shows the exact date and time when returns are received at Sephora. Literally across the board this has happened a handful of times. I've had to send numerous requests for refunds rather than merchandise credits and provided the delivery confirmation information...FYI, this is a total hassle but has been worth far.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Sephora is now refusing to issue a refund or credit for a product I returned citing I had used too much of the product...nevermind their return policy doesn't state that condition anywhere, and nevermind the product had to be used as directed to determine whether or not it worked, and when it was clear it wasn't going to work for me I returned it. Yes, I had used it. No, I hadn't used all of it, in fact had used enough only for a month. The product wasn't an instant results product, so of course it took time to determine its viability. I have exchanged numerous e-mails with Sephora and am now awaiting the results of a formal comlaint I filed with the BBB. With every other company I have filed complaints against, the BBB has always helped to resolve a situation. The jury is still out with Sephora, but I'm hopeful. I encourage all of you to try the same and, in this way, perhaps we can effect a change where customer service issues and unfulfilled adherence to self named policies will be adjusted. This is quite plainly an unfair business practice and fraud. Just for fun, I may take it even further, but we'll see. Stay tuned!

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Jan 24, 2015 8:36 pm

I totally agree sephora has refused me a return as well with receipt. Saying that the item was from too long ago. Ok I have never had a problem before with that with proof of purchase. What use is the beauty insider bull they sign you up for. You can see all your transactions but this some how is considered non receipt return how are they getting away with making up the rules as they go

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Wow I had the same incident happened to me, not only did they refuse to refunded me, the manager rolled her eyes and laughed at me for returning something that was half empty...yeah it half empty because I used it and it didn't work so I want my money back. I will stick to buying my Nars makeup either from Nordstrom or Nars website.

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