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Complaints & Reviews


My wife was was on std from JCP and your company stopped it in error. While on it she was approved for LTD, there was no appeal as your company's management corrected the issue internally after I complained repeatedly but never informed JCP of the error or correction and she was terminated while disabled due to the error. My wife has suffered!!!

Premise liability

That means your clients are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for their customers Macy's-...

Awful company

I submitted fmla paperwork For intermittent days on 3/21/2020. I also filled out a request to have someone call me back for an update on my claim and I ja ven't heard a word. I am in limbo as I have doctors appointments and treatments coming up shortly. This is so upsetting Sedgewick plays with the health people by simply not doing things in a timely manner.

Sedgwick refuses to pay valid claims!

URGENT! I did a very expensive trade show put on with Freeman Expositions from Feb [protected] for the AAAAI. Freeman damaged and lost my products and through Sedgwick Claims management handling this valid claims case they refuse to compensate me for the obvious and blatant damages caused to me and to my business by Freeman! My name is Barry Cohen---Freeman Expositions and their claims management company Sedgwick are the absolute worst companies to ever put together and manage a trade show! Freeman Expositions negligently lost all of my demo and equipment boxes and the pallet they came on that also included all of my trade show products and display at a trade show in San Francisco California! They also caused my partner and I to miss our flight back home to Florida from Ca because we were stuck at the trade show location into the night trying to find a way to ship some of my equipment back to Florida. Freeman also damaged my very expensive equipment needed at the trade show for the American Academy Of Allergy And Immunology I was doing in San Francisco after flying out there from South Florida. I put in a valid claim that went through Sedgwick Claims Management Services for the damages that Freeman caused and after dealing with this for almost a year because they did not return my calls to either one of them! When I finally got through to Freeman they told me that because of Sedgwick Claims Management' services findings they 100 percent totally refused to compensate me for the damaged equipment and hefty costs I incurred because of their gross negligence I will never do a show that Freeman has anything to do with ever again! I want both Freeman Expositions and their paid sidekick Sedgwick Claims Management Services that for absolutely no good reason at all directed and helped Freeman refuse to pay VALID compensation to me for all damages related to their combined gross negligence with possible fraud! If they do not do the right thing and compensate me for these damages they will soon BOTH be facing litigation for gross negligence and fraud! I hope that the people reading this review do not put themselves in the situation that I am now dealing with!

lack of communication and payment not received

I was in an accident on November 4, 2019 with a driver of a Whitacre Intermodal truck. He did not look while at a stop sign and hit my car. My car was damaged and he was ticketed. An adjuster went and looked at my car, but no check has been sent. I have been patient. Whenever I call nobody answers. I have left several voicemails and I am becoming very frustrated. I could not get a rental car because I am only 18. I have to pay for Ubers to get to school and work because I have no other transportation.

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accident claim being stonewalled

I suffered an accident in a Target store on August 17th, 2019. A ceramic mug fell and shattered on the floor and sliced my foot, even though I was completely on the other side of the aisle. I required stitches and follow-up care. My sandals, rather pricey because I need the support due to health issues, were ruined. I am on a very limited income and asked for my costs to be covered. It initially took about six weeks from the time of the incident and getting a decision from Target, but at that point I was told that my claim was valid and would be covered. I was told that I needed to send in my bills in order to get a settlement. I emailed them immediately. Now, almost a month later, I cannot get a response. The claims adjuster, Mercedes Oquist, went on at least two vacations during the initial investigation phase and told me in extremely rude tones that no one else could help me while she was gone and that she herself wouldn't handle it until the end of the legally mandated thirty day period. Now she won't answer phone calls or respond to emails. My initial medical bill is past due and the later bill is due in a week. I am not asking for anything more than reimbursement, which is approximately $500.

claims for loss of over $10,000 of furnitures

I sent in my claim and on July 30, 2019. Alyssa Thiessen was assigned to claim, I have 2 storage which I have insurance on both of them and was paying my fees, when I return from my trip from Miami, I found out there both unit at the public storage Union in Los Angeles at 2500, w sixth st, has suffered loss (burglary) damages, I bring that to the attention of the property and they informed me about what step to take, which is to file claim with my insurance, I did that right away, get the police involved, get the copy and send all the inventories, and pictures and info that was ask of me and I got a reply acknowledging the receipt of my documents but they said the copy of police report that was given to me is not valid, we have to file for the official police report, according to the LAPD website, it says abstaining a police report takes 3-5 weeks, but since I sign the documents they sent me to obtain the report, it been over 2 months now, anytime I asked about updates, Alyssa Thiessen won't have any for me, both claims nothing, so I am asking and beginning for your help with my case, I have loss everything have worked for, for 4 and half years coming to America.

