Sedgwick Claims Management Servicesshort term disability claim/appeal

K Jul 18, 2019

I began short term disability on May 5, 2019. All office notes were sent over after each office visit. I have been continuously contacted to send more information and promised that a decision would be made as soon as new office notes were received. I have called my case worker over and over and have been promised a decision would be made, but days and days turned into weeks. When a decision came, a month later, my claim was denied. I immediately appealed, although the appeal worker claimed that he didn't receive the claim until more than a week later. I have spoken to my appeal worker, his supervisor and all they can say is that they need more and more and more information from my provider. This is ridiculous. I am a single mom and have not received ANY form of pay since April 2019. HCA is paying for Sedgewick to pay out on short term disability claims and Sedgewick is deliberately not paying out on claims. I work in a medical office and we have never seen a short term disability claim take longer than a week to be settled. Employees deserve to be treated with respect and to have their claims taken seriously and settled in an efficient manner. This is a disservice to me and my family.

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