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Sedgwick Claims Management — unethical behavior

DOI: 04/16/16 Claim #[protected] Patient: Lynn Everitt Contact at Treating Facility: Sarah Detrick-...


Sedgewick Claims Management — failure of filing short term disability

I was diagnosed on September 14, 2016 with what has turned out to be a severe case of Bells Palsy. Since...


Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. — broken faucet and pipe damage occurring on 8/24/2016 by sears repairman

On 8/23/2016 a Sears repairman while working on my lawn mower ran over and broke a yard faucet, to the point...


Sedgwick C M S — sedgwick auto claim

My husband was rear ended by a rented Budget Truck on 7/8/16. The guy driving the truck didn't have insurance...


Sedgwick — medical injury claim

I had a spine surgery conducted at ucla. The surgeon neglected to install the intervertebral body cage that...

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Sedgewick Claims Management — samuel saldivar claims dept

I have never dealt with such a rude, uncaring, sarcastic, lazy, lying unprofessional individual! I wa...


Sedgwick — short term disability

My husband was diagnosed with epilepsy 2 years ago. He recently began having seizures through the medication...


Sedgwick — workers compensation

A large box of 27 FULL 39-lb freon tanks opened up in the rear of my van and were rolling around. I pulled...

Sedgwickinsurance co. avoiding processing my claim

A Sears washing machine repairman came to my house to replace a seal inside the washer with a punctured liner. After doing that, he attempted to adjust the plumbing, broke a valve and caused water to come gushing out, filling the entire bathroom floor and leaking through my wooden floors into the basement. He admitted he was not supposed to touch the plumbing, and file a claim. It has been 1.5 months now and despite 6 calls and 4 emails to Sears insurers, Sedgwick, I have not been able to get in touch with either my assigned claims associate Matthew Greenlee or his supervisor. Sears customer service picks up every time, sounds sympathic, writes "a note" on my account and then tells me there is nothing they can do except connect me to Sedgwick. The repairman caused $8, 000 in water damage to my bathroom and additional $400 to fix the plumbing. I did not pay for the repair as damage was caused and now I am received collection notice when sears is the one that owes me thousands of dollars.

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    Sedgwick — workman's comp

    I was injured at work on 9/1 went to the emergency room after work that night as I was manager on duty and...

    Sedgwick CMSclaims administration

    This is the most awful irresponsible and unprofessional claim
    management service provider in the market.
    They do not no how to work, they never pick up the phone, there is always message i will call back or i am in holidays 3 days a week.
    Accident which they supposed to handle happened 3 weeks ago, during that time i received only one call back and one email.
    That's all. they do not even have a number for complains.
    This is The Most Terrible Company I Will Never Ever Suggest Anyone To Have Business with

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      • Cr
        Crystal McKinney Oct 26, 2016

        I'm currently going through the same thing with them. Been going through it for 4 months now and still having to deal with their poor customer service.

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      Sedgwick CMS — poor customer service due to lack of returning calls

      I was injured at work and I received 1 call from an adjuster. I tried to return her call and she has never...

      Sedgwicklack of professionalism as well as even attempting to help...

      My SUV was parked in a Target parking lot and a shopping cart crashed into the side of my truck causing a crease in my front fender as well as a deep scratch down through the paint down the middle passenger door to about an inch into the rear fender. Sedgwick says they see by video it hitting my truck. Asked me to get estimates. I got 3 estimates for my damages. They don't like the amount of the estimates so they decide to send out PDA, who they say is independent appraisers of damage. (not a dealership to complete repairs) Of course these guys are paid by Sedgwick so their estimate came in at approximately $1100 below the dealerships estimates. They also claim the scratch was not part of the cart damage so I requested to see the video. They will not allow this. I went to the local police station and filed an incident report and a police officer went to the local Target (where the incident occurred) and they claimed they did not have the video. Sedgwick must have the video or else I would assume they would claim they were not at fault at all. I cannot accept $1100 less than my damages will need to repair my vehicle. I requested the highest manager in their department and of course they will not provide that at all. I contacted Target and the highest level of management I can get is a very young sounding manager on duty. Just pray you don't have to deal with these folks because all they do is give you grief and frustration until I suppose they figure you will give up and move on without your money. This is not right and so they will not get rid of me that quickly. I would suggest if you have problems with this company you attempt to go to the highest level manager and if you don't get your resolution to report them to the Better Business Bureau or contact your local television station to report it and maybe with the media being involved they will do something. I would also blast them on social media to all your friends about your problem and have them send out too. This crap must stop!!
      I hope you don't have to deal with Kong Yang, or Alan Wright. They both are worthless in helping Target's (their client's) customers.

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        Sedgwickshort term disability

        I recently had surgery for omphilitis. After the doctor opened me up, he found a hernia as well. The omphilitis caused bleeding from the navel, so I couldn't work prior to surgery. I have had my doctor fax numerous documents, but Sedgwick still put me through hell and denied my disability for before my surgery. I plan to conduct my research and report them to the Louisiana Labor Board and anyone else I can because this foolishness has to stop. I pay my money out of every check for disability and I have to go through this to use it? My examiner Mary Sue Hutchins was rude to me and the nurses at my doctor's office. I reported her and that didn't do any good. She is still being rude. They are lucky I don't have money to get a lawyer because I would sue the you know what out of them. I plan to drop my STD and LTD the next time Walmart has open enrollment. It is just not worth it.