claims for loss of over $10,000 of furnitures
claims for loss of over $10,000 of furnitures
claims for loss of over $10,000 of furnitures
claims for loss of over $10,000 of furnitures

property damage

This is the worst company when it come to fix a mess up from amazon. I have been real patience with thi...

cannot get info on my claim

Aug 7, is the day of my injury. I spoke with my claim advisor and told her what had happened and all the doctor information. she was suppoed to call me back to let me know how much and when i would recieve my first check. its been 3 weeks, i have no check and also iam waiting for her to approve my MRI. Which the dotor has tried serveral times to reach her to get the MRI approved and no answer and also no call back. I have also tried several several times to reach anyone with the company but still no answer from anyone. I just need to know what is goin on so i can do what i need to to get back to work.

handling of lowe's fmla by sedgwick claims

Employee with Lowe's Harrington A. Henry Claim # 301930763920001IFN Re the above referenced number, my son ...

insurance claim

mk/3/bn/[protected]) Broker ref: 6541592 Sedgwick ref: 6983879/LBCJ-PLPD-HUB Dear Sir/Madam I am...

short term disability claim/appeal

I began short term disability on May 5, 2019. All office notes were sent over after each office visit. I have...


NAME: Kenneth Yescas DOB : 04/10/1942. Claim Number [protected] DOT 12/1996 - 09/1998 - 01/1999. Disability retired Oct 2000 from the Los Angeles County Public Defender's Office.

Since the transition from TRISTAR TPA to Sedwick, I have tried numerous times to call and find out who my adjuster will be. I have yet to have someone to pick up the phone. My issues are time sensitive since I need to refill medications for my heart and back, and my Pharmacist has to know who to call for authorization. In addition I need authorization to see a pain management doctor in the Lake Tahoe/Truckee area. I also need your mileage claim form emailed to me in pdf form at: [protected]

This is Saturday 07/06/2019. Please have someone with a modicom of intelligence and knowledge of their job at [protected]

loss of my private medical information

I have done above and beyond what they have asked for. My last primary Dr was harassed by them. She kept...

denial of my std disability claim b825024715-0001-02.

Hello. My name is Cleveland. I work for AT&T. Sedgwick CMS is my employers disability carrier.

Recently I've experience some very bad health news. My Kaiser doctor requested a modest amount of time off of work for me from 5-3-19 to 7-3-19, and provided all clinical notes, blood test ect., so that I can manage this serious health issue of mine, Stage 5 Kidney failure. At present, I have difficulty walking and am in constant pain. I've undergone PD catheter surgery and will need to start dialysis in a week (for an indefinite amount of time), once I'm healed up a bit more.

AT&T IDSC / Sedgwick CMS only approved my claim from 5-13-19 to 5-29-19. That's not nearly enough time for me to regain my ability to work.

I've requested on several occasions, a call back from a manager at Sedgwick and I've yet to hear anything. My next step is to obtain the assistance of lawyer.


workers compensation insurance claims check for $8000 I have still not received via mail or direct deposited.

Date of injury: 11/13/2019. My name is Jennifer Elaine Patterson. My claim number is [protected]-0001. I wa...

auto claim, i'm not getting any help at all with my claim. will not return phone calls.

On Mar 4th I was involved in an auto accident with one of your clients. I call his insurance company Old...

process claims handling and denial

Was on short term disability, Doctor released me to go back to work 4 days after leaving his office.
My claim was denied because agent indicated that the doctor had not indicated why I could not return the following day instead of the 4 days late he wrote on my release to work papers.
I was not informed that the doctor had to indicate this nor was I notified of this until after I had returned to work 4 days later.
This occurred on Tuesday February 5th, 2019 with a return to work on Monday the 11th. I was notified of the denial on the evening on Tuesday the 19th of February.
This is activity continued all during the time I was off, with customer representative during the entire time I was off on medical.
With them telling I had to stay in contact with their offices because they were short handed.
I feel this is unfair how this claim was handled and the 4 days I'm being denied was unfairly handled. I was never informed I had to inform my doctor of what to indicate with Sedgewick.
On November 6th I had surgery to have might right knee replaced at Bountii Clinic in Effingham, Illinois. I feel I was unfairly harassed by the office of Sedgwick during this time, while trying to recover. I tried to keep them informed of my progress as best I could not knowing that I had to supply information in a particular format.

  • Updated by K. O'Connell · Feb 20, 2019

    Have re-contacted my doctor and asked if he would resubmit the information this time with the reason why I could not return to work immediately and explain why a 66 year old man need 4 more days to recover from a total knee surgery.
    Sedgwick I feel harassed my the entire time I was off, for no good reason but to let me know they were watching me


Sears delivered a refrigerator. 1 1st delivery broke my screen. Forced the screen opened and pulled the...

wc claim

I was injured on the job at Family Dollar, store # 3432, in West Point, MS. and a manager was suppose to file...

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