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I have read many complaints and having experienced there customer service first hand I would never purchase another bed. The problem I had is that the plastic crossmembers can and will warp, their customer service team will tell you it is normal but that does not mean much when you are constantly being pulled to the center of the bed. I over came this by using steel croos bars placed under each plastic cross beam, it cost me a couple of hundred dollars but it solved the problem. Don't bother calling the factory for reimbursement, they know they make a sub standard product and do not care to fix it or make it known in their stores.


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    CCastro Feb 19, 2010

    I purchased this bed for about $3, 000 two years ago and already, the foam topper that sits above the air chamber has a large (approx. 10 inch long) hole in it and several smaller holes all over it. Also, the foam piece that sits between the two air chambers is compressed and so the middle of the bed has a sunken spot, which is very uncomforable. In addition, the display on the remote has already gone bad. First I went to the retail store to show them the pictures I took of the holes and brought the remote for replacement and they could not help me...they referred me to the 1800#. When I called, they would only cover a portion of the cost to replace these defective parts. I waited 7 weeks and the parts never showed up. When I finally called, they told me the order never processed and they had no reason why. They would not do anything to make up for this error, I asked if they could expedite the shipping, maybe 2-day FedEx and they said NO, they only use UPS Ground. I then asked if they could remove the $8.95 shipping cost from my bill, since in 7 weeks they never shipped it and they said NO. This is a terrible product with terrible customer service. When you open the bed and see the cheap parts (e.g., thin airy foam topper over vinyl air mattresses), it's clearly not worth the money. I do have pictures on my cell phone for proof if you need them. But I'm not sure what if anything can be done to help the situation. I just hope this spreads the word to others NOT to buy from this company.

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    no-thanks Mar 19, 2015
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    BEWARE" Won't Buy I'am very disturb on the amount of bad customer service for the amount of money spent up to $8, 000.00 a bed up to $24, 000.00 a lady bought 3- and they want her to pay shipping on now 3- motors that have gone bad? Beds ripping apart or Separating and then costumer service tells them is them that it their fault?- because she actually adjust the bed?... Beds deflating soon as they get set up and cant even sleep on them because of "No Air"- controller does not read the right number? taking weeks before someone can get out? The trickery of a frame that is not returnable? and lets not forget the people whos frame got put together wrong by company and know they have a crap frame they cant even return? and Sleep number does not care-I wonder how many other frames put together wrong and they Blame the customer? and if a frame get put together wrong it goes hand in hand it's going to ruin the mattress? and when you write a review the guy starts off- "Sorry send up the address the bed got delivered to??? Hmmmm? If you do return it you pay for the return and your stuck with a $2, 000.00 dollars hunk of crap metal -that might have been put together wrong and if you call customer service their rude? I was looking into purchasing this bed- BUT- sounds like I will have NIGHTMARES instead of Sweet Dreams! I want to know how the Sleep Number Company and people whom work for them can sleep at night!!! Knowing they are taking people for their money?

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