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          • Al
            Alanni Boyt Jun 11, 2016
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            They deny everybody, and they put everyone through hell, if I knew the hell I was in for I would lie that I got hurt at home, for I could pick my own doctor a good one to fix me up, rest up and me back to work, but these people, they did a grave evil to me, because they have millions they believe they can get away with this, the government dont care what these evil ### do, we are slaves to them

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          Sedgwick CMSsears refrigerator product liability

          Claim number :L1507165073-0001
          I had purchased a refrigerator from Sears, the freezer had problems with the ice maker and Sears attempted to fix it over many visits and with many parts. Unfortunately the water feeding the ice maker had been leaking for a very long time and ruined the floor and leached up the tongue and groove wooden walls in the place where the refrigerator was placed. Sears finally replaced the refrigerator in September of 2015. I put in a claim for the damage done by the original refrigerator in July 2105 and got three estimates for the repair of the damage. The estimates were for $10475, $10816 and $12000 (all without permit and architectural drawings costs as needed). Sedwick offered only $4210.96. I cannot find a reputable contractor to do the work for this price. I asked the agent to locate a contractor so that the work could be performed and he did not. It has now been over a year since this water damage has occurred at my home. I contacted the contractors who had given me estimates and now they have concern about the long term damage due to these issues not being fixed. These problems were caused by the refrigerator from Sears, who replaced the refrigerator. Sedgwick acknowledges that the damage was caused by the refrigerator but will not provide the proper funding to cover the damage. The entire time this was going on, my husband was dying of glioblastoma multiforme brain cancer. His medications needed to be refrigerated and the floor surface was and still is a tripping hazard. His balance was off and I just wanted this fixed. This company did not even care about that fact.

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            • Da
              Darlene Hall Aug 23, 2016
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              I have a similar problem with Sedgwick in VA. My kitchenaid dishwasher leaked and flooded my floors. I spoke with them on July 27 and they still haven't sent an agent to my home to see the floors. Terrible company. So sorry we are stuck with them. Next time I buy an appliance I will ask who they are insured by.

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            Sedgwickfmla leave coordination

            My wife nearly died, I had to stay home with her while she healed. Within 2 business days of leaving the emergency room, I called and filed my FMLA. I promptly got a letter saying that my FMLA leave had been denied because I waited too long to file the leave. So I figured 'oh well, ' i will just use sick time and forget about FMLA. Until I got a call from Sedgwick today saying that the deadline for me to hand in my paperwork (doctor's notes confirming my wife's condition.) was yesterday so they are denying my FMLA, which they told me was already denied. I asked them why did they not call me when I had a chance to hand in the paperwork, they said because it is policy to wait until after the deadline before they follow up - obviously so they do not give customer's a chance to fulfill their requirements (6 pages that my wife's doctor had to fill out.) before their deadlines, giving them additional avenues to deny the leave.

            However they still went in and adjusted my time card for me- completely wrong and incorrectly. I did spend ample time with the rep describing in detail exactly when i left work, the days i was out, the normal days I work and the normal hours i work and when I returned, but they did not note my time card accordingly.

            I think Sedgwick is a horrible company and they do not understand the details that they need to understand in order to properly do their job.

            Every person I talk to from Sedgwick cannot answer my questions, they have no idea about anything outside of the filing process, and they sound like they are tired or they hate their job (which judging my the posts about working for Sedgwick is probably true.)

            Sedgwick is a horrible company - this is not the worst experience I have had with them either.

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              Sedgwick — disability claim colorado

              As I read the numerous complaints surrounding this company I'm not at all surprised. This company...

              Sedgwick CMSpoor customer service / rude employee

              My husband was hit by an Alamo rental car customer, Sedgewick CMS is "working" on claim. Linda Whitfield the rep from Sedwick is extremely rude and lazy. She hasn't answered calls left daily by my husband and our INS company for over a week. He finally gets her on the phone, he is understandably upset at the lack of response and lackadaisical attitude of Linda Whitfield she repeatedly tells him to fill out some form and send it in, then when he asks how many hops did he have to jump thru for them to remedy this situation she hung up on him. He was the victim of the accident not the one who caused it. The driver of the Alamo rental car was cited at the scene for the accident. He shouldn't have to prove he was hit, it is in the police report . Sedgewick CMS is a terrible company hiring rude and lazy people like Linda Whitfield.

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                • Jo
                  JOJOjomae Jan 13, 2017

                  file a complaint with the insurance commission

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                • Ll
                  Lllaann Jun 18, 2016
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  Claim is still not settled. They said they mailed partial check..3 weeks ago! No check yet. I am appalled that rental car companies use this inept insurance company.

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                • Da
                  Daddy Taddy Jun 18, 2016
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  I hope right now you have gotten better. I am also facing that horrible similar to you, expect the different representative. I am curious to know how long your car has been fixed. And do you have to pay a cost early?

                  1 Votes
                • Ni
                  Nichole Murphy May 31, 2016
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  My husband was hit 5 weeks ago by a rental car and still hasn't heard from anyone on the medical side. And the driver was at fault as well. Horrible!

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                • Ll
                  Lllaann May 19, 2016
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  I've had almost verbatim the EXACTLY experience with this company. THEY ARE RUDE, LAZY, AND HORRIBLE to deal with!

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                Sedgwick Claims Management Service — workmans comp related

                I've been dealing with workmans comp through this joke of a company, I got treated and diagnosed and the...


                Sedgwick — mistreatment

                there no pros Elisabeth Gurry and Jennifer Brinson are rejecting claims do to personal conflict with...

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